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Through My Phone - 48 Hours in Venice

Last month I decided to treat my boyfriend to a little weekend away in Venice to celebrate him turning 27. I finally managed to edit the pics, so here are a few shots I wanted to share with you guys. I have seen a few bloggers do a little photo diary post of pictures they took on their phone when on vacations. I like the fact that they're a little more relaxed and 'real' and wanted to join in. I hope you enjoy them!

 At the bottom of the post, I will leave some suggestions and tips if any of you are planning to visit this gorgeous city any time soon, alone or with someone special. There's a lot to see and enjoy - from food, shops, buildings, lifestyle and atmosphere. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me or email me! 

Where to eat: If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, always stick to the outskirts, the rule is simple. On the main island, it's very easy to find cheaper places and let's be honest, you're in Italy after there's no bad food! A simple 10-minute walk from the main square can save you more pennies than you'd imagine. We stumbled on a little street, Campo De Le Beccarie and we found many lovely restaurants serving delicious pasta for less than 10 Euros. 
If instead, you fancied a more refined place, Ristorante Rosa Rossa was pretty amazing. We had lunch there on our last day. I believe they filmed some scenes from The Tourist and they have Johnny Depp's jacket and other merch on display!
The best experience of all was dining on a pirate ship with an eight-course meal and enough alcohol to get any pirate drunk. That was on the Galeone Veneziano and it was probably the highlight of the weekend for the both of us! Definitely check it out if it's someone's birthday or you want to celebrate any other special occasion. 

Tips: if you're going this time of the year, hydration is key. I managed to get sunstroke on Saturday, partly because I was hangover after the dinner on the pirate ship. It took some throwing up and some extra water to get me going for the rest of the day, but we still managed to see lots. I would also prepare myself for A LOT of walking or queueing to get on boats as there are no cars around here.

What to see: Now, we didn't have a set list of things we needed to see. I believe Venice is one of the places where it's nice getting lost and finding your way around, as, after all, it's not that big. Of course, I think it's worth getting on a gondola as they're globally known for that, and it's truly astonishing seeing the way that little boat can be maneuvered around tight buildings and little spaces. Ponte di Rialto is a must-see; It gets very busy but you can get some amazing shots and it's not too far from St Mark's square and a variety of markets, especially the fish one which is there daily. There are many street food tours you can enjoy as well, although these are worth booking in advance.  

I would love to go back in the future and maybe visit different areas I haven't had the chance to see this time around. 
Have you guys been anywhere nice recently? 


  1. Venice looks so beautiful, I would love to visit one day.

  2. Venice seems like such a beautiful city to get to go and explore. My parents have been and got left behind by their tour company (which I never let them live down haha). Such a great place to just head for a short break.

  3. Beautiful photos, I'm ever so jealous about your trip! I'm desperate to visit Venice but hoping to book a trip in September as I've been eyeing cheap flights! xo

  4. I went to Venice last November and it was so nice going out of season when it wasn't as busy but I totally agree that the main thing about Venice is just wandering around and getting lost x

  5. Venice looks so beautiful, definitely on my travel bucket list!

  6. Venice looks incredible! I've always wanted to visit...hopefully in 2019! Really informative post thank you.

    Matt //

  7. I always wanted to visit Venice.. looks beaut!

    x Lisa |

  8. I would absolutely lvoe to visit Venice - it looks so pretty! I am off to Canada in September so that's my next trip :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  9. I would love to visit Venice without a plan and get lost. It seems like the perfect place to explore by getting lost!

  10. I have done alot of travel, but Venice is one place I have not yet been too. In fact I seem to have missed out the whole of Italy - 2019 travel plans sorted x

  11. your pictures are stunning, I've been to venice a couple of time but would love to return again because it really is just amazing!

  12. I am longing to go to Venice and after seeing your pictures and hearing about your trip I think it has bumped up my to visit list x

  13. Oh wow what a beautiful place to visit, I'd love to go to Venice! I really like that you took the images on your phone- the shots are fabulous! xxx

  14. Venice looks so beautiful. I would love to go there some day!


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