Sunday, 25 September 2016

HOT OR NOT: Miss Sporty Wonder Collection

Miss Sporty is definitely one of those brands that doesn't get enough hype in the beauty industry. I've been guilty myself of overlooking their stand, sometimes due to the odd placements in my local Superdrug. I think that sometimes there's an idea that if a brand is too affordable, it can't be that good, and that if the packaging is a little too funky then it's only tailored to a younger crowd. Well today I decided it was time to destroy this cycle and give some deserved attention to a company that is truly making a comeback by featuring their new bomb Wonder Collection*

What to expect: a variety of shades that are wearable - 14 to be exact. Don't get scared of the bullet, the majority of these lipsticks are creamy, pigmented but not too thick and 'in your face' as they're not bright. They're ideal for people who like day to day shades. 

The Formula: It's moisturising and helps your lips feel comfortable. The ingredients include jojoba oil  and silk powder, making them perfect for the upcoming colder season when we all suffer from a chapped lip at one point or another. They guarantee long lasting shine and wear up to six hours (although in my experience it was about 4 as I like to eat a lot..) 
I have noticed that they do leave a stain behind though that is easy to fix and fill-in when you're done eating. 

The Price: £2.59 each 

HOT or NOT? 
I think this collection is definitely HOT as the lipsticks are creamsheen finishes (if you think about mac) which can be worn lightly with one layer or combined with lip liners to really make the colours pop. There's at least one shade for everyone and thanks to the purse-friendly price, we can all test them without breaking the bank. 

The Super Naturals 

Shades L-R: 100 Barely Amazing, 101 Nude Power, 102 Power Rose

The Ready-for-Anything Reds 

300 Incredible Red, 301 Cherry Cape, 302 Powerful Berry

200 Incredible Pink, 201 Fantastic Blush, 202 Ultra Pink 203 Wonder Fuchsia 

500 Heroic Copper, 600 Coral Power

400 Super Mauve, 401 Wonder Plum


I actually own a few of their nail polishes and I enjoy the formula and the shades a lot. For £1.99 I found these to be shiny, easily applied and the colours to be rather unusual. They're going to be perfect for the NYE/ Christmas season (yes, I used the C word and no one can stop me now). 

Top to Bottom: Ultra Silver, Super Purple, Incredible Gold, Wonder Copper

I'd love to know what you think about Miss Sporty and if you tried any of their products. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

UNBOXING: Cohorted Beauty Box September Edition

You lot seem to be enjoying my Cohorted unboxing posts so here's the September edition. As it's transitioning season and it's fashion week I was expecting some products that mirror that and surprisingly I can see how all of the gems they selected this month fit in this theme. 

Cargo Down Under Palette 

It was love at first sight. I never tried Cargo before but it's always been a brand I had in my wish-list. I heard loads about their palettes and when I opened up this number here, I could hear the angels signing. I mean, look at it! 
This is the perfect transitioning palette, because I can still see a hint of summer with the shades Manly and Bondi but Ferry and Suntan add a little autumn-leaf touch to it. Of course we know that right now Australia is just getting into spring so really this can be suitable for them too. 
As for the quality of the eyeshadows, I feel like most of them are great but some did show some chalkiness. I found the shades Beach and Bondi to be the difficult ones to blend properly but overall I was really pleased with it and the colours that I'm more attracted to like Bridge, Ferry and Sand looked amazing on the eyes. 

I love Percy & Reed as a brand. This dry shampoo was good, it didn't leave any grey residue on my dark hair and it made it look more clean and bouncy but compared to some of the cheaper high-street options, it wasn't necessarily anything special so I don't know if I would recommend it over your standard brands at Superdrug as it didn't wow me. I do think that including it in the box was good though because during fashion week you need something quick and on-the-go to touch up your hair and always look fabulous. 

 Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery 

Now this is a good one. I never tried an overnight product on the hair that didn't make my head go all greasy and looking like it needed a desperate wash. You apply it on dry hair and leave each strand to absorb it, giving it moisture and shine. You wake up with voluminous and beautiful hair. I've used it once so far so I can't go all out with this and promise everyone amazing results but it did give me one of the best hair days I've had this year! I will definitely use it more and keep you updated. 

MAC False Lashes 

Apparently this is one of Mac's most popular and loved mascaras. Personally I have stuck with drugstore products when it comes to lashes, and Mac in general has never appealed to me when it comes to mascaras (although I am obsessed with their lipsticks) so this was an interesting fist-time test. I do like small samples because you get to try it a few times and then decide if you want to purchase the full-size. I also love the fact that you can put it in your bag or clutch and do your lashes on the go. I have only tried it once so far, and it hasn't smudged which is great. It's worth noting that it elongates the lashes mainly but with no dramatic volume, making it more of a great every day mascara rather than an evening/special event pick. I will certainly test it more before giving you my final verdict! 

Kure Bazaar French Rose nail polish 

I will admit I never heard of this brand before but after receiving the box I did some research and apparently it's extremely popular as a nail brand in France and used religiously for Paris Fashion Week. The formula is made of 85% natural ingredients and it dries really quickly. I found one coat to be more than enough to cover everything, and the glossy effect makes it look like gel polish. The shade is stunning and I will definitely be wearing it in winter. 

BOX VALUE = £85 

Overall I'm really pleased with the box because I can tell they took in consideration Fashion Week and obviously the seasons changing. I'm excited to test these products more. I'm sure you'll see them pop up again on some posts soon so let me know which ones caught your eye the most! 

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Summer to Autumn Makeup Menu

How on earth is it September already? It still hasn't sunk in that technically we are over with summer since we do still get the odd warm and nice day around here (shocking, I know), so I thought a transitional little post would work. 

I have tried some new products but I also remained loyal to a few old ones that I keep mentioning on here because hey, I can't help myself! I'm sure my obsession will end at some point soon and I will find something else to bore you with so hang in there. I'm testing lots of new stuff at the moment and I can't wait to share with you all! 

But for now, let's have a look at my current makeup routine and some of the gems I'll be taking with me from summer to autumn. 


Hylamide HA Blur Primer - One of the best primers I've tried. That says enough I think. Especially great for people with combo/oily skin that have visible pores. It blurs imperfections and gives that soft-focus effect without feeling heavy or clogging said pores like many other products do. I call it primer as for me it's a base that helps my foundation last longer and better but you apply it by mixing it in with you liquid foundation or after (at least that's how I found it works best). Yep, you read that right. I haven't tested it with any powder/mineral base yet because I rarely use those, but if you're curious about the longevity or look on those, let me know and I will most certainly update this section for you. 

Dior Forever Foundation - I mean, I bang on about this foundation but it's one my all time favourites so far. It gives medium coverage and it doesn't look heavy on the skin, leaving your natural complexion come through whilst covering redness and dark spots. Yes, a little pricey but the base is the most important step in one's makeup routine in my opinion. If your foundation looks bad, the whole look is ruined. 

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer - One thing I think you don't need to splurge on is concealer as the high-street has some pretty decent options. Maybelline's game is strong and Age Rewind is one little gem I will always re-purchase and keep in my stash. It's especially good at masking under eye circles and the general tired/hangover look. 


Benefit Bad Gal Mascara + Estee Lauder Little Black Primer - AKA the dream team when it comes to lashes. I am used to applying two mascaras to add extra volume and length but Estee Lauder's gem is a real must have. Why? It's like wearing a waterproof mascara that isn't hard to remove. It adds longevity and creates an easy base for the other mascara to performs its best. I thought it was a gimmick but now I changed my mind completely. 
As for the other mascara, I've been using the Benefit Bad Gal, one that I never thought I would try as I have never fallen for anything by Benefit before. It's actually damn good, better than the They're Real which was never something that worked for me, and now you can get it 10% off here

Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner - This is a semi-new addition to my makeup routine and I only apply it when I have time and when I want to look really nice. Just the packaging itself is bomb and I love displaying it on my makeup table but the product itself is also amazing. I find it quite easy to apply and it's nicely pigmented. I managed to create a very thin line on days when I wanted my look to be minimal and a thicker one on night outs when I didn't care and wanted to have fun. I occasionally rub my eyes because I forget I have makeup on and so far I haven't seen this liner give in and smudge so it gets all the love from me! 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - Unfortunately this little number is a little hard to find now as it was limited edition so I won't mention it again for the rest of autumn and winter since I feel bad that not everyone can get their hands on it, but it is truly wonderful. The colours scream autumn/fall to me and they're so pigmented and easy to blend that it's truly a pleasure playing with it. 

Billion Dollar Brows Clear Brow Gel - Everyone knows by now that I have some wild brows that can be hard to tame so no surprise here when I say that this gel is a life saver. It takes me from cave-woman to brows-on-fleek in seconds. 

Eylure Express Lashes* - Can't be  fussed with glue? Busy and mostly on the go? Then these lashes are your thing! I was a little weary at first thinking they might turn out to be a disaster but I was so wrong! They're extremely easy to apply and they last all day. I even used them on my graduation day and at 1 am when I was back home and very intoxicated, they were still there, looking fabulous. To use them you just remove them from the box and as the glue is clear you don't even need an eyeliner to mask anything. They can look very natural and flattering but also have a wow-factor depending on the model you get. I was sent a whole package of them and now that I thoroughly tested each one I am a panicking a little as I've run out and I need to buy them ASAP since they've become a handbag essential. I think I may be addicted. Cheers Eyelure! 


 Barry M Contour Palette - As you can tell mine is starting to look a little beaten up as I have been using it non stop. Yesterday I bought a new palette to try though so I might be giving this one a rest. Why do I love it so much? Its pigmentation is great and it definitely gives a dramatic contour unless you're careful with how much product your brush picks up. It's easy to blend and it's really affordable - what more could I ask for? 

Becca Champagne Collection Face Palette - It's the last time I'll mention this this for a while, I promise, as I can feel someone reaching through the screen and shaking me telling me to get something else, but I am obsessed with this. You would have seen it from one of my recent posts all about highlighters but this palette is everything. The blushes and the highlights are smooth, easy to apply and they look so good on the skin!


Now let's not panic just yet. I will be doing a post all about my autumn lip products and my top picks of course, this is just a lipstick I have been wearing a lot lately. 

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipsticks This premium line of amazing lipsticks is made with organic oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments.  100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free! What I loved about this lipstick straight away is that it feels quite moisturising on but it does not bleed so I didn't need any lip liner underneath. My shade is Schmoopy and it's a very natural my lips-but-better kind of colour. Unfortunately I misplaced it when travelling back and forth to my internships in London so now I haven't worn it for about a week which hurts my soul as I loved it. I will need to get another one ASAP! 

So this is it, my current transitional makeup picks. Let me know what you've been using lately! 

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Monday, 12 September 2016

A Beauty Box For Your Horoscope Sign?!

There are so many beauty boxes out on the market right now - most of them monthly subscriptions. I've fallen victim to this 'trend' and I've been reviewing the Cohorted boxes throughout summer, making me become a bit of an addict to receiving a surprise box filled with with goodies I will discover. It's a little like celebrating Christmas every 30 days.

Now I am not one to follow horoscopes and look at the stars and planets but I will admit that when I saw this box my reaction was "oh wow this is cool!" as The Owl & The Apothecary created the Elemental Box. Each is made to celebrate those born under a specific auspices - I am a libra so mine is Air. 

The box comes beautifully packaged and you can tell straight away that it's higher-end. Inside, each products is wrapped individually and comes with its own card with a little message in it, either telling you how to use it or just giving you some good quote. I don't know why but I found this to be a very nice touch, as it's all in the detail. You can tell it was made with care. 

