Festival Vibes with Pretty Little Thing

How on earth are we already in July?! I cannot believe it, 2018 is flying by and I'm not quite ready for it to be almost autumn soon. I'm enjoying the longer days, the sun (despite the mad heatwave), the crop tops, the beach BBQs and of course the cold drinks. It's curerrently 11pm as I'm typing this and I came hope after a catch-up over cocktails with an old friend from work.

Festival season is in full swing and this year I will be attending Reading Fest; I couldn't miss Panic! and Papa Roach performing on the same day. Also, hello Kendrick Lamar!
Knowing I will have the perfect occasion to rock something quirky, I couldn't say no to a fabulous collaboration with Pretty Little Thing when they reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. Their festival range is full of unique pieces to say the very least, however I still managed to keep my touch - aka wear black. (sorry guys..) 

I know that wearing black at a festival is a bit of a faux-pas but that's who I am as a person; I very much enjoy staying in my element and adding something a little unusual to spice it up. Cowprint anyone? If Harry Styles says it's cool then who are we to say it isn't?! (I don't even like Hezza however I do keep up with what he wears as his looks always make a statement) 

So here we go, for my first look I couldn't miss out on this bangin cowprint denim combo, featuring a skirt and a cropped jacket, both denim material. It's quite stretchy so you'll comfortably be able to eat and drink and not worry about a food baby showing up by midday. I paired the look with some retro oval sunnies, inspired by Kourtney Kardashian and of course a black crop and Docs. I'm not exaggerating, people have stopped to take photos of me wearing this because it is so quirky but fun. 

The more 'normal' look instead, features a shaggy cardigan. I've seen countless bloggers wear them in a variety of colours but black just went so well and it can be rocked with anything - cropped tops, band tshirts, dresses and more. It's a fairly simple piece that somehow manages to stand out and add umpfh to any outfit. Distressed black shorts to go with the top were also a must-have, as they're a staple in most people's closets - also perfect for this weather! 

What would you wear to a festival? 

I've been really lucky to collaborate with a couple of amazing women on this post/shoot
Nikki Mullard on hair & makeup 
Sophie Nina as photographer
make sure to check out their sites! They're ridiculously talented. 

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