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Having Fun With Your Personal Style

Through the years I really did experiment with both fashion and hair. I was a full-on emo girl, exclusively wearing Emily The Strange and dressing with stripes and converse, all matched in colour with my then badass yet awful fringe. 
I was also a tomboy, rocking a backward cap and oversized t-shirts (skateboard in hand of course), listening to Avril Lavigne and getting all my fashion inspo from boys. 
I went through phases of wearing colour, and years without it. Scene queen? Check. Goth? Also check. 

I'm 24 now and despite knowing how I like to dress, I still enjoy trying something that I wouldn't consider my day-to-day style. Why? Because it's damn fun. That's what fashion is for, right? It's nice to dress up and feel a little different or confident in something else. Do we really need to stick to ONE style? Is it really 'not you' wearing a skirt if you're a tomboy or a loose hoody if you're chic? Why can't we do it all? 

Now more than ever, with the rise of fashion bloggers, and visual social media platforms like Instagram, we're truly fed millions of images and styles on the daily. I am inspired every hour by hundreds of women, with a very different sense of fashion, to try new things. Whilst I wouldn't exactly say I am ready to wear a latex pink skirt and stripper heels down to Tesco (but power to you if you do!), I am still happy to try new and old trends, combining items I used to love and cherish as an alternative teen (hello vans check slip ons) with new trends. 

As this long ass winter is finally coming to an end, I was ready to sport some new clothes that were perfect for the transitioning season. Sweat dresses will always be a weakness of mine and they're just the right addition to anyone's wardrobe. Why? They can be styled in numerous ways for different occasions and moods. 
I've been listening to loads of hip-hop and rap, especially since coming back from LA, so I wanted to pay a little tribute to the city of angels through this little post, for refreshing my style choices in 2018. 

Platform shoes have also made a huge comeback and if you're a little too scared / not comfortable wearing some proper statement Stella McCartney-like pieces, these white babies are the right amount of combined comfort and low key statement. 

Sweat dress - Boohoo* 
Shoes - Boohoo* 


  1. I love that dress! I wish I could wear white but I'm just so messy, haha.

  2. Oh you look great as always! I always tend to play it safe, I really need to have more fun and discover a personal style!

  3. You look fabulous, I’d love to buy that outfit, not sure I’d rock it as well as you though lol

  4. I really love this whole look, that dress looks so comfy too! I need one!

  5. I love experimenting with my personal style and trying different things, love your look

  6. You look great. So stylish but comfy!!

  7. You are rocking this look girl! I wish I could pull off sweat dresses especially in white. I think everyone should always take time out here and there to have fun and experiment with fashion

  8. totally agree about rocking more than one look - and I love the one you have gone for here!

  9. This is such a cute style. I love the hoody and trainers.


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