5 Little Things I Find Annoying as a Fashion Blogger

Bardot Bodysuit - Tobi *
Beret - Tobi *
Sunnies - Zara 

I started blogging a couple of years ago when I was still in University. I was bored, and like many others, I liked reading reviews of someone's favourite lipstick or latest handbag purchase. 

Since then many things within the industry changed, but certain little aspects of blogging/vlogging remain as frustrating as ever, so today I wanted to share what I personally, still find a little annoying from a fashion blogger perspective.

You always rely on the weather to be nice. 

For example, this post was meant to just be a couple of words styling a few pieces I got from Shop Tobi. The one day I had free last week I decided to wake up early and work with my mum to take pictures. What happened? It rained. The whole - damn - day. So here you have it, an indoor shoot and a post that almost ended up being me moaning about the bad weather we've had over here recently. Oops.

Trying to shoot summer clothes in winter. 

You're lying if you want to tell me that you haven't frozen your tits off trying to photograph a new purchase that wasn't weather-appropriate at least ONCE in your blogging career. "I don't care if I get pneumonia, this dress WILL be my OOTD on Insta this evening." Whilst others may raise their brows, I know loads of you will totally get me. 

You constantly get funny looks/get shouted at when shooting out and about on location. 

Sometimes it's the awkward "what are you even doing...?' stare. Sometimes it's a bunch of boys screaming obscene stuff from their moving car. Sometimes it's someone telling you to piss off from their street. New shoot, new experience every time. This is the perfect hobby for the thrill seekers out there if you ask me.. 

You always feel the need to spend more money to fit in with the latest trends. 

What's new today is old news tomorrow. This is why I am relaxed and mix up my topics so I blog about beauty and other aspects of my life as well. I can't be going around buying clothes every day in order to feature every new trend possible. I don't have a walk in closet nor can I afford to buy endless amounts of clothes...yet. 
(but hey if you want my paypal address and got some money to give, donations are always welcome!) 

Instagram is the biggest pain in the ass but you can't stop using it.
I maon about this damn app every day but yet, I use it all the time. I like scrolling and looking for inspo way more on there than on any magazine. I stopped posting on it as religiously as I did before because the algorithm pisses me off but I still adore the app overall and like seeing/stalking what everyone's up to. 

There you have it, I just felt like going on a mini moan about these things for some reason. Hopefully some of you can relate! 

Knit - Tobi *
Bralette - Missguided 

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