Wednesday, 29 October 2014

BRAND FOCUS : MeMeMe Cosmetics

Hello lovelies! 
I hope your week has been great so far! I think I may be getting in a routine of posting on wednesdays plus another random day for sure each week but I better not say this out loud otherwise my schedule goes out the window! It's bloody hard handling university now more than last year. 

I'm still recovering from meeting Lady fucking Gaga - yep using naughty words in a blog post but hey I do use bad words a lot in real life so I've got to stay real sometimes. Would you guys be interested in more lifestyle/what I've been up to this month kind of posts? Sometimes I don't feel like writing that sort of thing because I don't believe anyone would really care but do let me know! 

Today I am ready to rock n' roll by showing you a new range of makeup that was introduced to me a few months ago and that I played a lot with especially lately. It's MeMeMe Cosmetics* and they're affordable and surprisingly good quality. YES, I was indeed surprised because at first I didn't really know what I thought of them but I even the first impressions overall were great. Everything came in a cute little box ready to be opened and loved. 

This cute little handy quad was possibly the hardest one to review because when it comes to eyeshadows I am very much a snob and splurge on my palettes. Being a Lorac and Urban Decay kinda gal I was used to their instant pigmentation. MeMeMe's quad is more sheer however it's easier to work with. The colours blend well and it's the perfect gift for someone who's just starting out with makeup or likes a very simple eye. It can be built up to "pop" and be in your face too. My mum loved the eye looks I came up with and decided to "borrow" it - to then never return it. 

Score - 3.5/5 

This is the little star for me. A gorgeous blush with a sheen to it when applied to the cheek leaving you with a natural glow and a simple wash of colour. I very much enjoy using the applicator it comes with as well. The product is pigmented and easy to blend giving a nice look to the skin. I rocked this during summer and still do even though we're transitioning into winter. It makes you look healthy as if you live in the mountains and eat super healthy. 

Score - 5/5

This mascara has been the weapon I used on my lashes the past month and you can see it on my blog posts whenever I have taken a selfie to show off a lip product. It's quite detailed and picks up every single bit of hair. It's more lengthening than volumizing but I usually use 2 mascaras anyway to give a "boom" effect when I feel like it. 

Score - 4/5

This is a lovely super creamy lipstick. It smells of butterscotch and vanilla and it's simply irresistible. It makes your lips feel really soft and a little goes a long way. I wouldn't say this lasts awfully long - maybe 1-2 hours but it's easy to reapply and fun to wear on a simple makeup day or with a smokey eye. 

Score - 4.5/5

Here are the products used on my face: 

I think this a nice box of goodies and this brand deserves a little more hype. With Christmas coming up soon this could be the perfect "starter kit" for younger girls to play with. It should be noted that MeMeMe does not test on animals and currently has some great deals and discounts on their products online making them a real super bargain that needs to be part of your makeup bag! 

Have you tried them before? Anything caught you eye?

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  1. I've only ever tried their primer, I might have to give some of their other products a go soon!

    Sara | This Girl Loves

  2. Love the blush and lipstick shades, so pretty!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I have a few MeMeMe products and some are surprisingly good x

  4. That lipstick and blush is lovely.. As its October so pink is the perfect color for the month to support the look great :)

  5. The blusher kooks like a beautiful shade! I really like that lipstick colour on you as well :)

    Jess xo

  6. You look gorgeous! This brand looks amazing xx
    Love VictoriaJanex

  7. i need to try this brand i think!

    from helen at

  8. This box looks amazing, I've only tried their cheek tint which I didnt like very much but these look more up my street! Is this a subscription box?
    I do like how they've tried to base their packaging off higher end brands, makes it look nicer x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

  9. You look gorgeous! All the products look so pretty! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  10. I've tried their highlighter before. The eyeshadow looks nice :)

  11. You look beautiful! I like the colors in the eyeshadow quad. Perfect for fall.

  12. That eye shadow looks really good! Might have to treat myself to that x
    Jess x
    New post up at //

  13. I really like the look of the lipstick, so affordable as well!

  14. I love the brand's cheek products!! :) i have a powder blusher and the liquid ones and they're awesome!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  15. Ooh that eye quad is lovely - so shiny!

  16. I love MeMeMe Cosmetics! I have that eyeshadow and really like it, however it's strange you liked the mascara whereas I honestly hated it! lol x

  17. Ive seen this brand in the wife's bag but never used it ;)

  18. I recently got the beat the blues highlighter in my birthday haul! The blusher also looks good so I may have to try it!

    Please check out my site!

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