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When it comes to IDGAF Magazine, the first thing that caught my attention was the name. Quite brave, rebellious and unique itself. You’re not quite sure if it’s a joke or genius choice for branding at first, but then you realize it’s pure awesomeness. Who wouldn’t click on the name just to see what it’s all about?
Next thing you know, you’re sucked in the content.

I was lucky enough to pre-view the inside and the pages before the release date of the second cover and every image, quote even the poses were well thought. There is a very clean structure yet edginess that mixed together is the killer.
Only you can define what normal is” – taken from the editors letter. I think this quote could sum up the magazine. I’m not trying to say this magazine is not “normal” but there is a certain dark/Goth/horror theme running through this issue, which I then discovered is something the editor is quite into. Can’t blame him really, you guys know I like my horror movies and have an odd fashion sense.

Anyway, back to the magazine, on the cover there is Lethal Bizzle , looking good as always, and obviously talking about his future career plans and more. You’ll find the interview very in-depth and inspirational. I’m sure you can all take something from it. I certainly did!

Are you a fan of “Sin Star” clothing ?
I hope the answer to that is a loud “Yes!” but if you have never heard of the brand before then guess what? You’ll get to discover everything about it soon because they have a few pages of photos and a nice interview with one of the owners, Ryan Stripe.

More interviews feature some stunning models: Tamsin Carter, who I am sure will be a favourite for the lads, and Charlie Adshead, who many girls know through catwalk shows of TopMan and Vuitton. I mean, come on, I’m pretty positive that I’m not the only one that has an interest in male fashion too.

I really enjoyed the Style Advice and Style Article sections. The second one especially because it featured some very “Lady Gaga” outfits that on a red carpet or photo-shoot would go down in fashion history. I can’t say much on that but prepare yourself for some jaw-dropping clothes. No joke. The Style Advice section instead, is more focused on the ‘minority’ and subcultures. Expect lots of black clothes and a good word on why you should have more black items in your wardrobe! One of the articles is on Grunge and the photo-shoot is very risky in terms of location (ahem..graveyard). 

I definitely think this magazine likes to push the boundaries and experiment but it’s something I love about it. Issue 2 of IDGAF Magazine will launch tomorrow at 7.30 pm! Check it out! 


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