Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Trend Talk - The Pleated Skirt

Yes, I am wearing a skirt. I don't think this sort of look has ever been seen before on my blog since I live in my black skinny jeans. 
Am I going mad? No, I'm actually obsessed with pleated skirts at the moment. There, I said it. The end of the world is near. To top that, I even made a Pinterest board dedicated to them because I just can't seem to get enough. I think the first time I even considered wearing a skirt was because of the Olsen sisters who are my 'style idols' and in the past year I have also been admiring Maja Wyh and her vibes. She has quickly become one of my all time favourite influencers so definitely check her out. 

What's all the love about? Well, it's the fact that you're incorporating what is seen as a feminine item to your look, whilst adding a worn-in or relaxed piece (with an oversized jumper for example) making the whole outfit 'cool' and effortless. Also let's be real, long pleated skirts on their own look like something your 80 year old granny would wear at a party, but sometimes the 'ugly' factor is exactly what is needed to refresh your style. Let's not forget that the Gucci fur slip-ons are widely seen as hideous but to me they're beautiful - and right now every blogger and her cousin wants a pair. Both of these trends are considered 'man repelling' but do we care? Nope. 
Pleated skirts are taking over the high street and I definitely recommend checking out more affordable brands like Honeyz as you don't need to splash out on a more expensive brand since it's a trendy item, which means you might not be in love with it in a couple of years. 
I definitely want to get a black one next. 

I'd love to know what you think of this trend and how you'd style it! 

Skirt* - Honeyz
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - DKNY 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Winter Fashion For Less

I spend most of my 'fashion' money during winter as I prefer to buy jumpers and jackets instead of crop tops and shorts. As I live in a country that is cold pretty much 80% of the year, it's no surprise that my closet is mainly made up of knitwear and any sort of warm, oversized piece of clothing you can get. Shopping for those items can be very expensive though, as some of the nicer jumpers out there can cost well above £30 and who can afford to buy a load of them each year? Not this gal. 

I love shopping in the sales and also finding sites that stock current lines at a cheaper price. I have featured MandM Direct on my blog before and this time I picked a few more items to show you how easy it can be to find great pieces for all sort of occasions and different types of people. Maybe if you're looking for some presents this could work out as a great site to check out. Thought I'd show you my little haul that I'm doing in collaboration with them in case you wanted to see some inspo for winter fashion picks. I hope you like the bits I got and let me know if you find anything on their site you may have your eye on! 

For the Knit Lovers 
Can a person have too many cream cable jumpers*? Nope. I added a new one with the classic ribbed collar, cuffs and hem that keep me extra warm and add a nice detail. There's a navy version online too but I have been into white and cream lately as you may have noticed from previous posts. The jumper fits true to size but if you like a looser fit definitely go a size up. 

For the Outwear Lovers 
The last time I got a parka* was ages ago, so this year I decided it was time to finally get a new one. I'm happy to spend money on outwear as I really get the cost per wear but this number by Firetrap was a bargain. From £119.99 down to £54.99. I suggest going bigger size-wise if you own some really chunky jumpers and you intend to wear them underneath this. 

For the Boots Lovers 
I have a thing for boots, especially black pairs. They're always useful, easy to style and I wear them almost all year round hence my collection is always growing at an alarming rate. This new pair by Firetrap* is perfect for rainy days as the oily suede is not delicate and can be worn even with the roughest weather outside. 

For the Gym Buddies 
I needed to get a fresh pair of New Balance trainers*, of course all monochrome, as recently I bought some gym clothes. I feel like new workout pieces help me stay motivated to exercise during winter even though I have been lacking a little recently as I hurt my foot wearing heels on a night out. The disaster. 
This pair is so comfortable and easy to run with as well as it feels like it pushes your feet right in the air. Honestly impressed as I tend to stick with Nike but they can be quite expensive and £34.99 is a good price for me. 

