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A Nail Polish Brand That Deserves More Hype

"The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails" said Tammy Taylor - and althugh nails on point don't necessarily bring you full happiness, there is something about having them done ..almost like scoring life points. Everything else might be falling apart, but girl, I got my nails done and I'm ok. 

I've always been a huge fan of nail polish, however my own claws have let me down many times through the years, as they seem to get weak and break easily after I colour them and make them look, you know, pretty. 

I took a huge break and didn't visit a salon for probably two years and then, just before Christmas a few months ago, I decided I would jump on the acrylic wagon and get my sassy looking hands back. I think part of the decision was influenced my lovely office girls who always have amazing nail art and tap away badass projects at their desks. Basically, I wanted to join the gang. 

Now, every three weeks I change colour and like to play with shapes and different lengths too. Of course I love using gels, however, it's a lot healthier to avoid exposing your skin and nails to the uv lamp, so I've stuck to bringing my own nail varnishes from home and have those applied instead. 

Let me tell you, it still makes a difference on fake nails whether a colour or brand is good quality or absolute garbage. Some brands last about a week and they start showing signs of wear and chipping, but some, like today's featured company, last three weeks solid and look incredible from start to end. 

The brand that has certainly won me over and gained a new fan is... Leighton Denny ! They have blown me away with their colour range, lasting power, quality and opacity. Two thin layers and your nails are Vogue-ready. I understand from a little research I've done that they've been going strong for 20 years and I have to admit, I think I had tried some of their colours before, years ago, however now more than ever I can appreciate what they have to offer. 

Many well-known designers have used their products to complete their looks at London Fashion Week, like JW Anderson and Paul Costelloe to name a couple and from winter deeps to pastels for spring, their selection makes you crave all sorts of shades. 

I had the pleasure of trying Leading Lilac, and pictured on my nails Serendipity. The first one is a beautiful mauve/deep rose shade which I look forward to wearing year-round as it's very 'me'. The latter is a hard shade to describe but 'shimmery muted rose gold' are the words many of my friends used when pointing at the bottle- and a couple asked to borrow it, to take it to their salon and trying it asap ready for spring. 

I predict my drawers will be filling up with LD's nail polishes and I will certainly keep you posted on any additions to my collection. 

Meanwhile, let me know what nail polish brands or colours you've been wearing and loving lately. 



  1. Oh this shade looks beautiful!

    x Lisa |

  2. I've heard great things about LD polishes! I must try them!

  3. I've never had my nails done but I need to pamper myself and get them done.


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