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Oh man, even typing the title was hard. It's like I'm admitting defeat when really all I'm doing is stating a fact. Somewhere between my internet not working properly, my Instagram never growing and witnessing catty fights on twitter, I've been seeing a different side to the blogging community. Am I being dramatic?  Probably a little bit, call me hormonal but that, combined with a shit load of stress caused by other things, has made me lose my blogging mojo. Where's that fiery excitement about a new post? I have no idea, to be honest with you. I almost had to sit down and re-evaluate what I've been doing with Creepers and Cupcakes.

I think it all sort of started on one of my many existential crisis moments late last year when I realised that this blog is something that might exist until the end, way past my lifetime, and therefore represent me. I'm not a musician, an artist, or a poet. This is 'my art'. Some may even question whether this is even creative. So what would people think of me? Ah yeah, another average 20 something with a ridiculous amount of lipsticks, who can barely put two words together. Why?

Because despite having a degree in journalism, I type my blog posts at 1am, not really thinking, just talking to myself, because yes, I am excited about some new palette or a new pair of shoes, and I want to rave about it with my online gal-pals. How ground breaking.

Truth is, as much as some people may still find it weird, I bloody loved it.

So what has changed?
Not that I expect anyone to even notice me posting less and less, I just needed to take a step back and enjoy life a little. Blogging started to feel too much like a job, almost a chore sometimes and the excitement of NOT needing to post but wanting to, wore off. This industry has become so centered around numbers and looks and who has the best deals with the biggest brands, who jets off to the most fancy locations, who has the latest IT bag and it's so overly saturated now that even on Instagram I couldn't tell you who's posting what because it all looks the same. We've all talked about it, we've all moaned about it, so nothing new here. I find it inspirational to see women succeeding in what they enjoy doing, and I am fully supportive of everyone. It just makes you question what you're doing and how good you are because just like many other before me, I have fallen for the trap of comparing myself to someone else.

A fashion or beauty post is not just a simple snap of whatever you've been enjoying wearing lately. More and more it feels like you have to include some sort of life lesson into an outfit post and if it's not that, then your pics better be taken by a professional.

Could I be arsed to spend 40 minutes doing one shoot telling my mum where to stand and when to press the camera button? Nah. It got to the point that actually, I wanted to go to the cinema or see my friends instead of stressing out about a deadline. Done that through my whole student life, I just wanted a break. The thing with blogging, is that once you step back from it, you feel like a total stranger. I've been doing this for 3 years and yesterday when I logged onto twitter for my daily feed-stalk session, I just didn't feel like I belonged anywhere. It's so damn weird. The second I stopped taking part in blogger chats and continuously liking peoples Instagram posts and tweets, it felt like I've been out of the game forever. Imagine not going to the gym for a whole year and then doing a hard-core class back on your first day.

I still posted a couple of times a month just to show that I am alive but compared to my old 2-3 weekly posts, I must admit I have enjoyed spending less time on my laptop and more out and about meeting new people and getting out of my comfort zone. The little homebody who never went out or attended parties has become more of a 'yes' person, with plans every weekend or most evenings. I made a conscious effort though to try and find that fire and interest I had when I thought about my blog. It's slowly starting to come back and whilst I can't promise a schedule, it will be fun to get back into the swing of things a little more. So, if you're stuck in a bit of a rut like me, here's what I've done to shake it all up: 


- Don't compare yourself to anyone. Just stop.
Flash news for you: no one's life is perfect.
That bikini shot probably took them 30 minutes to take.
Yes, that insta-perfect couple does have arguments too.
No, having that bag won't make you any more popular or prettier.
Your camera works fine for now.
Most of us common mortals are not always on holiday.
Just be yourself! 

- Stop feeling guilty.

Get out and enjoy life when you can. Unless you're doing this as a career (in which case you should still learn to stop and get some fresh air), go see your friends, get an ice cream, have a picnic, walk in the park, pet your dog. I just realised when I stopped, how much I was missing out. I think I wanted to make up for all the lost time because I was sick and tired of being sat in front of a laptop even after work. Getting my social life back on 100% has really improved my mood and happiness. Make memories and share them!

