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Hello there lovely people!

Today I'm making a little comparison between the B Primer and the

brand new Maybelline Baby Skin primer that landed in UK just a few days ago!

Just to let you know, if you're interested I did do a complete review

of the Baby Skin primer on my YouTube channel so if you want to
check out the video CLICK HERE !

As you all know, primers are here to make our life easier. They are supposed to

help us cover pores, fine lines and make foundation glide on smooth.
Drugstores and High-end brands are making more and more of these products every year
and I made it my mission to discover the best primer out there!


- The Maybelline primer caught my eye mainly because of the packaging.
It's fun, colourful and cute but if you're anything like me you know
that packaging is not really what matters when it comes to products.

- B. primer is plain grey, in a mass of products I wouldn't notice it. 

Round 1 Winner : Baby Skin!


Both primers are from the drugstore so quite affordable. 

- The Maybelline one is £7.99

- B. primer is £9.99 

*Keep in mind that with offers you can find the B. primer
at lower prices like £6.99 at least twice a year.

Round 2 Winner: Baby Skin!


- Maybelline primer has 22ml

- B. primer has 25 ml

Round 3 Winner: B. Prepared !


Both primers are colourless, with no scent and glide on smooth.
They could seem thick but once applied on skin 
they're very light. 

Winner Round 4: BOTH!


- The Maybelline primer goes on well with all the

moisturisers I tried it with

- The B. primer had some issues with the Nivea moisturisers

specifically where it would get chunky and odd.
No idea why specifically to Nivea and no other brands.


Even though, as you can tell, there was not that much difference

between the two.

What do you think of this product?



  1. great review, i've used primers on and off and have found the body shop's matte primer good :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves -

  2. I haven't tried either of these products - I'm a big Benefit Porefessional lover, but I love the way you laid this review out!

    - Ebony xo

  3. Great review! I'll try these products out sometime. Thanks for the recommendation. I follow you via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, hope you can follow me back! x

    Greetings from Manila,
    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  4. I haven't tried out this baby skin primer yet! Sounds good though!~
    I've only tried theyr Baby Lips and I lvoe it~~
    check out my blog maybe please?
    xxox Charmaine

  5. I'm really curious about this product, would definitely love to give it a go :-)

    Love, Christine♥

  6. Ooh I'd really like to try this product! x

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  8. this review comes so handy because i'm in desperate need of a primer that covers my pores! I have been using a illuminating primer but I guess it's time to switch to one that has the blurring-effect. I'll definitely check out the Maybelline one :D

    I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say: it's amazing!! I just followed you on bloglovin too
    Have an amazing day xx

  9. I have no words to describe your blog. I am very impressed.

  10. So happy to find good place to many here in the post, the writing is just great, thanks for the post.


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