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It's getting warm so I bit the bullet and decided to go for a nice chop a few weeks back. Apologies for my lack of selfies to prove it and show you what my hair looks like now but my selfie game isn't really strong. I shall go and stalk Kylie Jenner's instagram and get back to you on that front. I promise. (I also plan on going even shorter soon)

As I'm a really fuss-free kinda gal and I don't spend more than 5 minutes on my hair, if that, I always go for products that are suited for my needs and that don't require much hard work when it comes to blending them in my look and using them on a daily basis. What I mean by that is that they don't grease up my hair, they don't make it look obvious that I'm using something to style it and of course, they must smell nice. 

I have heard a lot about Charles Worthington and the past year I have been trying quite a few of his products. I decided I would feature two little gems I have been really LOVING because if you have frizzy or damaged hair then you may find this post helpful. 

- Straight and Smooth Sleek Serum (£5.99)
I'm super boring like that and believe it or not I like straight hair. Don't get me wrong, I love the "just got out of bed" look but I just feel like most of the time I can't pull it off without looking like a hobo. I started using this serum to just keep my hair at bay against humidity. I noticed it worked when I went to Orlando last year and the weather was just hell for any frizz-prone girls yet my hair looked good. I use it on either damp or dry hair depending on my mood and if I want to let it dry naturally or not.It's a thick serum but if you use a tiny amount and spread it evenly, it won't show. It's a gift from the gods, take it! 
- Shine Boost Spray (£5.99) This product is the secret weapon to a perfect finish. I love glossy and shiny hair because they look well cared for and healthy so hey, if you need a little extra boost, use all the help you need. I spray this on my hand when I'm done drying my hair and I distribute it evenly around my hair. It smells AH-MAZING not to mention it does NOT grease up your hair. Also, for all the girls with fine and flat hair, this will not kill your volume, don't worry. 

I think that for the prices, these two products are just awesome and I highly suggest you check out the brand. Have you ever heard of Charles Worthington? Have you tried his products? 

Let me know your current favourites 


  1. These sound great I will have to check them out - seriously anything that tames the frizz is a winner in my books. I love the texturising spray they do - it's great for post-straightening and it smells amazing!


  2. I love Charles Worthington hair care products. I miss being able to buy these products in Hong Kong.


  3. These products both sound so amazing, I've never tried anything from Charles Worthington but I really do need to change that!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  4. I am in love with Charles Worthington Moisture mask! an absolute life save xx

  5. Love shine sprays they always make your hair look fab!

  6. Sound like good products! I love anything that will make my hair shiny and have volume.


  7. A serum that works in Florida!? Sign me up! As a Florida gal, I'm always on the hunt for a great de-frizzer, thanks for the suggestion! :)

  8. Both products sound just something I would like x

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Both of these products sound awesome! Lovely post!

  10. I've been a big fan of Charles Worthington such great quality products for high street prices!

  11. I have used shine spray before and not been keen as it has made my hair look greasy and flat (i suffer from fine hair) and since then never bothered before. Never even bothered in products to eliminate frizz as I normally go for the hobo chic look, but as summer is coming I may have to invest! Thanks for the recommendations! x

  12. Ooh I do like the sound of these! Will def be checking them out next time I'm in Boots! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  13. Great post!
    Both products seems great!

    Jessi Malay

  14. Thanks for the suggestions :) I have heard great things about CW!

  15. YES YES YES to both products. Gonna try them ASAP :)


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