For the Party People 
This gorgeous jumpsuit* from the brand Only is the bomb. From £49.99 down to £14.99, it's a gorgeous addition to the closet and it's classic. Personally I'm not much into dresses and I feel way more comfortable wearing jumpsuits like this one as it's simple, timeless and comfortable. Since it's winter I like to pair it up with some sleek sock boots but of course it can work just as well with stilettos. If you like to jazz up your outifits I can see a nice belt being added as an extra statement piece. 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

10 Reasons Why I Love Winter

I always get odd looks when I mention to people that winter is my favourite season, closely followed, if not on the same level as autumn. It's always been this way, ever since I was a kid. Most of the girls at school would be lusting over a hot beach holiday but I love visiting mountains, seeing the snow, feeling the cold and enjoying mulled wine or hot chocolate. 

Of course as some of you know, I live by the sea and I absolutely love it, despite the fact that crazy wind and sand in your eyes are the main highlights of winter here in the south west coast of the UK. I am still excited for this time of the year though, and especially this season, so I thought I'd share a few reasons why that's the case. 

- Big cosy jumpers. I love knitwear more than any other clothing item and the excitement of buying more jumpers is something else. Also, ugly christmas sweaters - they're the best. 

- Heated blankets. I don't know how I survived without an electric blanket before as they're just the best thing ever. There's no nicer feeling than jumping into bed after a long day and getting all toasty and warm straight away. 

- The winter air. You know that smell, especially on a frosty morning? I love it. It hits you hard when you leave for work but I kinda like it as it helps me wake up straight away. 

- The food. Summer is all about salads and fruit but man, winter is all about the hot chocolate and all the comfort food. I love it! I am definitely never hungry and always excited for the next meal. 

- No insects. Obviously this only applies to certain countries but now I can leave the window open for a while and not worry about a giant spider or annoying mosquito coming in my bedroom and causing me to panic (and call my boyfriend terrified - I would definitely not survive on I'm a Celeb!)

- Staying in is the new going out. I feel like in summer I have no excuse to be lazy in bed on a Friday night but during winter it's nice to have friends around for a chilled evening watching movies rather than partying in short dresses and heels. It's too cold for that man, let me keep my legs warm. 

- New year resolutions. I hate the whole 'new year new me' thing but I do secretly make a small list of things I want to achieve when the new year does come around. I think that it's just nice to have a fresh start and feel like a page has been turned and you can start a new story. 

- Good movies. Some of the best movies come out around winter time. The last few years it has been The Hobbit, now Fantastic Beasts and Star Wars. Not to mention all the awesome Christmas movies that never get old and you can always re-watch with your family. 

- Shopping. I mean what better excuse to shop than Black Friday deals and then Christmas and Boxing Day sales? It's that time of the year when I go a little crazy and buy something for everyone - whilst treating myself too. Oops. 

- Lights. Bit of an odd one for some but I love seeing the decorations everywhere. It sucks when they eventually start taking them down mid January (the latest ) but then you know it's only a couple of months until spring comes around the corner. 


Jumper - Zaful 
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - DKNY
Shoes - Topshop 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Taking The Bomber Jacket Into Winter

I've been bloody obsessed with bombers this year and I wasn't ready to let go of this trend now that winter is here. They're mainly day-to-day pieces but they make me feel very comfortable and at the same time they fit so many styles, especially when you get classic colours. I decided to go for a black number and I searched far and wide on the high-street for the "one" that would stay by my side through the colder months and I have found it. 

Forever 21 definitely surprised me as I tend to overlook their outwear most of the time. This bomber has now become one of my most worn pieces in my closet and I pretty much want to live in it as it's so comfortable and looks great with absolutely anything. I don't find it to be too puffy but it can definitely fit in the puffer trend a little as it's padded and squishy. I love the silver zipper and the small side pocket on the sleeve - that can't really be used for anything but add a nice touch. Who needs something to be practical when it looks nice?! 

You can easily wear a jumper underneath as it runs a little oversized so I'd generally recommend to get your usual size since you will probably be wearing warmer clothes underneath. It's bloody freezing here in UK now and I can't believe I was wearing a ripped t-shirt alone in the photos just two weeks ago - that's madness!  How has the temperature dropped so quickly?

It's worth mentioning that I have tested this on rainy days and it lasted very well and kept me dry and warm. Of course I will go for faux fur pieces and heavy parkas on days when the temperature is close to 0 or even less but for now this is an amazing pick worth considering! I'd love to know if you have any updated items that you're taking from summer to winter. 

