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Morning Skincare Routine - Winter Edition - for Sensitive Skin

Winter is brutal on my skin. This year it's been tough, since it seems to have been getting windier and slightly colder, which meant I had an increase in dry patches, especially around my nose and my cheeks. Those things are hard to get rid of, especially when you have sensitive skin to begin with, and you don't want to irritate it! Yes, 
I have been doing the whole 'drink more water' and 'moisturise every day' but a lot of products haven't worked out, and I found it really hard to find anything that would bring back soft skin. Even wearing foundation sometimes was a nightmare as everything seemed to highlight my terrible texture so for a while I have been ditching any cover up. 

Whilst it's still not back to normal, I have noticed massive improvements using a few products, so today I'll be telling you more about the little gems I choose in the morning. Keep an eye on here as the evening skincare routine will be up soon and after that, I'll be featuring some of my favourite masks. 

Eucerin Refreshing Cleansing Gel - I found this to be the perfect face wash for people who have sensitive skin. Especially in winter, your skin gets more irritated and red but this cleansing gel is quite gentle and when mixed with water it forms a foam that really cleanses your face without drying it too much. You still need to apply a moisturiser of course (who doesn't) but it doesn't feel as stripping as other face washes so you won't need to use anything too heavy afterwards. It retails for less than £10 as well which is affordable and you get so much product too!

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Facial Moisture Gel - This moisturiser is a little more expensive, almost £20, but still within a reasonable price range. I love it. Again, a wonderful product for people who have very sensitive skin or acne. All the ingredients used in here are natural and have amazing properties such as Abyssinian oil, which helps replace essential skin lipids without blocking pores. It gets absorbed super quickly and makes the skin really soft within days. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and my goodness, it really helped me a lot. Even my redness has been tamed and I can finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel with my skin problems. 

Eucerin Hyaluron Eye Cream - Probably one of the best eye creams I have tried to date. With a slightly thicker consistency, a little goes a long way and results are visible within days - for me at least as I don't have deep lines yet. I saw an instant improvement in the elasticity and overall look around my eye, as I could feel the whole area more plump and hydrated. It retails for £22 but it's currently on offer if you want to bag yourself a bargain. 

What products have you been using to fight the cold? 


  1. I love these shots girl! And eucerin is one of my fave brands.. especially in winter times :)

    xx Lisa

  2. Beautiful pictures! Having a good skincare regime is a must especially in the colder months!

  3. Your photography is gorgeous, and this post is a bit of a life saver - like you, no matter how much water I drink I always suffer with dry skin patches. Definitely adding these products to my shopping list! xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty

  4. i used to love eucerin skincare, it's so good for problematic skin especially in winter time!
    jen | velvet spring x

  5. Nice post. I love Eucerin products, but I haven't tried these two out yet, aldo now I'm planning to!

  6. These sound really great. I may have to search for them. I have super sensitive skin and often find it hard to find products that don't hurt!

  7. Winter can be a nightmare on skin. My skin gets really dry so winter is not great. I've never used any of these products x

  8. My daughter suffers will sensitive skin, I will talk to her about these. We are always looking for new products that will help. Kaz x

  9. This is a great post and the products sounds perfect for my skin. I struggle with sensitive skin and it can get easily irritated and dry after using facial products.

  10. I haven't tried any of these - the cleanser sounds great x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  11. I've never tried any products from Eucerin before! It sounds like I need to though :)

    Louise x

  12. I currently have no skincare routine at all which is probably quite bad, definitely need to look after myself more!

  13. skincare routine should not just include the creams and lotions that you use on your skin, but should also include a healthy diet that is beneficial to the skin. Click this over here now

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