Some of the things that I found in my box are an amazing candle that smells incredible and burns beautifully, spreading the scent everywhere in the room, and also a night time oil. With levander, rosehip, avocado oils and sea buckthorn, this has to be one of the best additions to my skin care routine. It got rid of my dry patches, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my texture and I actually have less pimples and less visible acne scaring. it also smells good and it's not heavy on the skin so you can feel it getting absorbed quickly. 

Of course I don't want to spoil everything you find in there, but I think that if you're more into the whole trend of collecting rocks/minerals you will love this. I have found a clear quartz with instructions on how to use it to my benefit and to improve my moods. Again, it may not be that interesting to some people, but honestly I found it fun and different. I would have loved this as a present!

I like the box and I think that if you want to really treat yourself or give an amazing present  to someone (it's a one off, not a subscription), this should definitely be something you consider. It's quite different, quirky and interesting. I am really enjoying mine and despite featuring only two beauty products, because they're luxurious and unique, they do make an amazing present in addition to other things you'll find inside. 

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Favourite Highlighters (Powder, Cream and Liquid)

Highlighters, the one makeup product I thought I would never get into due to my greasy skin, and the one product that now I can't stop using! Never say never huh? 

In the past year I have tried and tested A LOT of glow-giving gems but I wanted to narrow it down to a few that really made a difference and that I will always have in my stash. From powders to liquids, here are my top highlighters!


Are these two a surprise to any of you? I hope not, because ever since they were released they've both been on every blogger's radar. On the left, the one and only Hourglass Ambient Lighting The Edit (fully reviewed here) that features two blushes, a bronzer, a setting powder and two highlighters. This is definitely a tame highlighter compared to the other palette featured here, since its main aim is to blur out imperfections and add a subtle glow. I have read complaints about its sky high price and I understand that it's not on everyone's budget but I personally don't regret purchasing it whatsoever as I use this daily and you can barely tell I even dented it. it's pretty hard to find now as it was a limited edition number but the original Ambient Lighting palette is a good alternative - and the original version anyway. 

Now on the other spectrum is the infamous Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection palette (fully reviewed here) that despite having some drama surround it, it's still one of the best Sephora purchases I made in a long time. Featuring Prosecco Pop (my favourite highlighter) and a range of badass blushes, you truly have a face palette that you can use for any occasion. 


If you've been hating me so far for featuring some limited edition products, don't worry, the next few things are easily accessible to everyone and they're cheaper as well. In the cream category I had to go for the Mary Kay Glowing Finish Illuminating Sticks. They retail for £11 each and they blend effortlessly on the cheeks. They are quite highly pigmented so keep that in mind when swiping the product on your face (I recommend tapping it with your fingers instead) as a little goes a long way. They come in three shades and of the cream formulas I tried so far, these were the clear winner as they weren't chalky and dry-looking on the face. My favourite colour is Gold as it goes well with my complexion. 


Possibly the easiest one to pick - the liquid formula was the one that inspired me to make this post. After seeing Khloe Kardashian rock it, I had to get my hands on the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil. I could bathe myself in this stuff, it's so good. For £9.99 you can use this gem to either enhance your tan, or on its own to give yourself the ultimate beach babe look. I mix it in with my foundation when I want to look healthy and glowing but I also applied it lightly on the cheeks and on my collar bones throughout summer whenever I had some BB cream on. I know that the word OIL makes many people cringe as you think of blocked pores and a million breakouts, but because this gem is comedogenic, none of this stuff will happen. It doesn't block the pores and it dries up, so you won't have a wet-look effect all day. Did I mention that it smells AMAZING? It ticks all the boxes, give it a try. 

I'd love to know which highlighters are your favourite at the moment!

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Beauty Brands I Recently Discovered

So recently I wanted to try some new brands as I tend to stick to the same ones most of the time. On one side that's good, as it shows just how loyal I am to certain companies but on the other side it can get a little boring if for one reason or another you can't buy the products. As I'm currently in London interning and I'm constantly surrounded by new stuff and new experiences, I thought I would go 'all out' and bring with me a few products I never tried before to test them. 

