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On the 15th of February I had the pleasure to attend a very special event that gathered fashion designers, music, food, free alcohol (wohooo), cool people and a passion for creativity. The Wolf & Badger showroom was hosted at the Savoy Hotel and as you can imagine, it was well luxurious and made you feel like a hollywood insider. I went there on my own but had the chance to chat to quite a few designers and take plenty of photos so that I could share the experience with you guys! 

The brands were mainly targeted to women. They were high-end and of extremely good quality. There was a mixture of clothes, shoes and jewellery of different styles which meant there was something for everyone, no matter the taste. It was very interesting to see the catwalk show and to try on the necklaces and bags that could be going big in the future.

 I definitely saw a certain pattern in the jewellery department : animals like bears, eagles, birds and mythical creatures will be a huge thing. From claws to wings, these accessorises will make you feel like a stylish warrior. 

When it comes to clothes though, I identified different styles; from tough rock chick, to oversized chunky coats and jumpers, to colourful suits - which are major catwalk trends spotted at LFW. Are you particularly excited about any of them? I am super into oversized things...just have a look in my closet and you'll see. 


There are three particular brands that really stood out to me and I wanted to mention: 

GRACE ATELIER DE LUXE - I actually tried one of the a/w 14 bags that reminded me of Alexander Wang. Quality leather, great buckles and detailed work. The upcoming collection is amazing and if you're looking for some life-time lasting bags then save your pennies and get one from them!

SHEBEE JEWELLERY  - Young, fresh, colourful. rebellious but classy. The sugar skulls give personality to your look and that touch of individuality but at the same time keep it simple and don't steal the scene from the whole outfit. I found the collection to be fun and I will definitely be rocking some of their bracelets and necklaces this summer. 

ONA CHAN JEWELLERY - Dragon claws, precious stones, colourful crystals all the way from Asia and all hand carved and original.  I had the honour to meet the actual designer and hear the interesting story of how her designs were inspired. Some of the necklaces and rings ideas were taken from special shaped windows she found when travelling through China! Who would ever thought that. Just brilliant. 

Here are some photos, as promised!

Rocking an amazing Grace ADL bag. I am in love with it. 

These smaller showroom events are great to meet new talents and have fun. If I could, I'd do it all over again tomorrow. 
I hope you all enjoyed the post and the photos and if you have any questions, fire away! 


  1. Amazing photos, thanks for sharing! Looks like such a cool event
    Caitlin x

    1. thanks for checking the post!
      it was an awesome event :) x

  2. really impressive and nice pictures by you admin nice article thanx or share it click here for love couples , partner love stories and match

  3. looking so pretty Kris ! i really like the meringues (is that wrong ?) and the jewellery that's quite spirit animal and with the eyes are my faves
    Lauren x
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  4. This looks like such a fun event... I would love to go to something like this!

    Lauren |

  5. Oh that bag is niiiiiice! Looks fun, wish I could have been there!

    Great write up!
    Zoe x

  6. hello,my name is poppy,nice to see you here
    No matter what you're going through, it's always better if you have people to share it with.
    thank you for sharing this to us ,enjoy here
    love the photos all!!!
    Hope to be your friend soon Pls post more!
    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog
    hope you can check my blog and share beauty:

    1. aw you're very sweet! I'll check your blog now :) x

  7. Too many stunning pieces of jewellery! And you my dear, look absolutely amazing in that outfit! ;)

    Boonya -


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