Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards Shortlist + Thank You GIVEAWAY

A little less than a week ago I found out that I got nominated and shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards in the Beauty category. Words can't describe how unexpected that was and how excited I am to be in the finals again this year. I honestly value and appreciate each and every single person who takes even 10 seconds out of their day to visit this little space on the internet. 

I started blogging almost three years ago and in such a short amount of time I have gained more confidence, met some wonderful people, attended some pretty cool events and got to work with brands I admired for the longest time. I'm no where near done with this journey as I have many dreams and hopes, but I just want to thank you for being part of it. Here's a little giveaway featuring the new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette worth £38.50 and a pair of the hoop earrings I've been wearing recently from Lionheart Jewellery. You can choose between gold and silver detail.
Both are companies I love - one is my favourite beauty brand for palettes and the other is owned by one of my best friends so I'm proud to push her company a little. 

The contest is open worldwide. 

Good Luck! 

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Style is in The Detail

Some of us love buying classic pieces and sticking with them no matter what. Call me boring but nothing beats a black shirt. Nothing beats a plain pair of pumps. Nothing beats simplicity. However, it is easy to take it up a notch by adding a little twist or something interesting to your outfit to go from proper basic to chic. How? It's all in the detail. 

With Your Staples

If you're not into frills, embroidery, florals, bright pops of colour then you really need to focus on adding pieces to your closet that are simple but have a little something that makes them interesting. For example, I love jeans, but the step hem in my latest Topshop pair (also available in the Petite and Tall range) is a fun twist which so many people compliment me about, because it's a little different, they still fit nicely and they add a little edge to any outfit. Simple at the front, badass at the back. 
With jumpers I tend to stick to neutral colours but look for a different fit. Slit on the sides, some detail at the back, bigger sleeves etc can all be little things that people notice. Even just rolling up your sleeves a little can change the look from extra formal to chilled. 

With Your Accessories 

You can walk around wrapped in toilet roll but if your handbag or shoes are nice (and I'm not saying necessarily designer), you'll still look damn alright. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating just a little but you can really spice up any look with your accessories. A few years ago I remember reading that certain people look at your shoes before they even look at you or your overall style. If you have an appointent or a meeting and you show up with dirty shoes or an un-ironed shirt somehow that can change someone's view of you straight away, weird right? 
I always thought that was a little over the top for every day life like meeting your friend down the local pub, but totally legit if you're off to work and you need to look presentable. You may want to check out my 10 basic style rules post that touches a little bit on that. 

There's definitely things that are worth investing in if you can afford to, like handbags, watches and shoes. Even adding a statement piece of jewellery to a plain outfit will instantly elevate the look. I often see people like the Olsen twins wear head to toe black and then gold statement earrings and that shows a certain eye for detail and a certain degree of care. You don't even have to spend much on that, since brands on the highstreet are bringing out amazing pieces for less than £20. Gold, rose gold, silver - no matter what colour the metal, it is a little detail that will bring attention to your look and a certain va-va-voom overall. 

Jewellery wise I've been loving a pair of silver hoop earrings with a gold detail that I'm wearing here. I'll be giving away a pair very soon (hint-next week) so keep your eyes peeled and let me know in the comments how you bring a little sass or personality to your every day style. 

Sunglasses - Prada 
Shirt - Romwe*
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Zara 
Bag - Chanel 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

COHORTED Beauty Box | October

Another month, another Cohorted unboxing, and this time it blew me away more than ever I think (although I do keep saying that each time..). When I see the postman arriving with this box, it feels like Christmas all over again, so if you love beauty then I do 100%  recommend you ask for a one year subscription as a present this festive season. Tip - do prepare yourself for the sinister looks the postman will give you when you get excited seeing him deliver it. 

Anyway, without any further due, here's what's inside! 

A nice, big jar of Dr. Botanicals Neroli & Shea Butter Body Nourishing Cream which caught my eye as I am familiar with the brand (and I love it). I tried this body cream a few times now and it was well needed as my skin has been feeling very dry. It applies easily, it melts nicely and it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy, which is perfect for winter as I want to get dressed as soon and as quick as possible since it's cold. 
We do turn the heating on, but not until at least December as it can get expensive so a beauty product that gets quickly absorbed is always well appreciated around here. 

