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Basic Facts on Fast Fashion and Why I am Changing My Shopping Habits

I think we're all aware to some degree that shopping fast fashion isn't good for the planet, for many reasons, however the extent of this has only come to surface fairly recently. I remember when I just got into blogging, it was all about the hauls. Endless posts and videos showing more than ten items at a time - which most likely were only worn once and then disposed of, as we never see them resurface  again. 

I never necessarily jumped on that bandwagon as I was a student at the time and funds weren't limitless, but even now that I have bills to pay and saving up to do, I simply can't picture myself spending thousands every few months on new clothes. 
I am still guilty of sales shopping, however I have certainly changed the way I think about it when I buy clothes and I see it as a personal work in progress for 2020 to be more conscious of my spending habits, as mentioned in my previous post where I was setting goals. 

I've been doing more research on the effects of fast fashion on the planet as well as the people behind it all, and I thought I would spread a tiny bit of that knowledge on here so that any of you who may be in the dark, perhaps learn something new today. 

6 Facts about fast fashion...

  • Fashion is one of the most resource intensive industries - and it is estimated that the fashion industry emits more green house gases than all world air travel.
  • The UK alone buys more clothing per person than any other European country, with the next door average consumer purchasing easily over 26 kilos of fast fashion items alone per year. 
  • The textile industry uses 98 million tonnes of oil globally.
  • It takes 80 years for clothes to break down in landfills.
  • 700 gallons of water are used to make just one simple cotton T-shirt.
  • 80% of people who work in the garment industry are women and only 2% earn a living wage. Most of them have no rights or protection.

What we can do to help...

1. Shop Less. Seems pretty obvious, but this will be key as many of us are certainly guilty of purchasing things we don't need for one-day events or nights out - me included. In certain cases some garments end up in the closet, with tags still on, and they never see the light of day. 

2. Buy from more sustainable brands. For me this is still a new area, but I'm doing more research on companies who are transparent and focus on ethical trade and production. 

3. If shopping fast-fashion, look at 'conscious' ranges. More and more high-street retailers are now releasing clothes made of recycled materials and what they call 'eco ranges'. This is not to say they're totally environmentally friendly, however it is a step in the right direction. 

4. Donate! If it's just sitting in your closet, unloved and you're not the type to sell online, then please donate it. There are plenty of places who will take your unwanted clothes. 

5. Start thrift shopping and buying second hand. Whether that's vintage pieces or high-street pieces of current trends that are re-sold online. There's many people out there who buy items, wear them twice and decide not to keep them (like mentioned above). Shopping pre-loved has been my favourite as of late, especially thanks to Depop. You can score some serious deals and still wear trendy pieces. My latest addition has been the below blazer, from River Island. 

Now, I'm aware that these changes cannot happen over night, as it's modifying your lifestyle. This is why I am going to work on sharing more of my journey on becoming a more conscious shopper here on the blog, starting with my main focus which is avoiding super trendy pieces and anything I can't see myself wearing in at least five different outfits. 

If there's any particular areas you'd like me to talk about, do let me know in the comments or email me and I will make sure to delve into it deeper in the near future. 


  1. Great tips, I have found buying pieces that you can mix and match and will last keeps my shopping bill down

  2. Thank you for this information. It is becoming more clear that I need to rethink my buying habits. Although with 3 fast growing children, fast fashion is really the only affordable way to clothe them.

    The facts are shocking though x

  3. I don't buy clothes very often and I am not into fash-fashion. When I buy clothes I like them to last, so I would invest in quality brands rather than 2-washes-and-it's-in-the-bin Primark for example.

  4. I'm not someone who buys clothes very often so I possibly don't fall into the fast fashion category as such, however, I do need to think more carefully about where I am purchasing my clothing from.

  5. wow, 700 gallons of water to make just one t-shirt - that is both amazing and shocking!

  6. Such great tips, my resolution is to shop less this year as well. You have great taste and the outfit looks perfect on you.

  7. I don't buy as much clothes as I used to. I like the tips you have given here

  8. I do't buy new clothes very often but I'll be especially conscious now! xx

    Maiya |

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