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Boohoo's 'Meal Deal'

Good ol' meal deals - nothing that gives you more peace of mind when you forget your pre-made lunch at home. With a couple of quid in your pocket, you can treat yourself to a sandwich, a drink and some crisps. 

I know that here in UK we're all used to this but I have to say I really started to appreciate how handy meal deals really are just this last year as when I was in LA for a few months, there was no such thing as a 'meal deal', and whilst it's understadable that I was going to be paying a lot for a lunch from a supermarket, I was not ready to fork out $10 for a simple wrap and packet of chips. 

Now, imagine this clothes form. All us fashion addicts were just praying the universe weren't we!

If, like me, you leave outfit shopping to the very last minute, more often than not you may find yourself without an actual (!) planned outfit for the event - shocking, I know. Now, imagine knowing that you can sort out the whole look with £30.  

If you didn't hear through twitter or the online world until now, Boohoo, one of the online fashion giants, has recently launched a 'meal deal' offering a full outfit for £30. 

Originally this offer was aimed at students; the brand launched it just last month, however, after seeing the success it had online, they extended it to everyone! Let's pop some champagne bottles and give us an extra reason to shop, am I right?! 

I cannot express how thrilled I am about this. Offering a full outfit for just £30?! It’s no surprise the concept received an incredible reaction everywhere. 

I am SO excited to see this come to life, as there's pressure to wear something new to dinners and events (more self-inflicted than in general, you girls know what I'm talking about), but personally, I don't always feel the need to buy more expensive pieces for smaller occasions or nights out. This way, I can look good, feel fabulous and rock something new, without spending a small fortune. 

The site has had a revamp just in time for party season as well, now including looks for the more casual customer. The full outfit consists of heels/flats or trainers, a dress and a bag. 

Boom, you're welcome.

I would love to know what you think of this and more importantly what you all will be wearing this party season. 

Photos: Rebecca Frost 
MUA: Nikki Mullard 


  1. I saw this when it originally came out and I think it is fantastic they have opened it to all instead of just students! I hope people pick up some awesome items from it.

  2. Mellissa Williams14 November 2018 at 21:59

    That is such a great option - when buying a whole outfit, the price can get so much higher and higher and I often end up clicking off. Its fab that you can get a whole outfit for such an affordable price!

  3. I didn't know this existed but this sounds like such a good idea. I am totally like you, I don't always feel the need to spend loads of money on outfits either so this is great value x

  4. What a brilliant idea, I hate spending lots of money on clothing

  5. That's a great idea - and I love these outfits somewhat resembling the 90's they are really cool.

  6. What a brilliant idea especially for those shopping on a budget - go boohoo xx

  7. I had absolutely NO idea about this deal. I'll definitely be looking into it though, as I love Boohoo!

    Louise x

  8. That sounds amazing. I really need to check it out.

  9. I had no idea about this but wow what a fantastic idea! A full outfit for £30 is amazing, I will definitely be checking out their website!


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