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Affordable Fashion Picks for Summer

One warm week and here we are, back at wearing knits. Some have complained (I was one of those because I don't like being sweaty) but I do wish the sun made another appearance before autumn arrives. Not to sound dramatic, but you can legit only get one warm week as summer in UK is truly unpredictable. For that reason, I don't like spending much money on new clothes every year. This time around I decided to stick to some simple tops and overall 'classics' that I can recycle in 2018 too, if I wanted to. MandM Direct never fails me when it comes to affordable pieces for any season, so I went on a little shopping spree on their site and here are a few of the staples I picked. 

One of the first items that ended up in my basket, was this vest. I used to wear this style of top back a few years ago but stopped for a while. I truly missed it, as you can easily go bra-less if like me you're petite on top, or rock some nice lacey number underneath on a night out. 
I like to expose my tattoos a little more this time of the year and of course, the fact that the colours are black and white makes this number easy to wear with any item in my extra monochromatic closet. I particularly like the print design as it adds a little interest on what would be a plain canvas and it makes me feel totally ready for Vans Warped Tour for some reason. 

I am obsessed with denim shorts. I need to find a blue pair and a black pair too as recentlyI lost weight and I don't fit my old ones anymore. It's also hard to find decent options on the market that don't expose your whole bum to the world. I suggest sizing up in them as they run slightly small if you want to be comfortable. Brave Soul is probably my favourite brand on the site as it stocks a lot of nice quality pieces at very affordable price points. 
The California t-shirt is very comfortable - I love a V-neck cut and the material is lightweight and easy to iron. As it's on the longer side, I tend to tuck it in but of course, you can let it loose. 

I gave in to another bomber jacket because yes, I am obsessed. This one is by Only and it's so lightweight! I love the colour too as it's still a neutral but a little different from my usual black or white picks. The material is very thin and perfect for windy evenings when you want an extra layer but nothing too heavy. 

Of course I wanted a dress. I'll be heading to Greece in August so I started to think ahead about pieces I can wear on really warm beaches. This number is easy to wear at seaside restaurants too if you wanted to, but I prefer it as a nice cover up when you're popping to the bar to get a cocktail or just want to stroll along the shore. 

Do you spend loads on summer wear? Any favourite pieces?
I hope you gus enjoyed the post as I haven't done a fashion one in quite a while. Don't forget to follow me on Snapchat to see my daily musings: WhatKrisDid ! 


  1. Oh I loved that stripped dress, so pretty! :) Xx

  2. What a great summer wardrobe taking into account lots of weather situations. Loving the bomber and the shorts, super cute x

  3. I love the white shorts and California tshirt combo :)

  4. I have just revamped Hubby's wardrobe with M&M direct, now I need to do mine. I love the stripey dress

    1. It seems to be a firm favourite that dress! haha xx

  5. the striped dress is so beautiful, you look stunning in all the outfits! xx

  6. Like you I don't spend a lot on summer things as we don't get a lot of wear out of them here. I usually get a few bits each year that will last a few years or do for holidays too. I love the vest and dress you chose from MandM.

    1. Thanks :) obsessed with the vest! haha xx

  7. super love how you styled all the outfits!

    Pudding Monster

  8. Loving the tattoos girl and the last outfit is my favourite for summer!! Looks amaze on you!! xxx

    Jenny | X

  9. I love that striped dress and the grey tshirt, they are really cool. I'm trying to wear up last years summer clothes but I have bought loads of new tops recently x

  10. ah the stripe dress is so stunning, love the wrap style its so figure flattering!

  11. I love all of these looks especially the striped dress! You look fab! xo

  12. I've fallen in love with midi dresses this summer and the striped one is gorgeous, they're so easy to just throw on but look so put together!
    Tara xo

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  16. love the way you mix things up, with accessories and color tones! looks really comfortable, yet charming and fashion at the same time. very beautiful!
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