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GOODBYE DULL WINTER SKIN! ft. The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver

I always find irritating how there doesn't seem to be a way of winning against dull skin in winter when you have an oily t-zone yet dehydrated skin in general - especially coming from a gal who doesn't actually drink enough water during the day. (shame on me, I know)

I'm not the biggest fan of layering 100 products underneath my foundation because if something goes horribly wrong you just don't know what caused it. I was looking for something special to make my makeup look more flawless and protect my skin during the harsh weather since I live by the sea and the wind kills me every morning. 

The Vitamin C Skin Reviver is a little gem I found extremely helpful and surprisingly GREAT. Now, I do have a thing for The Body Shop - always have - but finding a primer that would bring natural radiance to my skin hasn't exactly been my type thing since I always enjoyed a matte look. I guess it was time for a little change and I wanted to get my hands on something that wasn't going to leave me looking like a disco ball. 

This product contains light reflecting particles and leaves the skin with a super smooth finish, a little like a proper pore-perfecting primer. I end up wearing it with no make up at all when I have to run some errands and it reduces the appearance of my pores significantly. When I put makeup on top the finish is just...porcelain-doll like! I love it! It's worth mentioning that it doesn't let the layer of makeup slip off or stain your clothes, especially if you have some heavy-duty foundation on. 

It retails for £15 and even though some may think the price is a little steep for a 30ml bottle, you do need the tiniest amount. It's also one of the top rated products on The Body Shop online - honestly, don't know how I managed to miss it until now. 

Have you ever tried it and what are your favourite skincare products lately? 



  1. What a great post.
    Sounds like a fantastic little product, especially for this time of year. My skin gets so dry. I haven't really got anything special i am using at the moment as I'm trying to use up all my products (I have so many) £15 isn't to bad, and if it works then you don't mind.


  2. i just love TBS vitamin C and Vitamin E range ... they work pretty good ....

  3. Sounds like a brilliant product!

  4. Great review girl, definitely going to give this a go!

  5. i take vitamin suplements - i can always tell when i'm low on vitamin c when my skin goes a bit dull

  6. This sounds great, going to have to give it ago.


  7. May look in too it! looks interesting :) xxx

  8. I love Vitamin C products, the body shop Vit c scrub is really good, I may have to check this one out next time. KBxx

  9. I love The Body Shop products and this one sounds great, I have a few of the Vitamin C products so really want to try this xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  10. I bought this not too long ago and I'm in love! :)

  11. It sounds like a great product! I really want to try this range from Body Shop! x

    Pink Frenzy

  12. It sounds as though it is a great product! I am obsessed with Jurlique products right now, they are just so good x

  13. This sounds perfect to me , I really need to try something to drastically improve my skin xox

  14. I haven't had my Vitamin C vitamins in a while but whenever I do use it it just makes me feel and look so much better!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  15. I've literally just started using this today and I'm loving how smooth my skin looks! It smells amazing too :)

    Jess xo

  16. Dont talk to me about dry skin wow my skin is going through the mill this winter flaking isnt even the word :) might invest in this and try it out :)

  17. I'm currently using a Vitamin C serum an the effects are just amazing! I'll have to give this a try.

  18. Vitamin C products are good for so many reasons, but great for brightening up your skin!

  19. This sounds pretty good, though I am not too much of a fan of Bodyshop products, there is something about the smell!

  20. this sounds amazing! but I'm not sure if it'll suit oily skin :/

  21. this sounds amazing! I have tried anything fro the body shop xx

  22. I love Vitamin C and I love the Body Shop, but I am not a fan of this Vitamin C. I use a Vitamin C from a Sydney dermal clinic and it is ok. It is a little sticky for my liking so I then got onto Skinstitut Vitamin C powder (and l-absorbic powder) that you mix with a serum and found it to be much more effective

    Lucy x ||


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