I even discovered a new brand: Paul Yacomine. I never heard of it before and at first I didn't even realise what these products were for (do I live under a rock?). I received the No.1 and No.3 of the Microfinish series of oils that are graded from medium to light and ultra light. They're supposed to condition, hydrate and add lustre to different types of hair or target different concerns. For example number 1 is for all hair types whilst number 3 is for heavier hair types. I also received the treatment oil which was my favourite product. It's a serum that contains ingredients such as geranium, argan oil, essential oils of rose and more - and it doesn't make your hair greasy but it protects it and repairs it. All in all a fabulous trio and with enough product to truly test this brand and see how you get on. 

Now, the star of the show was of course the Too Faced Light Filtering Photo Enhancing Powders palette. I have heard lots about it and I was getting quite anxious about trying it as soon as possible as apparently it's getting discontinued. It's currently on sale on the Too Faced site, so grab it whilst you can. This little gem is a great addition for women who like light and natural makeup as it's very subtle. This is not a highlighting palette by any means, more of a set of three setting/finishing powders that gives the skin a healthy glow and that pore-less look on selfies. What's worth saying is that I believe this palette is meant for fair to medium skin tones, as I doubt it will show up at all or look as good on darker women. It has mixed reviews on the internet so I do think that you really need to give it a go and see if it works for you, if you're curious. Personally I loved it. I mix all three shades for all over my face and set my eyes with Sunrise. My concealer looks flawless and it makes me look overall more awake. 

What did you think of this box then? Did any products stand out to you? Let me know in the comments. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

A New Makeup Brand That Truly Empowers Women

 Makeup - something that we wear every day or on special occasions, and something that helps us express ourselves. It's like a fashion statement but you create it yourself by choosing products, blending them and basically painting your face. There's millions of options out there and you can keep it natural or truly go all out. I bloody love the power of makeup. 

I don't get 'wow-ed' by brands easily as sometimes in a week I try more than 10 new products, and decide which ones makes it to the blog in the end (if any). I received a package some time ago and inside there was a few lipsticks from a brand I never heard of before called RealHer. The packaging grabbed my attention straight away and here we are, a few weeks later, I just needed to share these gems with you after I've had a good play with them. No, this post is not sponsored by the way, I feel like I need to stress it, I just really liked their products. 

The Company: I always do a little research about the company, even before trying anything. In this case I loved how their focus was on empowering women to love themselves more, and to be powerful by literally being themselves rather than striving for perfection. You'll see that on each of the lipstick, the name is a statement. "I Define Beauty Myself" and "I am Powerful" are two of the lipsticks I especially enjoyed wearing since last month and call me pathetic but carrying this tube with a positive message made me smile each time I applied it. That doesn't happen with other brands in general. It's a clever idea. 

The Formula & Finish: The lipsticks are quite bold and opaque. I would say they feel like a comfortable matte or satin in Mac's standards because they're not drying and they transfer if you kiss or drink, but they last longer than the average creamy lip product. They don't feel thick or heavy though which is a bonus. The fact that they're enriched with jojoba seed oil and shea butter gives them that moisturising feeling. 

Price: Originally $18, now $15 (free shipping worldwide if you spend more than $25, pals!) 

Why I think they're worth a shot? Because it feels like the brand wants to get personal with you. They're not just adverting a new lipstick and telling you to buy it because some celebrity is wearing it or because it will make you look perfect. They're playing role of gal pal or motivational speaker which to me feels like it's more real and genuine.  I absolutely love this brand and I will definitely purchase some products from them soon as 20% of the gross profit goes to organisations promoting the welfare of women - not to mention they're cruelty free too! 

 From Left to Right: I Love Myself, I Define Beauty Myself, Women Rule The World, Be Yourself Be RealHer, I am Powerful

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Behind The Hype: Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation

The thrill of trying out a new foundation never ceases to amaze me. I have a love/hate relationship with the process of finding a decent base, but when the results are good, you feel almost like you've won the lottery. 

Today I wanted to review the new Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation that has been steadily gaining popularity on the highstreet ever since its launch not long ago. This foundation offers everything I usually look for - coverage (bye redness!) and lightweight texture. 
I will admit that for the longest time I have tried to stay away from this new cushion trend after a few previous purchases that ended up being just a waste of money, but this little gem here has won me over. 

