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ALBUM REVIEW: OF MICE & MEN "Restoring Force"

You know the expression that some individuals use when 
the new year comes: "New Year and New Me"
Most of the time, we would all cringe and think "LIES" but in the case 
of a band such as Of Mice & Men, they really did go through a change.

No, not that 'awkward' change, but a music change, where they went from being a typical Warped Tour band - with the same sound to other million bands- to taking a jump in the unknown and trying to build a reputation.

Even though they had a huge boom and they were one of the most talked-about bands in the past couple of years, it seems that all they wanted to do is step outside the box and not be just part of a specific genre or trend.

The Californian five-piece have pushed themselves and with "Restoring Force" they experimented with different sounds and styles. They added a slow and quite sexy track called Space Enough To Grow that is something you would have never expected, featuring the vocals of their very talented bassist Aaron Pauley. Another You is one of the songs that stood out incorporating clean vocals and some heavier parts.

The album opener track Public Service Announcement is a punch in the face that will suck you into the record and won’t make you stop playing it, followed by Glass Hearts that has a certain Slipknot element to it. You Make Me Sick wins the title of most brutal song, giving the listener the energy to literally smash a brick wall. No joke.

It took bravery, confidence and no smaller amount of talent to put out this record after 2011’s The Flood. This move could definitely make the band lose some fans of the old sound, but 2014 seems will be the year Of Mice & Men take over the world.

Restoring Force is out NOW! 


  1. I've only listened to 'Restoring Force' once so far, but I think it's a great album.Its sad to say that I know every one of their songs and every word to them.

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