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#TuesdayShoesday TUK Vegan Creepers

I haven't done a TuesdayShoesDay post in a while as no shoes really stood out to me enough to dedicate a whole post to them BUT.. how could I not feature a pair of creepers? I mean.. look at my blog name! 

I've been a fan of T.U.K since my emo days back when I was a teen, and now despite being in my mid twenties, I still get heart-eyed when I see these shoes. They look damn cool, okay? You can wear them dressed in a suit, with a dress, with jeans, day or night and somehow they add edge and a certain sprinkle of rebellion to any outfit without being too in-your-face. 

This model, the Vegan Leather Creeper Sneaker  has been approved by Peta of course, like the rest of the vegan range, and it features memory foam insoles, which make me feel like I'm walking on clouds. This collection is a lot more sleek and streamlined too, compared to older ones that you may have spotted through the years. It is a nice transformation and evolution, making it more wearable for everyone yet maintaing the element of punk style we all came to love and recognise in this brand. 

Size-wise I would say stick to your usual as they run pretty true to size and my shoes really fit me perfectly. I am thrilled to have received them and i can't wait to wear them in future outfit posts here on the blog! 

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  1. I love the look of these, and even better that they're cruelty free. Good t hear that they're super comfy too!

  2. Nice to see some vegan shoes that actually look half decent. I used to refuse to wear leather shoes, and found that so many vegan choices felt and looked so plastic!

  3. These are right up in my street as I don't buy leather. Thanks for introducing me to this brand.

  4. They certainly suit you style and look as if they would be super comfy. Mich x

  5. Oh these look really great on you, love them! Even more so that they are vegan leather! They look really comfy too x

  6. They look so good, I didn’t even know that vegan could be a clothes brand aswell, I might just have to look these up online 🙈

  7. I have seen creepers before and always think they look cute everyone but me, didn't know they are vegan clothing and shoes how cool

  8. The shoes suit you and your style. Look nice and I knew about vegan clothes but not shoes.

  9. You had me at memory foam insoles, I suffer with foot pain so comfy shoes are a must


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