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Top 5 things on my Christmas Wish-list (2013)

I honestly can't believe Christmas is almost here. I'm not sure how did 2013 just go by so quickly for me. As much as I am excited for the holidays, I must admit this period of the year is rather stressful. 
I hope I'm not the only one that feels this way.

It's just so overcrowded and the people are aggressive. No one pays attention to where they're going or if someone is right in front of them when they decide to walk literally on top of you. It's just awful. Everywhere you go there are people literally fighting to get products. Sheesh.

Leaving the negative part of it on the side, Christmas is still awesome! 
Now, believe it or not, I still love writing a little "letter" to Santa and ask him to bring me some cool stuff because I've been a good person (or at least I personally think I have..HA!).

My family uses the letter to know what to get me, mainly because my taste changes a lot quite often so it can be really difficult to know what I like. I would hate to shop for myself if I was one of my friends or a relative. Seriously. 

I apply the same kind of method when I shop for the people I love. They give me a list of things they adore and I get one of those things plus a little extra that was not on the list. It might not be the typical way but it works for us and it makes us all happy. 

Now, getting onto my list for this'll be able to see it's definitely makeup based with a little extra because as much I hate to admit it, I am a typical young 20 year old gal that likes what most girls my age enjoy as well. 

1) On the top of my list there is the limited edition Nars "Ride Up To The Moon" palette.

I have never owned anything from Nars before so I thought it would be a nice start if I chose my favourite makeup item - which is eyeshadow - and had a few more of their shades. There is something about their packaging that I really love and that feels very high end and exclusive. I think another thing that really attracted me to this palette is the fact that it's "limited" and it really makes you wanna get your hands on it ASAP. 

2) Sigma Brushes Performance Kit

I own some eyeshadow brushes from the drugstore and a few that I got from Ebay. They're not bad but y'know...they're not Sigma. I heard they're even better than MAC so I am expecting some really high quality brushes with amazing results. I would be very interested in trying those. If I don't get them for the holidays I'll save up and buy them myself. 

3) Makeup Geek Starter Kit and Z-palette

Yep. Eyeshadows again. I need help. 
Makeup Geek is founded by a very famous and talented YouTuber called Marlena that makes videos on all things beauty related. She's amazing. Her eyeshadows are really pigmented I heard so it would be exciting for me to test them myself and create some great looks. 

4) LOMOGRAPHY Diana + Dreamer camera

I studied photography in college and I just loooove taking pictures of everything (except myself). 
This camera has been on my wish-list for AGES, I absolutely love lomography and the whole vintage effects this camera gives to photos. It's not about the focus that an SLR gives you but maybe THAT'S the reason it's so fascinating. I'm in love. I need to get this camera at some point and this is a great gift if you have some extra money and your friend is an artsy person. 

5) Michael Kors bag

I really don't need a new bag. At all. I have a perfect black bag from Juno that I bought a few months ago and it's fab however there is just something about MK bags that makes you want to have one SO BAD. Why. Just why. 
Anyway, I spotted this one in TK MAXX the other day (£160) and both my mum and I were fangirling over it. It looks sophisticated yet not too serious. The gold hardware gives it a very classy yet edgy look and it makes it easy to wear no matter the occasion. Leather jacket or dress, this baby goes with everything. 

So there it is. These are the top 5 things I'd love to own - if not for Christmas then at some point. 

Let me know what you think and what you would like under the tree this year!


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    1. It is, isn't it :)

      Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  2. What a steal!! I wouldn't be able to contain myself neither, and that bag girl.... a fav for sure
    Thank you for hosting

  3. I added it to my list of my "must have". It would be cool if you included links to online stores where I can buy all this stuff.
    With love, handmadewritings

  4. Oh, it's beautiful cosmetics, my wife uses it. she is very natural and does not smudge

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  6. It's great that you publish such posts. For me this blog is great.


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