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You guys know I don't get personal that often on here. My blog is a little bit like me; unless I know someone really well they don't tend to actually find out the ins and outs of what goes on in my life. Simple. 

Today though I felt like opening up a little bit because I know that many have a hard time on days like Christmas/ Mother's-Father's day and so on when they lose someone dear to them. I am very grateful to still have my mum in my life but I am certainly not someone very.. open to expressing feelings that often. The way I let someone know I care sometimes is a little different to the typical hug/lovely text or whatever. Oh, and if you were expecting a gift guide, ahem, sorry peeps. 

I'll let you in a little secret though - when it comes to gifting to my mother, grand mother or other important women in my life, I generally go on sites like buyagift (which this year were SO kind to send me a voucher actually, I'm so grateful #poorstudentproblems)  where you get literally anything. I tend to go for spa-days, meals out or trips. I think it's important to bond, chat, laugh and just find time to spend with the people we love, especially now that I realise how little time we have here on earth. (gosh this is getting deep..)  

I just wanted to dedicate this little post to my mum who I know pops in here every week and supports me so much on every aspect of my life, from this little blog to anything thrown at me. 

I can be a little bit of a pain in the backside sometimes. I'm stubborn, rebellious, annoying and I definitely can give a headache. We haven't always agreed and I actually think that in these past few years we've occasionally grown apart BUT we always found our way back to each other. I think we have clashing personalities and I know that I'm not exactly the kind of person that shows feelings a lot but I am grateful to have such an amazing person in my life. I know I don't say it enough mum buy you truly are a one of a kind, awesome mother. 

The other black sheep of the family who totally accepted my very long emo/goth stage 
and took me to see my favourite bands. 

The one who literally said "let's move to UK" six years ago 
just because you knew that was my dream.

The one who waited in line the whole night in winter to get meet and greet ticket because
you knew how much it meant to me. 

The one who signed the consent form to let me get a tattoo at 17.

The one who surprised me with a trip to New York just to meet my favourite artist.

The one who orders pizza for me and my drunk friends when we
come home after a long night out.

The one who would come have lunch with me on my gap hours in middle school 
because I didn't want to be alone. 

The one who taught me to stand proud against all the 'haters' and smile.
Who cares about them anyway?! 

The one I can call at any time of the day or night and feel like you've got any mess solved already.

The one who just needs an idea to get a plan in action and succeed
- I wouldn't have achieved half of the stuff I have without you. 

The one who truly inspires me to work hard for what I want 
because if I do I WILL get it. 

Thank you. 
I am so grateful.

Happy Mother's Day. 


  1. What a lovely post! I'm sure your mother will love this when she sees it! X

    Whitney | Beauty Affair

    1. awww thanks for stopping by! Yeah she did :)) xx

  2. What a really beautiful post and I hope your mum reads this post and sees how important she is to you x

    1. aw thanks lovely, I'm surprised people are even reading this :) xx

  3. Lovely post :) Nice to see how important she is to you.


    1. Aw thanks :) yeah, where would I be without her! xx

  4. Replies
    1. haha thanks, not very used to this kind of post but glad to see people didn't mind it :) x

  5. Aw that's such a cute post and it's so nice that your mum did so many of those things for you. I wish I had been able to take my mum to shows but I think she'd have been a little scared haha x

    1. hahaha yeah she wasn't so keen on bands like BMTH to be honest ;)

  6. Aw this post is lovely! hope you had a lovely day.


    1. I did thank you lovely :) Thanks for stopping by x

  7. Such a lovely heartfelt post Kris. Much love to you and your Mum xx

  8. This post is great! Your mum seems lovely, and I can recognise myself in the way you talk about yourself when it comes to behavior. I am also sometimes a pain in the backside haha. You are so lovely Kristina x


    1. aw thank you so much :) I'm so happy to read that you enjoyed the post, thanks for taking the time to read it xx

  9. Awwww, all the feels going on over there! This is such a lovely post, and one I'd sooner read ten times over than some generic gift guide. Beautiful, and your mum sounds like one lovely lady. Hope you both had a fab mothers day.




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