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Quick Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

So Mother's Day is right round the corner and if you're anything like me, you've probably left it until now to go for that last minute shopping spree, trying to figure out what to buy. Well, no fear, I have a couple of suggestions here for a variety of budgets and tastes, so buckle up and get ready for my super speedy mothers day gift guide. 

When you don't know what to buy, socks or pjs are always a good option. I picked this gorgeous and super soft pair of cashmere socks* from The White Company and when you wear them, it's like you're walking on clouds. I loved them so much I actually bought myself a pair afterwards. They come in a variety of neutral shades and they don't break the bank, however they will make a nice luxe present. 

I have really fallen in love with vintage jewellery. I like to go to pre-loved shops and getting a right bargain, because these pieces have a history but they're still full of life to give, if that makes any sense. I find vintage items to be very fascinating and full of character, especially the more ecentric pieces, like this ring I found recently. It's also way more affordable to get pre-owned jewellery, especially real gold and gem stones, so it's worth having a look if you wish to step it up a little bit and treat your momma to something special. 

Perfumes are of course always good. One scent I wanted to give a little shout out to is Samsara by Guerlain, if you haven't checked it out, you should. It's woody and powdery, quite warm and sexy without feeling overpowering. You're still the person wearing the fragrance and it's perfect for mums I think because to me, it smells like love. Strange description but it's like it leaves a certain mark on you that makes you feel protected. 

Last but not least is picture frames! More on the affordable side and always nice because when completed with a photo of you and her, it adds sentiment and it's something that can be displayed straight away.
And if you're looking for more ideas, check my personalised gifts ideas that I blogged about a while back, there's some good ones in there. 

Have you got any activities planned for the day? How do you celebrate? 


  1. Great for ideas and will save people money. I always say it's the thought that counts. I like the idea about the frames, you could make them for any present for anyone :)

  2. Hi hun this is a really nice post with some great ideas. Thanks

  3. Even the bottle of the Samsara by Guerlain is gorgeous, love that colour. I still need to shop for mine, hopefully Saturday I get that done.

  4. Picture frames are always a good shout in my opinion!

  5. The socks look so soft! I usually get my Mom a pair for Christmas :)

  6. I love cashmere socks - so luxurious! I don't really get gifts for Mother's Day, it's a bone of contention in our house ;) X

  7. I love getting socks and pj's but cashmere socks sound like luxury. My feet are crying out for them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like the sound of the fragrance and the picture frames is a good idea and like you said not too pricey x

  9. Gorgeous photos, I love these ideas. They're all so beautiful!

  10. I think socks are underrated! I would love to receive a pair of wool or cashmere socks, super soft and perfect for a cozy night in. I will keep these ideas in my mind for the next Mother's Day :)

    Caterina |

  11. such pretty pictures ! that perfume sounds great !

  12. Oh feel free to do it for your blog, if you want to ^^ I know, before it was different but I really liked it and I wanted to write it, it was fun :) At this place, you can see more fashion things.

  13. My mum literally buys me socks for every occasion but I've never thought of getting some for her! What a great idea! They look so comfy! Pictures and frames are always good ideas as well. Thanks for sharing! x


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