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9 Reasons Small Boobs Are Awesome

"The grass is greener on the other side" couldn't be a more accurate saying, cause we're never really happy with ourselves. Even before the media had this much power and influence on us, dictating what 'beautiful' should look like, we've all had our own issues. My grandma never liked her nose, my mum always wanted to have a flat tummy and I have gone through periods of wondering if my boobs were good enough for me. Through my teen years I waited for 'the girls' to show up, and eventually when they did appear and I was quite happy with their petite size, boys used to tease me and grade my boobs an E (yes, literally giving grades like teachers..?!) - meaning they sucked and I should probably consider getting a boob job when I'm older. Now I do laugh when I think about it, but to a 15 year old it was pretty devastating because you're at that stage where someone else's opinion matters, and where your body is going through so many changes that it's kind of hard to handle. 

I'm 23 now and honestly after all the insults, criticisms and insecurities, I have become really happy and comfortable with my cup A and I have absolutely no issue with the fact that I do have barely any boobs. My boyfriend likes it, my clothes fit nicely and I have fully accepted it as part of my looks. What triggered this post though, was when I visited my local laser hair removal clinic the other day for a treatment, and the therapist I was with just said to me "I wish I had small boobs like yours!". This comes from a lovely lady with curves in all the right places a-la-Kim-Kardashian featuring a double D we all like. I thought she was mad as I'd kill for her body so that's how we got into a long conversation over why smaller boobs are great. 

1 - You can go bra-less no problem 
Not gonna lie, I don't wear my bra half the time and nobody knows, especially in winter when chunky knitwear replaces thin summer t-shirts. 

2 - You don't need to spend loads of money on a good fitting bra 
I mean. there ain't much to handle so I have been really happy with even the most affordable options on the highstreet. 

3 - You can find the prettiest bras/bralettes always in your size
My favourite at the moment, that I'm wearing in the photos, is by Freya*. And if you have more of a 'package' to cover than me, don't worry, their cup sizes go up to a J! 

4 - They won't sag that much over time. 
My aunt is 78 and hey, she told me hers haven't changed a lot since her 40's! 

5 -  You can rock deep V-necks
Most people can by all means, but when you're flat chested, it doesn't matter how low-cut the V goes, somehow it never looks too risky. 

6 - You won't have boob-induced back pain 
Some of my friends complain a lot about back pain caused by their boobs and in some cases it can get pretty serious! 

7 - You won't have problems when working out. 
My sports bras keep whatever I have in place so well that my chest feels completely weightless when I jump or run. Brilliant. 

8 - You can sleep on your stomach 
I haven't thought of this one until the woman I was talking to at the laser hair removal place told me that she misses sleeping on her stomach as it was her favourite position as a kid. Apparently as your breasts are bigger, it can be real painful so she's more of a back-sleeper now. Damn! 

9 - You're part of a pretty awesome club
The Itty Bitty Titty Committee, full of sassy chicks and IT-girls like Cameron Diaz, Alexa Chung, Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman, Rihanna and more! 

This whole post is, of course, not bashing big boobs, in fact, I still think all ladies out there are fabulous and even if you're considering getting a boob job that's also absolutely fine. You do you. This was more of an ode to the itty bitty titty committee, because if you're part of it you shouldn't be ashamed. You don't need to change everything about yourself to be happy and always try to see the good in something that might bother you, because others will probably find it appealing! 


  1. This is awesome! I sometimes feel self-conscious about my size, but there really are so many reasons to love them. As someone who works out and runs all week, not having to worry about support is brilliant!
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

  2. In highschool I was always insecure about my boobs, I'm such a petite person, and I would compare myself to other girls - and I look back and I never should've done that! Now, I've embraced my quirky features, and realized my small boobs fit me and you've listed all the reasons why I love having small boobs! It's great to embrace them! xo


    1. So glad to hear that :) They're definitely worth to be embraced!
      I think most of us struggled with something about our appearance in high school! xx

  3. Replies
    1. hahah they're awesome indeed ;) thanks for reading x

  4. I used to hate having small boobs, but have 100% grown to love them now. Pretty bra's & sleeping on your stomach all the way! x


  5. I used to feel self conscious about mine too but I realised the things you've listed! Still need a decent sports bra though I find.

    1. I'll be blogging about a few good ones soon ;) x

  6. I have smaller boobs for a plus size gal and love it. I used to hate it, but I've realised I hate underwiring and can totally get away with bralettes all the time instead which is way more comfortable!

  7. There are definitely pros and cons to every boob situation but I also like having a smaller chest, especially when it comes to finding comfortable bras. I have underwire so thankfully I don't need it.

    1. I own one underwire bra from VS and it's not too bad but bralettes are more comfortable for sure! :)

  8. Such a great post and an important topic too I think! Every body is beautiful no matter the size of the chest area, and I've learned to actually like my small boobies too xx Also, just can't not to mention how incredibly rude and awful of those boys to grade any boobs at all! I guess teen boys will be teen boys but still.. Oh and that bra looks so cute! x

    1. yeah my high school era was pretty tough but like you said, boys will be boys! And thanks :) It's so comfortable x xx

  9. Totally with you on this! I think it's natural to want what we don't have - be it curly hair, big boobs, long legs... But actually, it's pretty awesome that we have boobs, so let's just be happy with them! :)
    That bralette is so pretty ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  10. Yep! As someone with big boobs who had to wear a bra with a backless dress, I'm so with you on this!

  11. THIS! I have small boobies and always have done (except during pregnancy, like now)
    Big boobs are so annoying, I love being part of the itty bitty titty comity :)
    Great post hun
    Charlotte x

  12. Love this post! I am a small B cup but have learned to embrace it x

  13. Love this post and how honest it is <3 I also have a size A cup and always feel not happy with my body but I've come to love it for what it is and I would never undergo surgery myself but in your teens it does feel like a huge issue to have smaller boobs and you always find yourself comparing your body to others x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  14. I'll add to that list : they fit perfectly in a hand ! hahahaha #TeamSmallBoobies


  15. small boobs are the best! they never get in the way of anything haha

  16. small boobs are awesome :D everyone should be happy and make the best of what God gave them :)

  17. I have a larger chest and it definitely comes with good and bad aspects. I'm lucky and have never had any kind of back pain because of my chest but when it comes to exercise I often think it would be so much easier to do things like running if I had a smaller chest!

  18. I'm 22 and my boobs still small, and got bullied everytime. Reading your opinion makes me feel motivated and happier with my small boobs hihi. What a great post xx

  19. Mine are relatively small and I do wish they were bigger but now it's not something I'm too concerned about x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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  22. . . . and there are a lot of guys (like me) who actually prefer itty bitties!


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