Thursday, 28 July 2016

What I Wear When I Don't Know What To Wear

I never plan my outfits. *slow clap* 
Two weeks ago I was about to graduate and you could find me on twitter literally a couple of days before the 'big day' asking 'what shall I wear?'. 

I've never been the kind of girl who had her clothes laid out the night before ready for the next morning, oh no. I'm more like the last second outfit picker that ends up rushing about, looking for my purse two minutes before I'm supposed to leave the flat. 
Through the years though, I have learnt to spot what works for me and what I feel confident in no matter the occasion - and that's a little black dresses and a leather jacket. 

Can you have too many black dresses in your closet? Nope. 
Can you have too many leather jackets in your closet? Hell no. 

I will admit I'm not someone you'll see wearing a dress often, however a few weeks ago I fell in love with this website called Silk Fred (I'm not being sponsored by the way) and they stock the most wonderful mix of items from a variety of Boutiques. One in particular called Never Fully Dressed caught my eye as the model is GORGEOUS (can I be her please) and their dresses are so classy and easy to wear. My new life goal is to own every single one of their pieces, not even joking. Sorry bank account. I'm sure my grandma would approve though as she thinks I need to get my legs out more often! 

This dress is called ILLANA and it comes in three different colours - black, ivory and olive green. I find it extremely flattering as it highlights my waist without making the lower tummy too obvious, as it's all wrapped up but slightly wrinkled up and not structured. I would say that part of the body is my biggest insecurity so I can be very picky with my clothing because of that. In this frock though I feel like a little princess. 

I decided to pair it up with my leather jacket because I love the contrast of masculine and feminine and nothing adds a little edge like a worn leather piece. Mine is from Zara and I bought it last year - amazing investment for a good price. 

This was my outfit for graduation basically, and I have enjoyed dancing the night away and eating A LOT without worrying it will show my food baby too much. I also received so many compliments on the day. 
It's worth noting that it washes easily and it requires minimum care. LOVE IT. 
Payday is almost here and I'm so ready to hit up that site again and get shopping! I'd love to know what you like to wear whenever you haven't got a clue of what to wear. 

Dress - Never Fully Dressed (through Silk Fred but you can find it on ASOS too although limited)
Bag - DKNY 
Jacket - Zara 
Shoes - Zara 

Shop some LBD! 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Favourite Contour Brushes

I love contouring so much. For the past couple of years I must have watched over 200 different videos teaching me how to contour using power, creams, sticks and even just highlighters. I would say that out of my whole morning ritual, defining those cheekbones must be my favourite moment. It feels like you go from balloon face to VS model in two minutes and once you add blush and highlight, it's on, and you're ready to take over the world. 

I'm a firm believer that in order to have a decent base you need the best weapons as that's more essentials than owning the best products. You can have the most amazing palette on the market, but if your brushes don't do the job properly, the end result is never going to look good. 
Thing is, I'm usually one who likes to save as much as possible when buying brushes as I can't justify spending £50 on one. Crown Brush have been around me all the time as I attended many beauty events and witnessed my favourite gurus using them so of course when the chance came up, I wanted to give them a shot. 

I have always used two brushes to contour - one to define and literally draw the line, the other one to blend as I don't like harsh edges. 

I love the shape of this brush as it takes the right amount of product and draws a precise thin line to define your cheekbones. I work it upwards to start blending before going in with the next brush. It can be used with highlighter as well. When I'm in a hurry I blend just using this one as it works anyway, but I generally always preferred using a fluffier brush to avoid pulling skin and keeping the shape as precise as I possibly can. It washes easily too which is a bonus and priced at £10 it's an affordable number that will last you a long time. 

This is a fluffier brush that can be used not just for contour but blusher and bronzer application as well. I mainly use it to blend my contour and avoid it looking harsh. It's so soft and it feels good when you use it. With upward and in circular motion I avoid to drag the product down and defeat the purpose of the contouring process. As it's not too big, it's easy to keep control of the brush and precisely blend it where you want. Priced at £8.91, it's an even more affordable option that can be used for different face products making it a definite bargain. 

What do you use to contour? I'd love to know in the comments. 
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Last month I tried the Cohorted beauty box for the first time and fell in love with it (review here), so it shouldn't be a surprise that I wanted to get another taste of it this month. I have been testing the products for the past few days and although I can't give you an in-depth review of them, I will certainly tell you my first impressions. 

