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Hi beauties!

As promised, here is a Drugstore version of my previous makeup post that was dedicated to all girls that were celebrating Valentines day and not. So yes, everyone. Very natural, delicate and healthy looking with no heavy foundations, contour or eyeshadow. In the previous post I included an eye-liner that was quite affordable (from Maybelline) so on this post I included something more expensive as an extra - the Chanel perfume.  

It is a very "good girl" / "innocent" look but I think it would look nice. Guys appreciate natural beauty more than fake lashes and full on vampy lips - which are not bad by any means but just mask you too much. I definitely believe that wether you'll be going out with someone tomorrow or not, you should be yourself. Don't hide behind 100 layers of makeup because you're unique. I know it sounds cheesy and makes some people roll their eyes but if you're anything like me and have little self confidence then maybe these words will help you that tiny bit more. 

Check out the products I selected and let me know if you tried any of these before and what you think of them! 

Natural Date Night Beauty (Drugstore)

Chanel perfume, £41 / Nail polish, £3.38 / Miss Selfridge false eyelash, £5.45 / Bourjois foundation / Revlon lips makeup, £5.44 / L OrĂ©al Paris lipstick / Maybelline makeup, £3.87 / Revlon black eyeliner / Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer Natural, £6.05

Tomorrow watch this space because I'll be positng my personal thoughts on Valentines Day. I feel like opening up a little more to my readers and also getting to know some of you a little better! 


  1. This look is so beautiful. Xx

  2. Lovely look and that Revlon lipstick looks so great! Have wanted to try it for so long! Lovely blog!

    Charli xx

    1. It's amazing! You got to try it girlllll!


  3. I love Sally Hansen nail polishes! That colour looks so simple, yet stunning! :D
    Great blog!
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  4. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  5. great postings ! i'm going to get my hands on some revlon lip balms today, love all the cute pink pieces you've picked too
    Lauren x
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