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Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone is A Great Challenge

In one of my most recent posts I was telling you a few of my "style rules" and how I do follow them religiously in order to always look put together. In one of the little paragraphs I mentioned finding your style and sticking to it, even if it's basics like leather jacket and t-shirt + jeans. That's pretty much my uniform, but one thing that I missed out on mentioning though, is that I still like to try something new. 

Whether it's in fashion or in real life, I always make it a personal challenge of mine to go out of my comfort zone at least once a month. It doesn't have to be anything 'wild', but it's good to push yourself regularly and get comfortable in different situations. 

Last month for example, I attended a lot of blogging events on my own. This may sound like a piece of cake to most, but as I'm pretty shy and introvert, I was patting myself on the shoulder on the train home like "yeah girl, you did it!"because it can be intimidating being in a room with people who do the same thing, quite possibly better, and trying to keep your head above water. 

This month Boohoo contacted me and they wanted to send me a random dress to style. At first I was jumping around my room as I bloody love this brand, but then terror and panic surfaced as I knew it was not going to be a black dress or possibly anything black at all. They wanted to challenge me to wear something different and out of my comfort, so of course here comes the metallic dress

Metallics have been a trend I haven't really explored as they lean more towards maximalism and statement, rather than minimalism which is my thing. I do like it though, and sometimes seeing flashy shoes or dresses makes me want to try them. I wanted to style this dress that isn't me, in a way that is me, so that I could happily walk in it all day and not feel weird. 

Of course I decided to go with a leather jacket as on this particular day it was quite breezy and in the shade you could easily feel a little cold. I had this jacket for 10 years actually and it's honestly one of the best purchases ever! 

On my feet I'm, as always, rocking something from Topshop. I have a thing for these peep toe sandals as the heel makes them super comfy to wear every day. 

Last but certainly not least is my new bag, a dreamy Chanel WOC in caviar leather that I will review soon. You may have spotted it on my Snapchat (WhatKrisDid) last week. This is my graduation present and I'm SO happy to finally have it. It's a dream come true, thanks Mama Cupcake. 

Honestly it felt great wearing this dress. So many of my friends made comments like "wow, this is different but you rock it" and it's certainly a number people will notice. You can easily take the look day to night as well which is something I love.

Thanks Boohoo for challenging me and I'd like to know if you guys leave your comfort zone often and how! Let me know in the comments. 

Dress - Boohoo 
Shoes - Topshop 
Bag - Chanel WOC 
Jacket - Vintage (similar here)

Shop the dress by clicking on the little image below!


  1. I think you look amazing and I love the black and grey combo x

  2. This is gorgeous and you have styled it perfectly. Love your look.

  3. You look absolutely STUNNING! And kudos to you, I'm still too scared to go to blogging events on my own! xx

    1. Aw Eloise thank you so much! You're too kind! And honestly, If I did it, anyone can haha xx

  4. You look amazing gal!!!! I've only recently just started sharing my posts on social media and that's a huge step out of my comfort zone, so well done for going to blogging events on your own!! I love this leather and metallic combo.
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. Well done Jennifer :) Don't be afraid to share your blog, especially when you work hard on it! :)

  5. I agree with your friends, it's different but you seriously rock it! I try to step outside of my comfort zone every once in a while too (usually it's with something colourful or otherwise bold) and usually I end up noticing that 'hey, this isn't as bad and scary as I thought' :) xx

    1. aw that's so good! I want to add some red in my closet as a pop of colour :)
      and thanks lovely! xx

  6. Beautiful dress you looks amazing, hope it boosted your confidence at the blogging events

  7. You look great. I have a similar outfit planned for later in the month.

    1. Aw that's great :) I hope you'll enjoy wearing it! x

  8. you look absolutely stunning. i love dress on you and in combination with the leather jacket, its even better.

  9. Yay, you go girl :) the dress looks stunning on you! X

  10. Looks wonderful, I love how you styled it! I also totally agree that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is so good for you, I try to do it regularly :)

    Paris x

  11. This dress is gorgeous! well done for attending events though are you shy it's taking the next step and challenging yourself :) Pixie xx

  12. This dress looks lovely on you! I love how you have styled it as well, very chic!

    Well done for putting yourself out of your comfort zone! I recently attended my very first blogger event and felt proud as punch of myself for going. I gave myself a tap on the back as well when I was on the train home!

    Lovely blogpost, I enjoyed reading it!
    Francesca xx

  13. Well done for leaving your confort zone! I always love to buy daring things, even if i'm afraid i won't suit them, im a big believer of if you like it them you can pull it off!

    Emma at

  14. This outfit is everything! I have been looking at a similar dress and have been afraid to even try it on because it's so far out of my comfort zone, but after reading this, I think I'm going to give it a go.

    Tara Joy |


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