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GUESS WHO'S BACK?! (FROM FLORIDA) News, blog updates, winning an award etc

Well well well...

I am back!

I'm not sure if I actually have returning readers on here considering how new I am and how many amazing blogs are out there but if you're one of those people then thank you!

If you didn't realise it till now and you don't follow me on any social media platform, I was away on holiday in Florida! My mum decided to celebrate her 50th birthday there (I hope she doesn't read this or she'll kill me for mentioning the age!) and it was very intense! 

There are different types of holidays but the ones I take involve lots of energy and no staying indoors which obviously meant staying away from the internet a lot. It's like a little detox from the world online where you actually get out and go to experience things you would never imagine from your sofa at home. 

I totally get that I could have made some drafts and published them, but if you're a blogger yourself, then you know that part of the process is promotion and since my time on a computer or phone was 10 minutes maximum per day, I just knew it wouldn't be the best choice. I preferred switching off for a while and returning fresh and new with lots of awesome material!

So..what's coming up?!


While I was away I have had so many cool ideas for many posts and you can expect the travel section to be pretty well updated too! I'm sure you'll benefit a lot from it especially if you'll be travelling to Miami or Orlando soon or plan to visit these places at some point.  In America I obviously shopped too so beauty and fashion posts (and videos too) will be up every week and there is a cheeky givaway because I am so close to hitting 500 followers on blogloving! 


This is still a shocker to me. I cannot believe I have won the Best International Newcomer category in the Company Style Blogger Awards. I didn't imagine I could even be shortlisted, let alone being voted on the top! If you were one of the lovely supporters then thank you so much! I will forever be grateful. I promise I will work hard to keep this blog as awesome as I possibly can and I hope you'll all keep enjoying it whether you're new or not around here.   


Before you ask for the photo, it's healing and peeling and you know how gross ink can look after a few days. A photo or video will be up. All I can say is - it's Harry Potter related and if you're around Orlando and want to get tattooed then check out Hart & Huntington Tattoo studio! The guys are awesome and my artist - Jeremie LaFrance - was really nice and a very interesting person to talk to! He travelled to so many places around the world and shared some cool experiences!

So yes, this is just a short blogpost to announce I am back and a new posts will be coming up this upcoming week! Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading my blog! I'm so excited to be back blogging and reading! If you posted something cool this past week and you want me to check it out, leave the link! 



  1. WELCOME BACK LOVE <3 We missed you but your Instagram photos show you had lots of fun :)
    Excited to see what's coming up and congrats on winning the award :) You deserve it! xoxo

    1. haha aw it was amazing but I'm so glad to be back! :)
      Thank you so much love and eeee!!!! Can't wait to share everything ;)


  2. YOU'RE 1 AWAY FROM 500! WOOO!

    I started following you when you had 80 followers or less! Wow. And that was only a few months ago! You're kicking butt girl, so proud!
    Cant wait to see what's coming up :)

    1. I KNOW IT'S CRAZZYYYYYY! Thank you so much for sticking around :)

  3. Welcome back love and congrats on winning <3 I knew you would ;)
    SO excited to see what's coming up ;)


    1. Thank you giiiiirl <3 Eeee! You'll see ;)


  4. SO SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK + HAD AN AWESOME TIME + WON THE BLOG AWARD WOOOOOOO !! can't wait to hear and see all your beauty posts and HP pictures, and to have you back to chat to <3
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Eeeee! I need to stalk your blog now ;) <3

  5. Wooooah congratulations on winning that award- that's amazing! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  6. Love this post! Your blog is so perf, OMG! Would you mind checking out my blog and maybe following via GFC and bloglovin? You would help so much!
    Azia from sarcastic hipster
    Blog ♡
    Bloglovin ♡


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