As a lip product addict, this killer combo caught my eye straight away. The shades couldn't have been more perfect as they're very 90's /grunge. The lipliner and the lipstick are both from Bella Pierre Cosmetics and they both retail for £20. The lipstick, in the shade Envy, is very creamy and slides on easily. The colour is a gorgeous brick-mauve that I am more than comfortable wearing as it compliments my skintone. The lipliner in the shade Cinnamon, is matte and VERY long lasting. When I wore it on a day out two days ago, it survived through my greasy lunch break so I give it 5 stars straight away. The colour is darker than the lipstick and more brown. 

This month HD Brows made another appearance but this time featuring their Sculpt and Glow palette.  I got mine in the shade Dark which is perfect as with summer I tend to get a natural tan. I initially thought that this was going to be another brow product but actually it's a proper cream contour kit where you use the darker shade to add depth and the lighter one to add highlight. I blend both with a stippling brush and so far I have no complaints. 

 Now, I'm still a newbie when it comes to Bobbi Brown products but this Soothing Cleansing Gel is a gem! Apparently it's made with jasmine flower extract, kukui nut oil, Italian olive oil, organic sunflower and jojoba oils. All the goodness! It melts your makeup off nicely and I find very easy to wash off afterwards. The sample I got was in the smaller size so I'll save it for when I'll be travelling. 

I've pretty much ditched my foundation/buffing brush and now I only use the sponge. I'm currently a loyal fan of the Real Techniques one however this pink beauty from The Vintage Cosmetic Company is next! I can't wait to use it, as it's affordable (only £5.95), and it reminds me of the Beauty Blender shape-wise. I only wish sponges weren't so much of a pain to clean! 

Last but not least is the striking little glass bottle containing the Monoi Body Glow by Nars which retains a tire flower. It calms and prevents the peeling of tanned skin and it also contains medicinal and beautifying benefits. I just use it as a body oil to add some glow when I want to treat myself as a queen. Priced at £25, it's definitely a product that you want to use on special days as it's so good you're gonna want to bathe yourself in it! 

BOX VALUE =£125.95! Impressive. 

What are your thoughts on the contents of this month's box? Let me know if any product has caught you eye and if you wish me to review it separately once I tested it more. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

GUCCI SOHO DISCO - REVIEW + What's in my bag

You might have spotted this new addition to my closet in a few previous posts and Instagram pics. As someone who likes to read a million and one bag reviews, I thought it would be useful to give you my two cents on this pricey purchase. As someone who spends most days out either working or walking about, I needed an every day bag that could survive the test of time and my crazy schedule. 

Gucci has been killing it with their accessories and a few months ago when I submitted my last assignment I decided to treat myself to this bag I've been eyeing for what felt like forever. Some of my favourite bloggers introduced me to it and after careful consideration (note - I read a million reviews) and a good discount, I bit the bullet and bought it. As I've been wearing it non stop I'm now confident to review it properly so here are my thoughts in case you're in the market for a new luxury item! 

Price+ Discount: The bag costs around £650 but I purchased mine though Secret Sales. If you buy through the link I left you get a £20 voucher to use on your first order as well. I love shopping through this site as you can save yourself a lot of money! This Gucci number was around 30% off on the site when I purchased it. 

I should also add that the value of this bag has increased slightly and it may keep doing so as it will go into the staples from the brand. 

Aesthetics: This is my first non-black bag. Shock, yes, I know. If you told me I would have bought this in any other colour but black last year, I would have laughed, but navy is like its sister and a great neutral shade nonetheless as I noticed it goes with almost everything I own. The hardware is champagne gold which means that the wash is so light that you can wear both silver and yellow gold without feeling like you're clashing. 

The style is of this bag is boxy, I believe it's inspired from the old camera bags but the tassel adds a nice extra detail to what could have been a little too plain. The logo is big but as it's not eye catching it makes this bag a timeless piece in your collection. 

Usability: This gem can hold it all, and I mean it. It may not look that spacious at first but don't let the size fool you. I can happily carry this piece day to night with all my essentials and even squeeze a little extra in there. Below you'll see exactly what I carry every day and bare in mind that there's still space to add a little more if you wanted to. 

The bag comes with an adjustable strap that can't be removed but it sits very comfortably on your hip when you carry it and the quality of the strap is just as good as it's not too thick nor too slim and flimsy. 

Quality: The leather is gorgeous and textured so it won't be a piece you need to baby all the time. It's worth mentioning that obviously it comes in different finishes so you can get patent if you wish. I haven't experienced any sagging at the base or tarnishing of the hardware and despite carrying it almost daily, the bag still looks brand new to me. 

