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Lorac has always been the brand on my wishlist. Why can't we get it in UK?! Well, we actually can. I  found a site last year that was selling all the Sephora things I have ever wanted (yep, shall we take a sad moment to remember that Sephora wasn't shipping to UK until a few months ago?) and purchased on there a few awesome palettes. 

One of those palette was the Lorac Pro. To be precise, my boyfriend bought it for me for my 20th birthday and I was ecstatic! It was the best gift ever! 
Fast forward a few months and we find out that Lorac is releasing a new Pro palette! I couldn't contain my excitement and just had to click the "buy" button. It arrived a few weeks ago and I had time to play with it for a while. Now I think I am ready to give you an honest review and really tell you if this babe is worth the splurge or not. 

Are you ready? 


The price / Availability  - The Lorac Pro 2 retails for $42 on the ULTA site but us europeans have to pay more - obviously - so in UK it costed about £49.99. Ouch, I know and you can find it HERE

Packaging - The palette contains 16 eyeshadows - 8 matte and 8 shimmers. The packaging is sleek, easy for travel, it looks very professional and minimal. I like that the names are printed under the corresponding shadow - I hate when palettes have flying pieces of plastic with names on them! The closure is magnetic and safe! I never had any issue while traveling with it. 

Extra with the palette - You get an eyeshadow primer. This one is on the top of my list of primers of all time. It's waaay better than the overly-hyped Urban Decay one. You only need a tiny bit and your masterpiece will stay in place throughout the whole day! 


 Neutral Matte Shades - Left to Right: BUFF ; LIGHT BROWN ; COOL GRAY ; NECTAR 

My favourite shade is Nectar. It's this soft neutral pink that can be used 
as transition shade to warm up the look, just like Light Brown. 
Cool Gray deserves a special mention because it's not a shade you'll find in many palettes 
on the market right now. It's quite unique. 

 Dark Matte Shades - Left to Right: PLUM ; NAVY ; CHARCOAL ; BLACK 

If these swatches don't scream "PIGMENTATION AT THE MAX" 
then I don't know what does. This was ONE stroke, ladies! JUST ONE. 
I have never seen such smooth shadows. 
The colour Navy is a huge hit for me! Love it!

 Neutral Shimmery Shades - Left to Right: SNOW ; BEIGE ; ROSÉ ; MOCHA 

These are great every day shades. Rosé is a gorgeous rose-gold colour that 
paired up with Nectar gives an amazing simple look! I also like Mocha a lot.
It's that neutral friendly brown that can be slapped on your lid when you're
in a hurry and make you look as if you put some effort!

 Dark Shimmery Shades - Left to Right: CHROME ; SILVER ; JADE ; COCOA 

Ahhh here there's no doubt about my favourite: JADE! 
I struggle to find a green shade in any palette on the market. It's
not a popular colour and people seem to dislike it? 
This one is a true olive with slight shimmer that will make
any gals with brown eyes look gorgeous! If you have an olive
complexion like me you NEED an eyeshadow of this colour! 


Wide variety of shades
Super pigmented 
BEST eyeshadow quality - in my opinion
Sleek packaging - good for travel etc
Has both matte and shimmer


Basically..just that. 




9 /10

(took off 1 point due to the price) 

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  1. I've wanted this palette for ages but never been able to justify the price somehow, also its so hard to get hold of!xx Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I know the price is a little cray indeed! haha

  2. This palette looks great! I really want - definitely on my wish list, look at that pigmentation! xo

    1. It's definitely a gorgeous sight isn't it! ;)

  3. I don't think I could justify £50 on a make up does look good though!

    1. I know the feels :/ But I had to go for it!

  4. Wow, £50! The pigmentation is fab but I'd expect it to make me look like Angelina Jolie for that price.


    1. Hahaha daaaaym I would love to look like her

  5. This looks beautiful - a high price, but probably worth paying for such a lovely product!

    Mia xx

    1. Glad to see someone agrees with me ;) haha
      Life is short, buy the makeup!

  6. Such a gorgeous palette, the shades are amazing! Super pricey though!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I agree! It's well expensive! Probably the most expensive palette I own if I don't count the one from MAC!

  7. staaaahp you're making me want this ! it's so pretty, wow and also entering this giveaway !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Eeee! I know it's a lot to take in haha
      so much awesomeness!

  8. Holy shitballs this is an awesome giveaway!
    Great review too :) The swatches look amazing!

  9. Loved the video and the swatches on here are amazing.
    Congrats on reaching 500 subbies :)


  10. I've wanted the lorac palette for ages and now I want the 2nd edition too! Thanks for sharing the website with us, I have a huge american beauty wishlist now x


  11. I really like your blog! my brother is out in LA at the moment so I think I may need to beg him to bring me the lorac 2 pallete home hehe.

    Check out my blog sometime


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