Jacket* - Forever 21
T-shirt - Topshop
Shoes - Vans 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

My Autumn Nail Polish Picks

It's time to talk about nails. My nail polish picks have certainly become more tame this year compared to last year's options so feel free to check those out if you're thirsty for more shades. I have discovered a new brand and rekindled my love with an old flame that I didn't use for whole year which is exciting. 

Generally I kept it quite neutral and weather-related hence the two different tones of grey you've probably already spotted. I couldn't help myself, I'm obsessed with grey, sorry guys. 
All these gems are worn with a base coat and a top coat to extend longevity so keep that in mind. 

Annika's Au Lait is the most neutral nude colour I have tried in a long while but you can see a hint of pink in it. I love wearing this all the time as it's so understated and people don't even notice you have anything on but when they do, it's a nice and chic touch. I even suggested this nail polish to a friend who was getting married last month and she ended up buying it. The other shade I went for is Clean Slate. This is a grey with blue undertones. It applies beautifully on the nail and I do believe it suits cool-toned skin best but I still wore mine and loved it. Last but not least it the shade I'll be taking with me all the way to winter and especially the Christmas season, and it's called Deep Velvet. This is a deep red-burgundy with some sheen to it but no glitter. The pearl effect is very fine and subtle but adds more glossiness to the end result. 

Annika's nail polish bottles are £4.20 each (£3.95 for trade customers) and they're a bargain compared to its competitors like Essie or Nails Inc. I find them to be good quality as they last three days solid. You can get your hands on some over at Edge Nails.

If you've checked out last year's autumn nail polish picks, then you might have noticed that I do indeed love Orly as a brand. Once again I fell for it and this year I have added two gorgeous colours to my stash - Mansion Lane and Hillside Hideout
The first one I mentioned is the "other" grey. Now I know that some people won't get it but just because they have different under tones I see them as two different colours. Is that enough of a good excuse? Orly's option has purple undertones and it's much more rich. One swipe does the job and you're out the door. Hillside Hideout is a gorgeous berry-pink option for days I'm not feeling the deep red. I think that this is a gorgeous transitional shade but also a great pick for people who like a little more colour but don't feel like going for a bright option. 

So yeah, there are my 5 most used nail polish colours I have been loving this autumn. Tell me yours in the comment! 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

My No Makeup - Makeup Picks | Autumn Edition

I've been a little quiet on the makeup front around here recently, since so many of you have been saying that you really like my fashion posts and you want me to feature more of those. I do have a few new beauty bits that I wanna share with you though, because I have switched my makeup habits quite a bit and I introduced a few new gems that are worth the mention. 

The past month or so I wanted to challenge myself to wear lighter makeup most days and try new brands I haven't tested before. I can easily get stuck into a routine and not try anything else for a while but where's the fun in that? 

For my base I have been using the most gorgeous mineral foundation there is from Nude By Nature. The Radiant Loose powder foundation has sheer to medium coverage that is easy to build. It covers redness and adds a nice glow to the skin. Maybe not the best if you have some really bad dry patches as those will be enhanced but excellent if you have a fairly good skin day and need just a little coverage and evening out. I do find that moisturising well before hand helps a lot and I also use a primer on days where my skin is not so good. This has been my go-to product when I have errands to run and stuff to do in town but I don't want to look really bare-faced. I loved the hint of healthy glow it gave me and in the 4-5 hours I have worn this it looked nice every time. I haven't tested it on a full-shift day as I tend to want a heavier foundation for meetings and work. It contains SPF 15, it evens out the skin tone and it leaves the finish to be natural and radiant. 
I've been applying mine with the suggested 03 Flawless Brush that retails for about £21 and it worked wonderfully, so I do think that if you can afford it, you should get it. It's super soft and it blends the foundation so well everywhere. It's also not too big so it fits with the packaging and it picks up the right amount of powder. 

