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Ready for 2020 - Setting goals

Here we are, page one of 2020, new decade and the chance to start fresh. It's hard to think that you're a different person from the day before - because that's not the case - however, the start of a new year somehow gives you the opportunity to leave toxicity behind and improve on yourself, so perhaps, you are a different person? You're ready for change. 

I'll be honest with you, 2019 has been a rather strange and challenging time for many reasons, however on the flip-side, I've had the chance to see who really is here to stick around through thick and thin and if anything, it's given me a chance to grow, mature as a human and learn how to fend for myself in the big scary world. The downs gave me strength and taught me that hey, sh*t happens and you gotta deal with it as it comes. Welcome to adulthood, Kris, and the ups were great and reminded me time and time again to be thankful for the people around me. As Kylie Jenner would say - it was the year of realising things. 

Now that things are - dare I say - more stable, I won't be sitting back and playing lazy, I am ready to challenge myself further and make 2020 an unforgettable year. As cheesy as it sounds, I am determined to work hard to make it as good as I can. I will carry on healthy habits, cut down on the bad ones as much as I can (sorry caffeine!) and work hard on myself. 

The two week break from work has given me time to think and look back on life lessons as well as look forward for what's to come. I'd like to use this opportunity to share on here what I will be focusing on, now that 2020 is here and it would be great to see by December what I've accomplished. 
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Keep up the Gym!
The last couple of years (since January 2017) I have gone to the gym regularly. For the most part, I try to squeeze 2 - 3 workout sessions per week, however this will vary depending on holidays/work/social engagements. I would like to keep this up and perhaps improve even more my fitness levels. I find working out brings me joy and peace of mind - and it's the only real "me time" I get. 

Learn a new skill.

I genuinely love learning new things and in 2020 I would like to add something new to my skillset. Whether that's improving my photography, learning InDesign or driving. 

Get back into blogging more often!

Man, I miss blogging regularly. I find it very difficult to fit into my daily schedule due to work/commute and a mix of keeping up with friends and working out. I also fell out of love with it due to the design - and I'm currently looking into getting a fresh new template, so keep an eye out for a new look soon. 

Travel more. 

Last year I went back to Milan a handful of times to sort out my passport and squeezed in mini breaks to Palma, Bristol and Plymouth. This year, we are going big - we are going to San Francisco in July and I couldn't be more excited. We may also have other smaller trips in the pipeline - but more of that to be revealed.

Shop more vintage. 

I really want to start shopping more second hand and vintage pieces - I've been living on Depop and saving many items that I want to purchase. As much as I can't stop the occasional purchase from Zara or River Island when a deal is too good, I would like to get more and more into second hand pieces, to you know.. help save the planet!

Home makeover! 

My boyfriend and I live together now and I am excited to start re-decorating the flat and potentially sharing some of the interior decor and home updates with you all - if that's of interest?

and some random ones...

Of course I needed to add random things I would like to do such as getting a nose piercing (finally...after years), getting more tattoos and going to more spas for facials!

I would love to know more of your goals below and I hope 2020 will be an amazing year for anyone reading this. x 


  1. I love setting goals instead of resolutions. I only picked 3 goals last year, to not overwhelm, but I'm trying a few more this year.

  2. Good luck with your 2020 goals! I also have to travel more and to learn a new skill in my list of goals for this year.

  3. You look amazing in this dress! Good luck with your goals. I am planning on gaining a few new skills, too, just signed up for a new course last night.

  4. You have some great goals for 2020 we are aiming to travel more this year, I havent really made any goals for the year yet

  5. I think the 2 weeks off at this time of year can be so helpful for reflection and focusing you for the future. All the best with your goals. Mich x

  6. Good luck with your goals for 2020. One of my goals is to travel more too

  7. Good luck with your goals! I would like to travel more this year too - I'm planning on going to 12 new places, one a month. xx
    Jessie |

  8. I love these goals - some of mine are similar! I'd love to see interior posts and home updates.
    Love your outfit too x

  9. Love these goals! I'm redoing my room this year and I'm so excited! x

    Maiya |


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