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Before I start, let me just say that I love this kind of posts - lots and lots of things from one brand reviewed in one spot, making it easy to pick which product is the must-have. This month I'll be reviewing the beauty range by Accessorize, which were kind enough to send me this bundle when I got shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards a few weeks ago. 

Let's dive into this review and find out what I definitely recommend you to try. 


Probably my favourite bunch of products from this brand, the quality is outstanding. The lipgloss (£6) literally has light inside the applicator which makes it perfect for a night out when you want a retouch after some drinks. It looks so luxe and the shade I swatched, called Camel, is a gorgeous neutral nude with a slight tinge of pink that adds volume to the lips. It's made for everyday use if you're a lipgloss gal, and it'd be perfect to just leave in your handbag whenever you need a touch of fabulousness to your day. It's worth mentioning that right now they have a 3 for 2 offer going on so don't miss out getting your hands on a couple. 

The lipstick (£5), which I have in the shade Red, is a cool toned classic number that makes your teeth look whiter. The finish is velvet-like - almost matte but not too drying. It would probably need a slight retouch if you're having a meal out but other than that I do love it. I think it's a colour that would suit anyone. 

The chubby sticks (£5), are gorgeously pigmented and easy to apply. The product slides on your lips effortlessly and if you're someone who struggles with the right lipstick application, then try these gems! My only negative note is that they need more shades! There are only four colours available so far, and from the bright pink to the bubble gum purple they're lacking in neutrals, nudes and browns which are always a big hit. I hope they'll release more shades soon since the quality is good. 


Cream eyeshadows (£5) can either be a hit or a miss. It also depends if you have oily eyelids (like me), if you intend to use them as a base or just as a wash of colour on your eyes, and really the consistency and the blendability are a massive focus when I review them. 

In this case I usually used mine as bases, after applying a primer. I found them quite sheer and perfect for day wear as well though, especially when I have a lazy morning and I don't really want to spend 20 minutes blending eyeshadows. These creams can add extra dimension and intensity to your looks if paired with your classic powder eye products and wether you want a hint of gold or an intense smokey eye, they'll help you achieve the look. 


 Now for what some would consider the star of the show - the eyeshadow palette (£6). The packaging is very funky and artistic, I actually liked it. It may feel a little cheap but guess what - it IS very affordable. The important thing for me was the quality of the shadows. The shimmers were really nicely pigmented and I overall liked the fact that you could create endless looks with this number. 

The dark brown matte colour was a little chunky and needed some extra work when it came to blending but nothing you don't see happening with fellow drugstore mattes. I would highly recommend to never use the small sponge applicators these shadows come with, rock it with your own brushes, the results will always be better. My favourite colour is the top left light champagne which is made for a flawless inner highlight. 

The blush (£5) in the shade Pink, has slight gold shimmer running through it that is not really too visible when you apply it on your cheeks. The colour is very natural, making you look like you're young and healthy. It's quite pigmented so I would go light handed when applying it - but it does blend easily as well which is always a plus. 


I do love my nail polish and Accessorize have made the prettiest packaging. My colours are Milkshake and Raspberry (£5) and they resist a good few days without chipping. The applicator is quite skinny but easy to use and i didn't find the consistency of the nail varnish to be too thick and hard to spread. They have some great shades, I got my eyes on Almond now which I certainly will purchase on payday.


This is the product I was most intrigued by. I can be a little bit of a snob and use only high end brands when it comes to bases but despite not thinking much at first, this primer (£9) kicks ass. I was pleasantly surprised with how lightweight it felt and how nourished my skin was after applying it. With Vitamin E in it and an illuminating effect, I know now what I'll be using under my foundation for the next few months. Definitely the product which I'd recommend you try! 

Overall I am pleased with the quality of the Accessorize beauty range and the packaging is so cute. Don't walk past their makeup stand next time you're shopping, they're really worth a shot. 

I'd love to know if you tried any of their products before and what caught your eye in this post. 


  1. Love this dotted packaging... so cute! It would make me want to buy it :-)

    1. It's definitely super cute and eye-catching :) x

  2. I love the eye shadow palette colours,I always go for browny shades even moreso this time of year.

    1. Neutrals are always gorgeous on any eye colour :) I have so many brown-based palettes haha

  3. wooow! they all so prettey!!! and i love their color tones - especially lipstick.
    i'm really a big fan of this brand, especially their underwear, jewelry. tho haven't ever tried their makeup products :) definitely a must!!!
    thanks for sharing this post. i think i know what i'll be asking for Christmas :}}
    Vaida @

  4. Fabulous post! I LOVE the photos! The packaging of these products is SO adorable! I love fun packaging. Love that these are affordable yet the products actually look amazing. The lippies and the eye shadows really stand out to me! ♥

  5. the lipsticks are so vibrant in colour, wow!!

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

  6. I am a complete sucker for packaging and these are just stunning.

    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  7. I've never tried anything from Accessorize beauty now but I definitely do now! The packaging is soooo beautiful! xxx

  8. OMG those lipsticks!!!! I am obsessed with the pigmentation of them, I totally NEED to try this brand ASAP. Great packaging too!!

  9. i always over look accessorize beauty. but next time i wont as these are so pigmented

  10. I've never tried anything from Accessorize Beauty before, but the lip products and the palette look lovely!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  11. Oh wow look at how pigmented those lipsticks are! x

  12. Amazing pictures and such lovely comments on the range! So glad you liked them :) x

  13. Wow what an amazing collection, I've been contemplating buying some stuff from this collection for a while! xo

  14. I bought a blush from Accessorize's beauty range a few years ago and then all their stock disappeared off the shelves! So I'm really glad that they've brought out products again, the primer sounds fab!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  15. The eyeshadow palette is a bomb. Great post and pictures <3

  16. Red lipstick and eye shadows are fab !

  17. The packaging is all so pretty! I love the look of the chubby sticks and cream eye shadows, and the primer sounds really good for the price as well :)

    Jess xo

  18. This line sounds really good, I'm surprised! The lip colors are just gorgeous x

    Pink Frenzy

  19. Oo I would never have considered accessorize for beauty products before now, but these look great. Definitely going to have to try some out!

    Laura xx

  20. The lipsticks look amazing!
    Louise |


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