Friday, 7 November 2014

No7 Perfectly Bronzed Mosaic Bronzer Review - the secret cheek weapon for busy women

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all been great! The rain is here and the sun is definitely becoming a rarer sight these days. Even though we left summer behind I thought I would cheer everyone up with a little something that can make your cold morning makeup routine less of a pain.

I'm one who is all for practicality and the "2 in one" or "all in one" type products. I was super excited last month when in the post I received this little n7 gem by Product Testing (highly recommend checking them out if you're a fellow blogger) and I couldn't wait to try it out and write about it since it is something I would pick up when walking in the Boots isles.

Price : £12.00
The Product : It's a nice 'throw in your bag' type of compact packaging typical of all N7 powder products (just a different shade) that like the name suggests, features a little mosaic pattern inside with two toned bronzers and two blushes. The colours vary in intensity and undertone. There is a cooler barbie pink blush and the second one is the opposite; a warm terracotta type shade. The bronzers have the same finish and look, one is just far darker than the other. 
Application : Many are a little confused with the final result and on how to apply it. You simply use a big powder brush, squeeze it to form an oval shape and swirl it on the apples of your cheek and your natural contour line bringing it then up the temples. That's the way I do it since I have a small face anyway. Yes, this is not too muddy and can be used as a contour. You'd have to have medium skin tone though, if you're too pale it might not look as good contour-wise. The colours mix all into one to give you life, depth and definition in your face. They also give you colour, like you have actually seen the light of the day - something we all need now!
My Final Thoughts : This is a pigmented, multi-tasking and good quality product. I think it's perfect for travel and days when you just want a quick makeup look. It's quite natural, fun to play with and interesting as a concept. Many people prefer to take the steps one by one when it comes to cheek-action but this is perfect for the practical gal that enjoys a flush of colour and shape on the face in 20 seconds. 
Score : 9/10 

Have you ever tried a mosaic bronzer before? 



  1. I looked for this in my local Boots but it had all sold out, it looks amazing x

  2. It looks so pretty, I love all the different shades. I think this would look absolutely amazing! Great post. X

  3. Looks pretty nice packaging also.

    Sophie xx

  4. I like the shades of brown, but I'd always be worried about getting some pink in there! Would you recommend Product Testing? Sounds interesting....

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  5. This looks very interesting! xxx

  6. I love it! It looks so pretty. :)

  7. This looks very pretty! I'd love to try it as I haven't tried anything similar x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  8. The shades in this look gorgeous! :)
    I have tried a mosaic bronzer from a cheaper brand but would love to try out the No7 one as I love their other products!

  9. I have this for my holiday next week. I'm pale skinned and find that its often too deep for my skin tone but once I have the starts of a honey tan it looks great and really enhance my sun-kissed colouring! Its a favourite of mine for summer and winter holidays!

  10. I wish we had this in the US - Its beautiful!

  11. Looks gorgeous, love the packaging too x

  12. Love the packaging, I have heard so much about the brand

  13. ive never actually tried any mosaic bronzers. this one looks nice!

  14. I have but not one from this brand. I believe No.7 is sold at Target, I use their makeup wipes, they are my favorite. This would be perfect for quick an errand day as well. Not much makeup, but a some color and a glow.

  15. I love all-in-one products too, Im way too lazy for loads of seperate ones!

  16. I am generally one for separate bronzer and blush but this is definitely a great a ternative when there's no time!
    too bad No.7 isn't available in continental Europe!
    Alice|­­Alice's Beauty Madness

  17. This looks beautiful, I love that it contains some many options in one palette! :) It's a really good price too :)

    Jess xo

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