Let me know if you've tried/heard of them before!

Botanicals Nourish Body Polish (£24 Available HERE)

I have heard of Botanicals before I think, but it was one of those situations where it goes in one ear and out the other, also, until recently I didn't really need a new product for my skincare routine. That quickly changed after I ran out of my old body scrub (shock horror). Now, hear me out, I know that to some that's not a big deal but I found that exfoliating really helps any moisturiser do a better job and there's something quite satisfying about getting rid of any dead skin. I specifically use this on elbows, ankles, hands and knees. It is made with raw organic cane sugar, Himalayan mineral crystal, and a special blend of anti-ageing essential oils - including wild rose and rose geranium, also it smells bloody amazing.
It's very easy to use, you just remove a teaspoon of the product and mix it in with warm water, then keep massaging it until all the granules have dissolved. Boom! I feel like a new person each time I use it and highly recommend picking it up. 

High Definition Setting Powder (£20.00) + Illuminator (£23.50)

HD as a brand is most known for their brow products (and yeah, I just recently found out about them thanks to Cohorted beauty boxes) so I was very curious to test out their new-ish releases for the face instead. Now, this could have gone two ways - really well or tragically - and fortunately I am happy to report that both things performed extremely well (to my surprise!) 
The Illuminator is definitely going to be my go-to product for glowing skin this autumn and winter. It's lightweight, it blends beautifully and with a hint of peach tones it adds life to your face. I don't think people can quite tell if your skin is naturally glowing or if you're using something because it's not as harsh and in your face as some highlighters we have on the market. This is perfect for people who appreciate more the natural look and like something subtle for day to day use. I even mix this with my blushes!
The Finishing Powder is the bomb as it keeps my T-zone in check and doesn't leave a white cast or any grey ashy look behind. I like it also because it doesn't accentuate any skin texture and it doesn't bring attention to any dry patches. 

Roxanne Campbell Nail Polish (£10) Shades: Violets are Blue , Kiss Me First

You may be familiar with Roxanne, as she has worked with some amazing designers and models throughout her career, painting nails to gorgeous catwalk superstars as well as olympic athletes.  I was so excited when I found out that she came out with her own nail polish brand, as I knew that it would have been good considering she has worked in the industry for years, and knows a thing or two about what makes a good nail varnish. 
I was right, these gems apply beautifully with one coat, and the glossiness makes them look like gel nail polish you just had apply at the salon. I love them as they're fuss free and the applicator picks up enough product to cover your whole nail in one swipe so you're ready to go. The colour range is great too as it has brights, neutrals and darks although I hope they will expand it anyway. 

Boutique Lipsticks (£4.99) and Lip Liners (£2) from Sainsbury's

Did I need any more lipsticks in my collection? No. But how could I stop myself when I found out about these budget friendly lip products at Sainsbury's? I literally had never heard of Boutique before and I was shocked to discover they aren't exactly super new, as they've been around for a while. They have lip liners, lipsticks, nail polishes and more - all at very affordable price points. I couldn't resist the nude liners as I've been using them regularly under any lipstick to improve longevity. Chinese Whispers is a pale nude with peach undertones and I use it mainly in the centre of the lips to enhance them, or all over the lip when I then apply a darker lipstick on top. Seal One's Fate is slightly darker and has brick-brown undertones which are my favourite. 
As for the lipsticks, both are medium-longevity and they applied nicely. It's worth noting that they do smell of old school lip products though which to me is not an issue but it may be for some. The pink shade (Lip in The Bud) was't too pink, if you know what I mean. I think that I doesn't wash me out and it's as a nice day to day shade. The red (Paint the Town Red) is quite bright and has a little bit of a cherry/pink undertone. I liked both a lot and if you were looking for new makeup, give these a little test. 

Have you discovered any new product or brand recently? Let me know as I'm always looking for the next great find!