For blush I decided to go for something a little more autumnal and I ditched my pink-peachy shade I have been using for months. Now, my one and true love has been the Milani baked blush in Bellissimo Bronze. It's this gorgeous spiral of brick and plum with a hint  of gold and warm peach so still perfect to bring life to your complexion but a little more glowing and deep. Definitely go light handed with it as it is darker and you don't want to look like a clown. I absolutely love this brand and I wish we stocked it in the UK. I bought mine on a trip to the States a couple of years ago but didn't really open it for a long while. (that's how you know you're a hoarder)

Another cheek product I have been LOVING is the Nude By Nature contour kit! Oh yeah, it's been just magical. The cool-toned shade used for contouring is not too grey so whilst it does create the illusion of a shadow, it's not overly cool and it still looks natural. 

On the brows I have been going very light, just using a brow highlighter from the Beautiful Brows kit*. The darker brow powder has also been used, especially at the beginning of last month when someone threaded my brows a little too thin (this is why I have trust issues people!). I highly recommend this if you also need something to help with brow shaping as it comes with a variety of eyebrow sheets. 

On my lips I just used the Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss  that contains cool blue micro pearls that help bring out the white in your teeth. Thought the concept was pretty cool so I bought it. It also smells amazing which is a bonus. Personally I wouldn't know if my teeth look any whiter but whenever I have worn this people complimented my gloss so despite it being almost clear colour it still made an impression. 

And last but certainly not least is my new favourite setting spray by Joan Collins Beautycalled Ten Effects. It's a brand I featured on here before - and a brand I do love. In X and T motion I spray a light layer to keep my makeup in place but to also add a touch of hydration. It doesn't feel as drying as other similar products that also claim to add longevity to your foundation. This one performs just as well but feels great for autumn and winter as it doesn't only act as a setting spray but a little gem that helps minimise your pores, hydrate and firm your skin, refine wrinkles and also calm any redness. Boom! 

So there's that, I'd love to know if you tried any of these products or if anything caught your eye. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

UNBOXING: Cohorted Beauty Box November Edition

Another month going quickly (how is it already November?!) and another Cohorted beauty box to dive into and explore. Yet again spoiled with some amazing products and some new discoveries that I can't wait to test out properly. This is an unboxing but if you want me to specifically review an item let me know in the comments and I shall do that for you! 

Now, no more pointless chatter and let's see what gorgeous goodies you can find this month!

The Dr. PAW PAW Lipbalm is not a new discovery as I already have one in my bag and one on my bedside table (I love it that much) but I'm so happy to have a back-up now as I use them daily and when I run out I always have a little heart attack. Why do I love this brand so much? It contains some great ingredients such as aloe vera (which helps restore moisture), olive fruit oil (that contains amazing anti-inflammantory properties) and carica papaya - also Paw Paw - (that contains calcium, vitamins and helps skin repair). I don't only use this product on my lips but also on my cuticles. I believe they have more colours and flavours but I tend to stick with the original. 

I heard loads about the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and I actually tried it a few months ago - a small sample. I loved it but I already had a drawer full of primers that needed to be finished so I didn't want to go and spend the money on a new one. I'm so glad this was in the box actually, as now I have finished all my bases and this number is a great day to day product with SPF (and a smoothing effect that definitely improves my skin before I put on foundation). I'm happy to use it for winter since it's cold and my skin is leaning towards combination with real dry patches instead of oily like in the summer. I'm sure you'll hear me talk about this more with time but I'd love to know if you have used this before.

The Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Serum is one of the new discoveries this month. I believe this is targeted more to dry and normal skin types. It's meant to hydrate skin from within and plum it, so I'm eager to test it anyway - so far I've only used it twice and it's been quite good. I have never heard of this brand before but I enjoyed having a little browse on their site to find out more about them. I shall keep you posted. 

Cargo Around the World palette is once again the most exciting thing in my box this month. I bloody love palettes okay? I adore everything about this one - from the colours to the fact that each shadow is named after a city. Every colour is wearable and it can easily be used by any makeup lover. I mean you can't really have enough neutral palettes so this will definitely get some love from me. I believe it's not available online anymore so if you like the look of it, this might be your only shot to get it - unless you want to brave eBay. 

Value of the box: £98.95

I really liked this box as there was a variety of skincare and beauty picks with an introduction to new products and some classics. Let me know if you want me to review anything here that you're particularly intrigued by!