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I must admit that I've fallen in love with Cohorted's monthly beauty deliveries. I have reviewed two of their previous boxes and so far I haven't been disappointed at all. I've been discovering new brands but also new products from companies I already loved. 

I definitely used to think that subscribing to beauty boxes was a bit of a waste of money, since you never know what you get. I'd just rather buy something monthly that I love, than receive random items, but since so far I adored all of the samples, I definitely start to see the allure of receiving mystery products, it's like Christmas all the time!  

BOX VALUE: £118.00 

Let's dive in and see what you get in the August box then!

NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow Palette - Flowers 3 

This is the first thing that caught my eye as I don't own many Nars products at all and their packaging is the best. I recently reviewed the brand's Velvet Matte Skin Tint (here) but that's it, I really need to expand my collection! I was so glad to get this as the inside looks like a real piece of art, I was almost scared of using it. The colours are very wearable though and my first impressions so far are that the eyeshadows perform well but are quite sheer when you first apply them so you need to build them up a little if you're used to mad pop of colour. I actually didn't mind this type of consistency as it's very day-friendly. 

I've seen Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup rave about this nail polish brand a lot on her blog and YouTube channel, but I never purchased any sample as I have been pretty loyal to Orly recently. I was SO happy to receive it in this month's box though as it's supposed to be a magnificent product - and the packing screams Luxe to me. 
This is the shade Regret The Moon and after using it only once I can already tell you that one coat does it all and the shine level beats my old gel nails. 


Now this box of goodness is exactly what I needed. I suffer from frizzy hair most of the year and recently I've been struggling with keeping my mane looking nice for internship interviews and nights out. I love the fact that the sheets are all individually packaged, and that you know exactly how much you need to apply on your hair, without overdoing it. Good for both straight and curly hair not to mention it contains coconut oil that has moisturising properties and leaves a healthy shine. I carry a sheet in my purse daily now!

COHORTED Ovali Brush 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have seen the latest boom in the beauty industry aka a fancy little alternative to the classic makeup brushes that offers a new and innovative approach. 
This is from Cohorted's own brand and it is coming soon, together with a whole other 9 different brushes for eye and face application. 
I've been travelling and moving around a lot recently so I haven't had a chance to properly test this yet, but let me know in the comments if you're interested in a review. 

LANCOME Precious Cells Eye Cream 

In the box we get two 3ml samples that are enough to use for a while as you seriously need the smallest amount to apply around your eyes. I actually ran out of eye cream last week so this was a great addition to my skincare routine. Results? So far so good, the little lines that started appearing under my eyes have shown clear sign of giving up and disappearing again, so this product goes in my good books for now. 

Has anything caught your eye in this month's Cohorted beauty box? Let me know in the comments if you tested any of these products already or if something is in your wishlist now.  


  1. The content of this box is amazing! You should totally review the oval brush. Did't know that Cohorted was going to release their own so it will be excited to know what they are like x

    1. Aw okay will definitely give it a good test and then post a review :) xx

  2. Oh my god amazing! Cohorted looks like the best beauty box at the moment!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. It seriously is I think! They're killing it with their content :)

  3. I think this is one of the best boxes I have seen from Cohorted in such a long time x

    1. Aw I like pretty much all their boxes actually :) x

  4. Corhorted honestly looks like the most amazing beauty box available. The products are always so high end! The new brushes are very intriguing, once you've had the chance to try it I'd love to hear your opinion!
    xx Dany | The Queens Empire

    1. Will definitely let you know my opinion love :) Thanks for reading xx

  5. I like this box, it looks really premium compared to the others out there

    Mel ★

  6. This looks like amazing box! I would like to see what you think of the brush x

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Good Job, thanks for sharing this informative
    with us


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