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Hello hello hello! ( I may be a little bit too hyper today) 

I hope you're all doing well. I decided to create a mini photo-shoot outfit / wishlist all based on the  Pretty Little Thing  online store - that I can also totally use for their VIP Blogger competition. Anyone can enter by the way. If you do, leave me a link, I am nosy and want to check out what other people are loving from the same clothing line. I honestly do these types of competitions mainly because I am a sucker for wishlists but hey, it'd be cool if I won! *wink face* 

I found out about this brand through one of my favourite fashion journalists: Hanna Beth. I have been a 'fan' of this chick for a very long time and when I saw her modelling on the tv ad in UK I freaked out! It's nice to see people that you've been following since the beginning finally  growing and getting somewhere with their careers. Now, before I get all emotional like a proud mom let's talk about the actual point of the post. 

Every item I selected was somewhat carefully planned and inspired by something specific. In this case I wanted to mix the style of two fashion icons I love: Alexa Chung and Juliet Simms. If you are not familiar with such names then quickly google them after reading this post! 

The short dungarees are perfect for summer but also remind me of the ever so popular soft grunge that back in the day was kinda uncool. I used to wear dungarees when I was 12 and people in my class thought I was a right weirdo. It's nice to see them dominating the fashion world now. In your face, haterz.

The sunglasses are basically a copy of the Prada ones you'd probably seen Miley Cyrus or the Olsen sisters wear a billion times so why the hell wouldn't you want to save yourself some pennies and get the affordable version? 

The nude lace bodysuit is just amazing. I am in love with it. I think paired up with a nice bralette underneath it will look great for a fun photoshoot. I saw lace tops coming back and Urban Outfitters in London are really pushing them by styling them for their window displays. They're not for everyone, I know, but they're edgy yet sexy at the same time. 

The platforms are always a must in my wishlists. I can't really wear them on the day-to-day basis because I am quite tall but sometimes I like to touch the sky and not care about looking like a giant. 

The serpent ring just added that extra touch of awesomeness to the outfit. Definitely inspired by Juliet Simms and her obsession over snakes. 

The dungarees can be worn un-done as in - the top part doesn't have to be up but it be baggy down or have an undone shoulder or just be worn normally, there are many ways the outfit can be worn and torn. The lace top can be worn with shorts or on its own for fun photoshoots. I think I selected items that can really be multi-tasking and fun. 

So that's that. These are just some of the things I love from PLT. 
Are you a fan of their clothes?
Do you think what I selected is odd?
if you like Juliet Simms then high five to you. 

Forgot to say, if you wanna shop a selected item here are the links! 

Nadiyah Nude Lace Bodysuit - £10
Callie Black Leather Chunky Platform Shoes - £40
Katrina Denim Short Dungarees - £20.00
Sandra Black Swirl Arm Sunglasses - £10.00
Serpant Bronze Ring - £6.00

Thank you for reading and don't forget to tweet me your wishlists! 



  1. I LOVE the platforms! The lace bodysuit is really pretty, too :)

    Jess xo

    1. You can never go wrong with platforms ;)

  2. I'd break a leg in those shoes! I'm always jealous of people ability to walk in heels :)

    1. aw these are really easy to walk in! Trust me - it comes from a very clumsy person haha

  3. Beautiful thing :)

  4. Those heels are bloody beautiful!!

    Gab xo |

  5. That sunglasses is very chic! Love the heels too xx

  6. I LOVE those heels but I would totally topple over in them, haha. The dungies are really cute! I also wore dungarees as a twelve year old and people were really confused, I love that I can wear them all the time now and it's totally socially acceptable. Great choices! xx

  7. Love this outfit you've put together it's gorgeous, especially that ring! Might do one of these myself!

    1. If you do, tweet me :) i wanna see your post! x

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