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10 Things I've Actually Learnt at Uni

On Tuesday the 12th of July 2016 I officially graduated with a 2:1, and whilst I've been imagining the day I wore the hat and the (heavy) gown for what feels like a lifetime, I never thought that three years would have gone by so quickly. It seems only yesterday that I was walking through the corridors of my university for the first time, a little lost and extremely nervous. I even remember breaking down in Asda on the first week because I thought I was going to hate my degree and that I made a mistake. 

I know that going to university (or not) is a huge deal to people so I'm thinking of doing a little series of posts telling you about my experience and various reasons as to why it's great to go but also not go as well as tips on life as a uni student. Today however, I wanted to start off with a lighter note, telling you all what I've ACTUALLY learnt these past three years that didn't have anything to with fashion history, theories, essays and all that academic stuff. 

1 - If you think you're gonna have your sh*t together when you finish your degree, think again. 
In fact, it turns out that people who've been adulting for years still don't know what the hell is going on most of the time. I always thought that by now I would have it all figured out, but really when people ask me about future plans, I just act confident and improvise. 

2 - How to function on 3 hours of sleep (or no sleep at all). 
And no, I don't mean sitting there and doing nothing, I'm talking about proper hardcore sessions in the library where you want to cry yourself to sleep but you can't because there's no time to despair as the deadline is approaching. 

3 - Coffee is your best friend. 

I used to hate coffee in college but if you need a kick in the morning after a long night you can either slap yourself in the face 20 times or get more coffee. Note - I did try to slap myself awake once and it didn't do the job. 
The dude in Starbucks knows me and by the end of the semester he'd shout "USUAL?" as I stepped in at 8.55 running late to class. 

4 - Alcohol is your best friend too, but also your worst enemy. 
One glass to celebrate a good grade quickly leads to two bottles and a rough morning the next day. 

5 - How to procrastinate like PRO. 
I thought I was good at procrastinating before but my level of expertise on the matter has dramatically increased. Snapchatting secretly a ridiculous conversation someone else is having near you and sending it to your pal so you can also have an absolutely pointless conversation as well. Yeah, I've done that one too many times. Also clipping your nails or putting a new nail polish on when you should be looking for new theories to add to your essay has become the norm. 

6 - Treating yourself is important. 
Sometimes you need to pat yourself on the shoulder and celebrate a little victory like a good grade. I made it a thing, especially in my final year, to treat myself with a little something. I bought some new shoes when I submitted a hard essay I worked on for weeks, and I bought  a little ring when I got a 1st on an assignment that went way better than expected. It makes me feel good and it encourages me to work harder every time. 

7 - How to organise my day and make the most of it. 
I need to do a post on running a blog AND going to uni (keep your eyes peeled) but it's important to realise that it's NOT all fun and games as when you sit down and calculate that you're paying like £10k a year to get that damn degree is not a joke. Don't be a fool and play all the time, doing some work and finding balance is essential. I learnt how to organise myself and honestly now I can only function if I'm busy. When my schedule is clear I freak out a little bit. 

8 - and How to do absolutely NOTHING all day and be okay with it. 

Contradictory to the statement above, having a day off where you do nothing except for browsing stuff on Tumblr and watching Netflix is pretty much mandatory. It feels so good to disconnect and do whatever the hell you want - or do nothing at all. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to enjoy such days once I enter the 'real' working world but I'll bloody make sure to have some whenever I can afford to. 

9 - How to feed yourself (sort of). 
Number of times I almost burnt the house down: 7. 

10 - The friends you make at uni are indeed friends for life. 

I thought it was a myth but I'm honestly getting a little teary here because I'm so lucky to have met such amazing humans. Don't be scared, you're not going to feel lonely long and if you open up your heart to someone, you'll quickly find you're both going through the same ride called life! 


  1. Oh lovely - I really enjoyed my time at uni but think I would make so much more of it if I did it again now. I learn to procrastinate like the best of them and saw neighbours twice a day more than times than was healthy!

    1. hahah brilliant
      I definitely think that as we get older we realise what we could have done better
      Looking back at my first year, I was way too shy!

  2. Congratulations on your graduation! I completely agree with allll of these points and I'm just headed into my final year! :)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    1. Aw have the best time! Good luck with final major projects/dissertations xx

  3. Love this, totally tongue in cheek, but very true, especially about sleep and having you sh** together.

    1. haha why didn't people tell me this sooner? xx

  4. This post was seriously brilliant! Good preparation for me as I'm starting my first year of uni in September ;) Therefore I'm also going to keep my eyes peeled on the other uni related posts too, I'm already excited! xx

    1. aww that's so exciting! You're gonna have a blast! xx

  5. Congrats on graduation!

    All the things you've learnt I completely agree with, especially with how to function on 3 hours of sleep. Learning how to function on very minimal sleep was so key throughout my university experience!

    These made me smile, but make me miss uni again :(

    Sophie - eselle x

    1. awwww I literally can't believe I'm not a student anymore! xx

  6. Congrats on graduating! This is super interesting as I have yet to go to uni!

    LIVING IN PLAID - Personal Style Blog from Brussels

  7. Such an interesting post - love it! We have yet to join uni next year and are sure some of these things lie ahead...particularly becoming procrastination pros!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. aww it's an amazing experience :) you will love it xx

  8. Congrats! I graduated on Monday and this post definitely made me giggle! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. haha aw congrats lovely and good luck :) xx

  9. This post is lovely and I agree with pretty much every point! I graduate next week and I'm so excited but nervous!

    Rachael at

    1. awww it's a great day :) You'll have a blast! xx

  10. Love this post, im currently a student and i can defs relate to some of these! Congratulations on graduating, thats so exciting!


  11. "If you think you're gonna have your shit together" - that is so funny. We will never have our shit together!

    Found your blog as you commented on The Little Magpie, I absolutely love it and have subscribed on BlogLovin' :)
    Georgina Clarke Blog

  12. All of these just yes! I've not finished my degree yet, so I can't fully vouch for #1, but I do have to commend you on the amazing Bilbo gif haha. I've learned the art of productive procrastination. When I don't want to do work, I do something like bake or organise my room. Still things that need to be done (like making sure I have delicious treats in the house, obvs), but much better than studying. As long as I'm being somewhat productive while I procrastinate, I don't feel as guilty haha

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium


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