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Affordable Sterling Silver Jewellery

I'm a jewellery addict and when if I had to pick between gold and silver, I'd always go for silver. With time I accumulated quite a collection of necklaces, bracelets and most of all, rings. I like to have all sorts of shapes, gemstones and styles and change it up every day depending on what I wear. My latest additions have been from a brand called jewellerybox that I actually noticed at a few blog events in London which I attended last year. 

I was so excited to collaborate with them because I truly LOVE the fact that they use good materials like sterling silver and 9ct gold. You know straight away that your pieces will be lasting you a long time. Another bonus is how affordable they are. Lots of companies these days like to over-charge for this kind of metal or even sell pieces that are plated instead which in my opinion are not worth the money. I visited a few markets in Camden and went to a few shops near my town as well hunting for new pieces to add to my collection but I found some of the prices to be just excessive. With this brand though, you can bag yourself a ring for £10 that will last you YEARS. Umm, yes please. 

Here's my top 4 picks:
- Balting Amber Oval Ring*: Amber is the most interesting material. I can never stop staring at mine since it gets lighter when the sun is hitting it and you can truly see all sorts of intricate designs in its contents. Priced at £7.15, it's SO affordable that I almost find it shocking. 
- Open Flower Petal*: This ring is adjustable and it's made to elongate your fingers. I like to wear it on my index as it gives me boho-vibes but it looks classy at the same time so I can easily rock it 24/7. 
- Double Wirework Twisted Ring*: This ring has the most particular design because you can wear it in different ways depending what you like to show. I prefer having the opening side facing me when I look at it (you can see it in the photo below), but if you check the site it shows that you could turn it 180 degrees and highlight this delicate separated design. It's an interesting piece. 
- Spiral Ring*: I usually wear this on my thumb, I don't know why but it just works best. It's a very simple twist-design, that like the two rings above, can be adjusted to suit your measure. It's such a nice statement but at the same time it isn't too invasive and loud so you can wear it mixing other metals too. 

I am definitely buying some rings from here soon because they still have plenty that I need in my collection. I'd love to know what jewellery you prefer; gold or silver? And have you tired any ring from jewellerybox

Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute their packaging is though? 


  1. Such beautiful jewellery, simple but makes a big statement x

  2. The jewellery is so minimal and beautiful, and the packaging they came is so cute! x

    Jodie //

  3. Very cute packaging and your photos are so cool.

  4. Beautiful pieces, love the mani too :) X

    | |

  5. These are lovely pieces and having just gone to look at the site, what great value for money!

  6. Girl we have the same Open Woven ring! Snaps ;)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  7. Firstly, beautiful nails! Like I am really in love. ;) :) Secondly, beautiful jewelry! My favourite is the amber ring. :) Where I live(Latvia) we have a lot of amber and it is a traditional jewelry material for my ancestors. :) And I prefer gold. :) However, lately I am thinking about silver accessories too. :)

    1. Thank you so much love! And ah, I love gold but it has to be real haha plated always go bad on me xxx

  8. Great photos, nails and rings! I used to buy so much jewelry and I own so many rings, From time to time, I still love to layer rings, but since getting engaged & married, my engagement and wedding band have been my highlights and I wear more bracelets and earrings now. Yours are really nice! The opal ring looks cool.


  9. These are so pretty! And I LOVE your nails!!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

  10. Your nails!!! <3 I need to browse their rings as I'd love a few new silver ones to wear at the weekends xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  11. these rings are so pretty! I also love your nails :)

  12. It's all amazing ! Photos, nails and rings !

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