Improving My Body Confidence

Let's be real - everyone, at one point or another in their life, faced body confidence issues. Some of us more than others. The ugly duckling years at school definitely destroyed my self-confidence and the way I look at myself in the mirror for so many years, and to this day I still struggle sometimes. 

I'm 24 now, and whilst I'm still not fully in love with myself all the time (is anyone?), I have learned to embrace my own body a lot more. I go to the gym weekly, take care of myself and appreciate what I have. I may not have amazing tits, but I make up for it with a good ass. I may not have the perfect teeth, but I like my smile. I learned to love little quirks I was born with because guess what, no one else is like me. Yes, this is so cheesy and generic but it's bloody true. If you asked me to take pics in my lingerie with a professional photographer a few years ago I would have curled up in a ball and refused to. 

I started to finally like the imperfections in my body that I would usually like on other girls. I always find the non-ordinary quite fascinating and stunning. Everyone loves a Meghan Fox for example, but I truly like the vibe of a Helena Bonham Carter more, as the unconventional beauty has a kick to it. This is not to shame any generally stunning women, but it just gets a little boring seeing the same old everywhere. On Instagram, yes, you will find the perfect extra photoshopped models, however, I'm also starting to see ladies who are embracing every inch of their imperfections and leaving their own mark with their flawed selves. How empowering is that? It's a nice change of scene and a good way to use social media to spread positivity and acceptance. 

Got an extra few pounds? Slightly crooked teeth? Odd hair? Scars? Moles? Bigger nose? Girl, you work it. 

Of course there's nothing wrong with ladies getting plastic surgery if they feel like that route would change their life, however, the real work needs to be done internally first. Real body confidence comes from within; it comes from having a positive perception of yourself and not from what others may or may not think of you. This is probably the most important lesson I've learnt. In short - don't be a shady ass bitch to yourself. Would you say to your friend 'eugh you look bloated and gross today'? No. Then do yourself a favour and don't swim in these negative thoughts. 

What has truly helped me develop mentally has been taking care of myself and being in full control. Surround yourself with women who will hype you up, be with a man who thinks you look banging with makeup and dress on but also in your Sunday sweater and a messy bun, eat whatever you want but balance it with workouts, treat yourself! Just as in most other aspects of your life, who you vibe with and who you decide to surround yourself with, will make a ginormous impact on the way you feel. Most of all though, realise that what you think of yourself is what matters most. You can be your own best friend or worst enemy. So be selfish with your needs and do what makes YOU happy first. 

Don't forget: confidence is a practice and it doesn't happen overnight. One day you may wake up feeling amazing, and the next, depending on what life throws your way, you might feel very shit. Make sure you identify what makes you feel good and nourish that.

Me? I listen to certain artists on Spotify, who give me a kick and make me sassy no matter what's going on. I also book three weekly classes and when I can't hit the gym, I go for a beach walk. 

Once you identify what works for you, practice it. Make this a habit, as it will bring positive vibes any day and any time. 

Have you improved your self-confidence through the years? If so, how? :) 

I'd love to hear your stories. Feel free to email me! 

Photos by: the insanely talented Rebecca Frost 
Lingerie by: UK Lingerie *

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