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YOU DO YOU! Why Focusing on Yourself is The Most Important Thing

Ahem, since my last post on losing my blogging mojo, I may or may not have posted for a while because I ended up going to LA for a couple of months and living life. I interned at a couple of places in the fashion industry, worked with the Kardashian's stylists and helped run an event by Jeremy Scott. It's been mad, and whenever I had a free moment I mostly spent it out and about in the city, exploring and making friends. I got back about a week ago and just now I'm starting to feel settled again. 
I'm actually thinking about doing a little post on all I've been up to in California, if any of you are interested? 

This year has changed me a lot as a person. I feel like in 2016 I cared too much about what people thought of me, and I went above and beyond to keep relationships with individuals who didn't deserve one ounce of my patience. This year I kind of 'snapped' and focused on myself a lot more which meant my blog took a back seat as I wanted to enjoy life and develop as an individual. After all, I won't have any good adventures to share if all I did was sit on my laptop. 

I learnt that at the end of the day, the person you need to impress the most is yourself, so f*ck what anyone else thinks. If they don't treat you well or you don't feel good around them, just let them go and do you. Life is short enough, you don't want to waste any precious time around someone who doesn't appreciate you and support you through all your endeavours and adventures. 

I don't think we ever stop growing and developing but in your 20s I feel like we go through the most changes and lessons. Who you can trust, who you can't rely on, moving out, traveling solo or with friends, being hopelessly in love and getting your heart broken to fall in love again hoping you've found the one but never quite knowing. It's as intense as it can get and all whilst trying to make a mark in this world. Half the time you don't know what's next to come and if you have a thirsty heart and an adventurous soul, every step of the way can be a challenge. 

I've been trying to get to know the new me, every day. 
I may enjoy rock music but you know what? I also love Tyga. I may love staying in and watching geeky movies, but also wearing some bodycon dress and going out for drinks to end the night in a kebab shop, singing songs with friends outside a bar. I am the ripped jeans and oversized t-shirt kinda gal with no makeup on, and the high heels and red lipstick chick. I don't have to pick one version of me, I can be all of them, and that's what I am finally learning to accept. 

Dress - ROMWE 
Shoes - Vans 


  1. Wow your trip to California sounds amazing, so does the attitude, I totally agree, focus on yourself, you're the most important person to please :)

  2. I love your style...your trip to California sounds amazing

    1. Thanks lovely :))
      and it was, can't wait to go back soon xx

  3. Totally agree, I removed the people from my life who didn't bother with me and feel so much better about it. Look forward to hearing about your California trip.

  4. Gaining a thick skin as to the things of the world and who other treat us, is not always an easy thing to do. Protecting ourselves from the sharks of this world is not easy either, even if these sharks are within our own families. My wife has learned this lesson the hard way. Great post. Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  5. You're absolutely right, we all need to spend a bit more time focussing on ourselves. Luckily, I haven't had to cut people out of my life but it shows true strength to be able to do that. You're trip to California sounds amazing and I'm really loving your looks in this post!

  6. Your summer sounds really interesting, and I am quite jealous you jetted off and did something for yourself x

  7. I think you are absolutely right. You need to do what's best for you and I've learnt that alot this year. You need to have a sense of your self before you can even think about doing or helping anyone else. There are so many layers to a person so embrace them all x

  8. I really need to try and focus on myself more - I always forget how important it is x

  9. You look fantastic and it sounds like your recent trip was amazing and really helped you find you! xx

  10. Amen to that! You look fab in these pics and it sounds like your trip was amazing! X

  11. Love so so much this dress!! Specially the jacket!!
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