- Remember why you started.

I just wanted to talk about fun stuff, practice my photography and writing, share a new purchase. It doesn't have to be about numbers and stats all the damn time. Yes, sucks that the engagement might be down sometimes but as long as you like what you produce, keep at it! 

- Re-visit blogs you love and find new ones!
I started finding new blogs or new girls on Instagram to inspire my style and I noticed I was looking at my feed with fresh eyes. I started getting excited about new potential shoots and I couldn't wait to get back doing fashion posts. Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air to press that start button again. 

So that's what's up around here. Have you
felt unmotivated recently? I'd love to know how you fight it. Thanks for still stopping by and reading my blog guys! :) 


  1. I'm feeling just like this right now and it's really irritating. But you have some great tips that I'm going to use. I compare myself way too much and I need to just stop. I looked back at old posts and realised how much I need to do what I used to do, so that's my aim. I've also come to terms with what my blog is all about and I'm going to revert to that with a couple of changes. There's lots we can do to get our mojo back again but I like that you've helped by inspiring me and making me realise I'm not alone in this :) Thank you!

    Cat | xx

  2. I never really think that my blog will outlive me, but I guess it will! This post totally spoke to me and I agree that you shouldn't feel guilty for taking time off from blogging, you'll come back with a new enthusiasm x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  3. Sometimes it's good and healthy to take a step back & break, do other things your heart desires. You'll end up feeling the blog is more a chore than enjoyment. Twitter, I noticed this a good few years ago to the point. I don't even bother with it anymore. The community changed & I'd rather keep to myself and do me. x

  4. Oh hun so glad that you are back and sorry to hear that you had lost your mojo. It's true that blogging can feel catty at times but there is also a huge part of blogging that is beautiful x

  5. I think everyone feels like this occasionally. It's always good to have a break and come back to it refreshed.

  6. I have felt like this so many times and taken short breaks off blogging too. It's really important to have some healthy time away from the internet. Also - you're looking gorgeous in these photos!

  7. I can relate to this on so many levels - so many times I've almost called it quits with my blog because I've lost my mojo! Sometimes just having a little bit of time away can truly help! Anyway, I'm so glad you're back & you look bloody gorgeous here! ♥

    1. AW LEIGH I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! Never quit it, I would be upset!
      Thanks lovely xxxx

  8. I have also fallen into the trap lately by comparing my blog to everyone elses. But by taking a break is good sometimes!

    1. Comparison is a killer and most of us do it! Taking a step back always helps xx

  9. I decided to make my blog somewhere that I was able to just visit and do when I want - I don't like pressuring myself with timescales etc. I have found that I just end up writing when I want and sometimes it can be daily or sometimes every month. Just do what you feel is right - your readers will be loyal whatever x

    1. Thanks Leah and you're SO right! Could not agree more :)) xx

  10. Since my blog was hacked, I've felt this way too. For me it's been a 6 year journey and I'm just finding my mojo again. You give good advice x

    1. omg hacked!!?? that's awful! I hope it all god sorted!
      Aha I give good advice but don't always follow it! I'm hoping in 2018 I'll get back to my old routine xx

  11. I feel that way sometimes,I find myself reviewing films because I just don't have anything else going. My life is watching a clock ticking down. Writing helps me cope.
    If you were on WordPress,I would have re-blogged this.....

    1. Aw thanks! I can't with Wordpress haha I use it at work so avoid it at home :')
      Writing definitely helps and reviewing films is a good idea to be honest, I like reading these posts :) xx

  12. Nice post. I like to read this type of blog.

  13. I followed you in the very beginning and girl you are so RIGHT! Its hard to find a good balance when it isnt a job I think, but you are killing it with that dress and this post today! Keep being awesome


    1. Bless you, you're so sweet and awesome! Thanks for reading :)) xx


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