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It’s been more than 5 months and I am finally done with a foundation.

Yes, I am one of those girls that buys a foundation and HAS to go through the whole thing, even when not 100% happy with it. I just can’t purchase a second foundation if I’m not done using the first one.


I need to feel as if I haven’t wasted any money on it. After all, beauty products are not really a necessity so I need to make sure I make the most out of something even if it’s not of my taste. Am I the only one that makes this so difficult?

I hope not.

Anyway, the foundation I have been using the past few months is the N7 STAY PERFECT.
N7 (Number Seven) is the Boots brand, so if you’re in UK you will find it in every single Boots. I am pretty sure this is also available in the States but I doubt they’re as popular.

I’m going to be straight honest here and say that whenever I walk into one of those stores I 
never pay attention to their own brand. I am not sure why, but I just avoid purchasing products that are desperately pushed from the workers – which is also why I have been avoiding Benefit whenever I walk into Debenhams. There is just something about pushy people that I can’t stand.

Unfortunately in August I was done using my MAC Studio Fix Powder and I wanted to try something cheaper and liquid. I’m not sure why I was in a hurry and I really needed a foundation literally on the spot, but I just walked into Boots and  ended up leaving with 
something I never thought I would purchase – THEIR foundation.
I always skipped their counter but that day something worked for them and I decided to give N7 a shot.


- It's a liquid foundation
- It's medium coverage
- it's quite hydrating




- 30 ml
- You only need 1 pump 


Best applied with

- Fingers
- Sponge


This foundation has a 5-6 hours staying power. 
You would need to blot your T-zone if you have oily skin 
but you can definitely still see the blush at the end of the day.


This was the biggest issue. 
Even though N7 claims to have this little machine that 
can match your skin perfectly, the women at the counter
could not find me a perfect shade and we ended up 
trying to go for a litghter shade that ended up 
looking darker anyway.
That was probably the most disappointing part for me.


Overall I think this foundation is GOOD if you have COMBINATION skin.
I would use it more during the dryer months, like Autumn and Winter. 
I think it would make the skin look too
greasy for summer - tried and tested myself, It wasn't an attractive look. Definitely try it on your skin then LEAVE the shop and see if it truly is your shade. 

Have you tried this product before?

Would you purchase it? 



  1. my friend works at boots and uses their own brand a lot but i prefer the quality of MAC studio fix. i am a MAC girl at heart whatever the cost <3
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  2. I really want to buy this! Thanks for the review :)

    1. Aw thanks for taking the time to read it :)

  3. Have a great blog and do an excellent job, we want to continue? and so we we can keep up to date with our publications would be great, let me know if that's okay.

  4. I absolutely love this foundation, I switched from mac prolong wea foundation to this & found it had the same coverage but a lighter feel on my skin. I've since started using Laura mercier foundation...I'm a foundation floozy haha xxxx

    1. I never tried the prolongwear but that does sound awesome :)

  5. I love the No7 line! I have not tried this product before, but I do enjoy other products from No7. I am from the states and you're right I do not think these products are quite as popular. Although I find a lot of people really like the skin care products offered.


    1. You guys have covergirl etc which are brands I'd loooove to try!

  6. I have this foundation its so good but it doesn't give me as much coverage as MAC does
    I have followed
    LifeWithFrancesca x

  7. I often use this type of advice. It is very helpful.


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