Final Verdict: I'm 100% happy with my purchase and if you were looking for a great every day piece to invest in, this is it! I would buy another colour of this same model, that's how much I love it. 


DKNY card holder - where I mainly put ID, spare cash, travel/discount cards. 
Beales card holder -  where I store over 20 points card for different stores I shop at. (yep...)
DS LONDON key ring - I love this real leather key ring with my initials engraved. 
KEDS note diary - you never know when inspiration strikes you and you need to write the idea down. 
CASEAPP phone cover - because I love marble so much that my phone needed this cover more than anything. 
ECCO mini purse - to store spare change. 
MAKEUP BAG - containing Avon "Au naturale", Kylie Cosmetics "Candy K", Lip balm and Pixie "Petal Pink". Check out this post for more infos. 

What do you carry in your bag? 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

10 Things I've Actually Learnt at Uni

On Tuesday the 12th of July 2016 I officially graduated with a 2:1, and whilst I've been imagining the day I wore the hat and the (heavy) gown for what feels like a lifetime, I never thought that three years would have gone by so quickly. It seems only yesterday that I was walking through the corridors of my university for the first time, a little lost and extremely nervous. I even remember breaking down in Asda on the first week because I thought I was going to hate my degree and that I made a mistake. 

I know that going to university (or not) is a huge deal to people so I'm thinking of doing a little series of posts telling you about my experience and various reasons as to why it's great to go but also not go as well as tips on life as a uni student. Today however, I wanted to start off with a lighter note, telling you all what I've ACTUALLY learnt these past three years that didn't have anything to with fashion history, theories, essays and all that academic stuff. 

1 - If you think you're gonna have your sh*t together when you finish your degree, think again. 
In fact, it turns out that people who've been adulting for years still don't know what the hell is going on most of the time. I always thought that by now I would have it all figured out, but really when people ask me about future plans, I just act confident and improvise. 

2 - How to function on 3 hours of sleep (or no sleep at all). 
And no, I don't mean sitting there and doing nothing, I'm talking about proper hardcore sessions in the library where you want to cry yourself to sleep but you can't because there's no time to despair as the deadline is approaching. 

3 - Coffee is your best friend. 

I used to hate coffee in college but if you need a kick in the morning after a long night you can either slap yourself in the face 20 times or get more coffee. Note - I did try to slap myself awake once and it didn't do the job. 
The dude in Starbucks knows me and by the end of the semester he'd shout "USUAL?" as I stepped in at 8.55 running late to class. 

4 - Alcohol is your best friend too, but also your worst enemy. 
One glass to celebrate a good grade quickly leads to two bottles and a rough morning the next day. 

5 - How to procrastinate like PRO. 
I thought I was good at procrastinating before but my level of expertise on the matter has dramatically increased. Snapchatting secretly a ridiculous conversation someone else is having near you and sending it to your pal so you can also have an absolutely pointless conversation as well. Yeah, I've done that one too many times. Also clipping your nails or putting a new nail polish on when you should be looking for new theories to add to your essay has become the norm. 

6 - Treating yourself is important. 
Sometimes you need to pat yourself on the shoulder and celebrate a little victory like a good grade. I made it a thing, especially in my final year, to treat myself with a little something. I bought some new shoes when I submitted a hard essay I worked on for weeks, and I bought  a little ring when I got a 1st on an assignment that went way better than expected. It makes me feel good and it encourages me to work harder every time. 

7 - How to organise my day and make the most of it. 
I need to do a post on running a blog AND going to uni (keep your eyes peeled) but it's important to realise that it's NOT all fun and games as when you sit down and calculate that you're paying like £10k a year to get that damn degree is not a joke. Don't be a fool and play all the time, doing some work and finding balance is essential. I learnt how to organise myself and honestly now I can only function if I'm busy. When my schedule is clear I freak out a little bit. 

8 - and How to do absolutely NOTHING all day and be okay with it. 

Contradictory to the statement above, having a day off where you do nothing except for browsing stuff on Tumblr and watching Netflix is pretty much mandatory. It feels so good to disconnect and do whatever the hell you want - or do nothing at all. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to enjoy such days once I enter the 'real' working world but I'll bloody make sure to have some whenever I can afford to. 

9 - How to feed yourself (sort of). 
Number of times I almost burnt the house down: 7. 

10 - The friends you make at uni are indeed friends for life. 

I thought it was a myth but I'm honestly getting a little teary here because I'm so lucky to have met such amazing humans. Don't be scared, you're not going to feel lonely long and if you open up your heart to someone, you'll quickly find you're both going through the same ride called life!