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Style is in The Detail

Some of us love buying classic pieces and sticking with them no matter what. Call me boring but nothing beats a black shirt. Nothing beats a plain pair of pumps. Nothing beats simplicity. However, it is easy to take it up a notch by adding a little twist or something interesting to your outfit to go from proper basic to chic. How? It's all in the detail. 

With Your Staples

If you're not into frills, embroidery, florals, bright pops of colour then you really need to focus on adding pieces to your closet that are simple but have a little something that makes them interesting. For example, I love jeans, but the step hem in my latest Topshop pair (also available in the Petite and Tall range) is a fun twist which so many people compliment me about, because it's a little different, they still fit nicely and they add a little edge to any outfit. Simple at the front, badass at the back. 
With jumpers I tend to stick to neutral colours but look for a different fit. Slit on the sides, some detail at the back, bigger sleeves etc can all be little things that people notice. Even just rolling up your sleeves a little can change the look from extra formal to chilled. 

With Your Accessories 

You can walk around wrapped in toilet roll but if your handbag or shoes are nice (and I'm not saying necessarily designer), you'll still look damn alright. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating just a little but you can really spice up any look with your accessories. A few years ago I remember reading that certain people look at your shoes before they even look at you or your overall style. If you have an appointent or a meeting and you show up with dirty shoes or an un-ironed shirt somehow that can change someone's view of you straight away, weird right? 
I always thought that was a little over the top for every day life like meeting your friend down the local pub, but totally legit if you're off to work and you need to look presentable. You may want to check out my 10 basic style rules post that touches a little bit on that. 

There's definitely things that are worth investing in if you can afford to, like handbags, watches and shoes. Even adding a statement piece of jewellery to a plain outfit will instantly elevate the look. I often see people like the Olsen twins wear head to toe black and then gold statement earrings and that shows a certain eye for detail and a certain degree of care. You don't even have to spend much on that, since brands on the highstreet are bringing out amazing pieces for less than £20. Gold, rose gold, silver - no matter what colour the metal, it is a little detail that will bring attention to your look and a certain va-va-voom overall. 

Jewellery wise I've been loving a pair of silver hoop earrings with a gold detail that I'm wearing here. I'll be giving away a pair very soon (hint-next week) so keep your eyes peeled and let me know in the comments how you bring a little sass or personality to your every day style. 

Sunglasses - Prada 
Shirt - Romwe*
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Zara 
Bag - Chanel 


  1. This is my idea of comfort in style when it comes to an outfit. I adore your sunglasses x

  2. You look great! This makes me feel I should be making more of an effort. I practically live in the same pair of comfy jeans every day and a pair of sturdy hiking boots, lol!

  3. I'm in love with the design of those Prada sunglasses, so unusual! You look so chic here and loving the bag, it's so dreamy! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Thanks Jenny :) I love the sunglasses too, they're quite interesting and not too heavy x

  4. You pull off black so well. I always look like I'm about to go to a funeral! Love this look, it is definitely the little details that can make or break and outfit. Good tip!

    Kumba @ Kumbear Xo

    1. Ah thanks lovely :) I do love black haha xx

  5. I just adore your style, you simply nail it every single time! xx

  6. <333 such great outfit!

    love your small chanel bag

    Karolina Gespucci

  7. Absolutely beautiful babe X

    | |


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