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Trend Talk: Boiler Suits

Boilersuits made their first official appearance on the Sunday Express newspaper in 1928 and nearly 100 years later they're one of the top fashion trends worn by celebrities and designed by the biggest fashion houses. I love them because of their timeliness potential as you can purchase one now, and in 20 years the trend will have re-emerged with potentially the only difference being how you style it. 

This one piece garment covers you entirely, only leaving hands, feet and face exposed and can be easily worn from day to night and dressed up or down depending on the occasion, your personal style, the weather and the sort of accessories you pair up with it. 

It's a firm piece in everyone's closet as no matter what the current trends are on the high-street, every few years you can guarantee the boilersuit to make a comeback. 

I believe in 2019 we owe the surge in popularity to the infamous Ganni boilersuit as after it appeared during Scandinavia fashion week, it quickly made its way to Instagram and therefore found a place in every influencer's closet. 

Overall, you would have seen boilersuits in most catwalks from Jil Sander to Armani, trickled down to the most popular of the budget-friendly stores - Primark (which are the ones I am wearing here). 

There is something quite empowering about rockin this garment as it certainly isn't a piece meant to flatter you for the male gaze. I feel confidence pouring from every pore when styling this piece, even when males say it looks like a painter's/mechanic/Karate instructor outfit. (so what, I look great in it, watch me as I go!)

Retailing at £20, this Primark number is actually a really comfortable, good quality piece, made of thick material and easy to wash and look after. With summer creeping towards its end, it will be a great item to wear in Autumn with the season changing and enjoying the endless options of styling it as a functional piece of workwear for daytime or an edgy and urban nighttime look.  

Now, spill the tea and tell me what colour do you prefer?



  1. I love how they look but I just can't imagine wearing one myself! You on the other hand look amazing in both of these, have to say the green one is probably my favourite though!

    1. Giiirl you would look so good in one, give them a shot :)

  2. I am loving the boiler suit trend! I need to get myself one. Loving both of these here x

    1. Oh Emma, they're so nice, definitely would recommend :) x


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