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Gotta Have It or Leave It: Crazy shoes

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" - Marylyn Monroe 

Like every girl, I do like my shoes and if I could have more, I would. Shoes are, like bags, the accessory that can make or break an outfit.

I think every woman wants (and needs) different types of shoes, from stilettos to kitten heels to ballet flats. These are the essentials, but would you ever purchase some more extravagant shoes that will make everyone stare at your feet for the whole day and night?

How far would you go and how much would you spend to own some footwear that most likely only Lady Gaga would wear?

I was surfing the net and I cam across a whole selection of super unique shoes that really left a permanent impression. I did think to myself "I'd love to own some of these" but then again, when exactly would I wear them and which ones would be worth buying?

I decided to share my opinions on some the most eye-catching shoes and give you my verdict if you need yo have them or just leave them.

Here we go:

 These would make me feel like a Goddess of Love. It's almost as they have wings. The detail on the heels makes them look like sculptures or white coral extracted from the ocean that some mermaid re-made and created while dreaming of a time she would have legs. (ahem going very Disney right now) 

These look very Victorian however the heel doesn't seem to be all that comfy. They look rather stiff and difficult to walk in. They would be nice to have in your collection but I don't believe I would ever be able to walk in them. 

These shoes look so romantic and being wedges it means they are the most comfortable you could ever find, not to mention light since it's an empty birdcage kind of design. The floral detail adds that extra charm and youth. 

 I believe you can haunt these shoes down on Ebay for fairly affordable prices even though I wouldn't be able to tell you if the quality is great - HOWEVER they do look pretty badass and with the right outfit they would slay! 

 Kat Von D has a pair of these sweet tea-time inspired shoes and they're just so adorable and so girly that even the most tattooed chick needed them in her collection. The floral detail and the pastel colours make them perfect for spring and summer time mainly but no one will ban you for wearing them at special occasions in winter. 

I think this whole trend of interesting looking shoes had a major BOOM after Lady Gaga became one of the biggest artists on the planet. Her music video Bad Romance featured a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes that left everyone with their mouth open. She is known for sporting weird clothes and accessorise at events and on the stage. 

I am sure this trend is no where done yet which is really exciting. 

Would you rock any of these shoes? Do you like any of them? 


  1. Ahh I love the tea party ones. I think I have some fairly odd (to most people) shoes, I've got some Irregular Choice Flopsy heels which have a rabbit as a heel and most people comment that they hate them when I wear them. I guess I'm fairly lucky in that i don't have a dress code for work so I can get away with being as experimental as I like.

  2. Love the shoes you selected!! hmm I def would love to try the Alexander McQueen shoes!! Theyre so gorg!! Lady Gaga Rocked them!! Love you blog!! cant wait for your future post!! :)
    xx Janice

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