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Couldn't really think of a better title since everything in this post is made with wood. A bit random, definitely a stand-out piece in any collection be it sunglasses or makeup. After my Marble Love post, I thought it would be cool to keep this 'series' whenever I have something interesting to report back to you guys.

Wood accessories are unusual which makes them a subtle statement piece in any outfit. I initially thought they might be mainly giving summer vibes to people but when I worn them with winter whites and greys I really did find the watch and the sunglasses to just effortlessly blend in whilst adding an extra detail. 


This little guy was kindly sent to me a while back and as with every accessory I like to test it, wear it and really see how far I can push it when it comes day to day use. I didn't think at first that many people were going to make comments asking me where I bought it and stating how cool they thought it was given its neutral and simple look. I was wrong. Despite choosing a rather subtle design and shade, the fact that it's so timeless, classic and chic makes it a desirable piece in anyone's collection. 

We all see Daniel Wellington plastered EVERYWHERE - I have two in my collection - but this model is just a unicorn in the world of time tellers. I do predict it will eventually blow and every person will want one. I think it'd be a nice Christmas present to someone and the cool thing is that it's unisex so male or female - they'll love it. The brand offers different types of designs and colours as well, making me actually want to buy one for my boyfriend. (who by the way almost stole mine from me the other day)

Keeping up with fashion pieces, once I added a watch, I went on a hunt for something else I could pair it with. I came across Sundried who make wood sunglasses and they seem to be popular around other Europen countries - except UK. I thought the sunnies look really unique and a little Rayban-esque so I got my hands on a pair that I happily keep in my handbag. They, as well, go hand in hand with all the light shades I have been wearing this winter, adding that touch of 'don't talk to me, it's 10am and I didn't have enough coffee'. They're sturdy and well made so you don't need to baby them around which is what makes them great for daily use. I like pairing up accessories so it's amazing when I wear a bit of a wood-theme in my outfit. A couple of my friends from Sweden ended up buying this same pair! 

 As a beauty blogger I just HAD to add some makeup in here. Forgive me. I tried not to but clearly failed. 

For the past two months I have been obsessed with this natural bronzer from Tan Organic. I don't like looking too fake-bronzed and orange to be honest with you. Whenever I search for something to warm up my complexion during winter, I always make sure it's subtle and understated yet there, if it makes sense.
This compact is made with 100% natural ingredients and it's eco-certified. It includes ingredients like organic oils of jojoba, coconut, sunflower and glycerine making it perfect for people who tend to break out around their cheeks/lower chin or forehead which is where you apply this products. I have fairly sensitive skin and this didn't cause any issues whatsoever. 
When the two shades are swirled together, you get a very subtle caramel-golden touch that makes you look alive. This will definitely remain a staple product in my makeup bag for months to come! 

Have you tried anything mentioned here? Would you like to? 
I'm well curious to know if people like the sunglasses and the watch! Let me know in the comments. 


ps- apologies for not posting for almost a whole week. I'm finally on holiday and I submitted the last deadline for the first semester. Time to relax! Let me know if you have any request for posts! 


  1. I love wood packaging, not seen the watch before though.


    1. It's really under hyped! Really strange considering how good it looks x

  2. I love the wooden packaging on the bronzer!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

    1. It feels high end somehow haha definitely different :) x

  3. How interesting that they're all made out of wood! Very intrigued! I want to try that bronzer!!

  4. Cute!! I love the look of that bronzer, it looks so natural and wearable!

  5. I love that watch! So different to see wood accessories! Love this post btw and going to check out your marble one :)


  6. I have a JORD watch and absolutely love it! There is just something about wood. I've got to try the bronzer. Love it!

  7. I love the watch and the sunglasses are like nothing ive ever seen before x

  8. Those sunglasses are rather weird and wonderful aren't they?

  9. Oh these wooden pieces are amazing! Beautiful designs!

  10. I have a Jord watch too and LOVE it! Its so pretty and unique - I always get compliments on it. I am loving the wood trend!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Great post and lovely items. I have a serious case of envy over your beautiful wooden possessions, haha! I used to have the most beautiful wooden iPhone case that I bought from Thailand, but clumsy me dropped my phone onto the floor and cracked the case - oops! Adore that pair of sunglasses and the gorgeous watch, though!

  13. oh wow, ive never seen any wooden pieces before. beautifully crafted

  14. The watch is so beautiful :)

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