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HOT OR NOT: Miss Sporty Wonder Collection

Miss Sporty is definitely one of those brands that doesn't get enough hype in the beauty industry. I've been guilty myself of overlooking their stand, sometimes due to the odd placements in my local Superdrug. I think that sometimes there's an idea that if a brand is too affordable, it can't be that good, and that if the packaging is a little too funky then it's only tailored to a younger crowd. Well today I decided it was time to destroy this cycle and give some deserved attention to a company that is truly making a comeback by featuring their new bomb Wonder Collection*

What to expect: a variety of shades that are wearable - 14 to be exact. Don't get scared of the bullet, the majority of these lipsticks are creamy, pigmented but not too thick and 'in your face' as they're not bright. They're ideal for people who like day to day shades. 

The Formula: It's moisturising and helps your lips feel comfortable. The ingredients include jojoba oil  and silk powder, making them perfect for the upcoming colder season when we all suffer from a chapped lip at one point or another. They guarantee long lasting shine and wear up to six hours (although in my experience it was about 4 as I like to eat a lot..) 
I have noticed that they do leave a stain behind though that is easy to fix and fill-in when you're done eating. 

The Price: £2.59 each 

HOT or NOT? 
I think this collection is definitely HOT as the lipsticks are creamsheen finishes (if you think about mac) which can be worn lightly with one layer or combined with lip liners to really make the colours pop. There's at least one shade for everyone and thanks to the purse-friendly price, we can all test them without breaking the bank. 

The Super Naturals 

Shades L-R: 100 Barely Amazing, 101 Nude Power, 102 Power Rose

The Ready-for-Anything Reds 

300 Incredible Red, 301 Cherry Cape, 302 Powerful Berry

200 Incredible Pink, 201 Fantastic Blush, 202 Ultra Pink 203 Wonder Fuchsia 

500 Heroic Copper, 600 Coral Power

400 Super Mauve, 401 Wonder Plum


I actually own a few of their nail polishes and I enjoy the formula and the shades a lot. For £1.99 I found these to be shiny, easily applied and the colours to be rather unusual. They're going to be perfect for the NYE/ Christmas season (yes, I used the C word and no one can stop me now). 

Top to Bottom: Ultra Silver, Super Purple, Incredible Gold, Wonder Copper

I'd love to know what you think about Miss Sporty and if you tried any of their products. 


  1. The lipsticks actually look great! I definitely want to try them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Pretty shades. I like the red shade the most.

    1. Oooh nice pick! I love the shade Cherry Cape out of that bunch x

  3. I've never heard of this brand before but I really love the packaging on the lipsticks. Can't wait to try them out on my next shopping trip.

    1. Oh really? They're pretty old school but definitely worth more hype x

  4. I definitely agree that Miss Sporty are super underrated, they have some right gems! I love the look of those nail polish shades, I've always been really impressed with their formula so may have to pick a couple of those up :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. I have almost all of their shades haha good quality for money!

  5. Oh my it feels SO long since I've set eyes on any Miss Sporty products! I have to say, I am suitably impressed! Those lip shades are something else!

    Musings & More

    1. I know right! They get overlooked so much, it's a shame x

  6. The shimmer of those nail varnishes looks very nice and I'm actually pretty surprised by the range of lipstick colours there are as well

    Mel ★

    1. I was very surprised too and the quality is far superior than I expected x

  7. These lipsticks actually look really pretty, miss sporty used to be a brand I used a lot when I first got into makeup but I haven't tried anything from them in ages!

  8. such a great blog post

  9. Oooooof my favourite shade has to be Wonder Plum - I LOVE a good plum lipstick during A/W and this one is an absolute steal at £2.59! The formula sounds so lovely and hydrating too - I'm not a fan of lipsticks that are too drying! Definitely need to check these out ASAP!

    Hayley xo

  10. A definite must have collection! Loved the deep red and cherry cape, definitely suits my outfit on our upcoming gala night presentation.

  11. I really love your collection, it's so hot lipstick. Send flowers to Colombia


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