The Packaging - Nice and quite compact, you get the applicator and the foundation/cushion sponge all in one of course but in separate compartments, making it quite hygienic as you don't just place the applicator on top of the cushion.  Perfect if you like to apply makeup on the go but personally I don't even like re-touching my base unless needed. I do think that you use less foundation with this cushion model rather than the classic pump, as I always seem to get too much product out. Re-fills afterwards are just £19.50 - instead of £30 for the bottled 30ml version. 

The Application & Finish - I use my own sponge on the side as I just find it more comfortable to apply all the product evenly but the applicator that comes with the packaging is good as well. On my skin the finish is satin, not quite matte but the coverage is insanely high. I do recommend using a primer and a finishing powder - or anything you usually use to prolong the longevity if you have greasy/oily skin like me. It is worth noting that now that winter is coming (I had to, sorry) we probably won't need as much product to block the shine from appearing, making this foundation an amazing choice. 

Final Thoughts - Lancome has promised a lot from this new release and has indeed delivered and ticked all the boxes that make this foundation a badass gem that you should try if you like a flawless look with a subtle glow. 

I'd love to know if you tried this foundation. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Knitwear Season Has Begun

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that about 80% of my wardrobe is made up of jumpers. I barely have any summer clothes (which are mostly plain t-shirts anyway) and whilst I do hoard boots too, I would say that knitwear is my 'one and only' when it comes to fashion pieces I can't live without. When I wear a jumper I feel like myself, and I'm always confident, relaxed and excited to show it off, especially if it's new. I must own at least 40 of them, but don't tell my boyfriend. 

As you know by now I mostly wear basic, monochrome 'colours' and this season I started off with the first autumn purchase being *drum roll please*... white. Maybe boring for you but I love it. It's clean, simple, lightweight but perfect for the colder mornings and evenings. This number is from the high-street, it costs just under £40 which for the quality is impressive as it feels very soft and you can get it here

What I love about jumpers is that there's no way you can style them 'wrong'. They're such an essential and easy piece that literally anyone can wear it and look good. Most of the time you don't even need to spend that much to find models that look cosy, stylish and gorgeous. This post is a little warning - expect LOTS of knitwear in the next few months over on this blog. Are you ready? 

Jumper - Topshop (exact) in white, grey (here) and burgundy (here)
Jeans - Topshop (exact) in black (here
Watch - Daniel Wellington (exact) with black strap (here
Shoes - Zara (similar) in black (here
Bag - DKNY 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Three Body Scrubs I Currently Love

This past month has been mad and the irregular sleep pattern combined with the madness of travelling here and there meant that my skin had its good and bad moments, as always. In the past I mentioned my undying love for scrubs and today I feel like sharing some of my current top picks for both face and body.

The Sukin Energising Body Scrub has been in my stash for a few weeks and as predicted I fell in love with it straight away. I've been a fan of this brand for almost two years and the combination of coffee extracts, walnut and coconut shell really buffed my skin well from first use. I like products that can show or make me feel results straight away, as sometimes I can be a little impatient. This scrubs is perfect for people who like gentle exfoliation that still makes a difference. The jojoba and coconut oil also add hydration so by the end of the pamper session your texture will have improved loads.

The ScrubLove Mint Temptation* has been on my radar for a while as a few fellow bloggers have reviewed it. I was so happy and excited to receive my own sample to test, as I had high expectations. First off, it's all natural, with sweet almond oil, coffee seed powder, water, pink Himalayan rock salt, bitter orange peel, sweet orange oil, vitamin C and more, you can be sure that it won't irritate your skin. Secondly, it smells bloody amazing, when you open the package you can really enjoy the scent. You need the tiniest amount per use as it goes a long way, and with a 200g pack, for £12.95, you really can't go wrong with it. 

Last but certainly not least is Burt's Bees Citrous Facial Scrub which is a gem I repurchased a couple of times since I first tested it. It's a little harder to find now, I tend to hunt it down on Amazon but it's brilliant because it last a long time and it doesn't make my skin go all red or tight after I use it. I find that it helps a lot if you have re-accurring annoying blemishes and it smells amazing too which is a great bonus.

I would love to hear about your favourite scrubs and if you have any suggestions that I should try let me know in the comments!