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Every girl needs a little pick up luxurious product to feel like a queen, especially if this specific product makes her skin look and feel fabulous. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to review the Aromatherapy Associates Body Gel* because I have had a crazy month and wanted to find that special something to make the after-shower routine more fun after a long day. 

Can I just say that my mum and I ended up fighting over this gel? As in a legit argument because we both love this so much and were getting a little too possessive over it when we generally share our beauty products. Pretty mental if you ask me. I face-palm myself every single time I think about it, but really that alone should sum up already what I think about this little guy. 

The claims : What caught my eye straight away was the fact that this gel has the power - or so it's claimed - to improve the appearance of cellulite. Summer is almost over but I'm sure we still want to look good even though we don't have to wear shorts and bikinis much anymore. 

The use : My main area of concern is my thighs that are not big at all but do have cellulite since I do sit a lot and I can definitely be a couch potato. This goes away whenever I have intense massages and use a roller to make the circulation in that area a little better. I did notice after a 2 weeks of non-stop usage that it did improve the looks of my backside/thigh area a lot! You're supposed to massage it wherever you need some "boom" if you know what I mean - like hips, thighs, stomach, ankles and feet. I think what helped is that I have been also doing squats so don't get the wrong idea that this will just work on its own like a magic potion. 

Product : It's a non sticky, fresh gel with the most amazing smell. It contains Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary, Juniperberry, Pine & Damask Rose Water. It can be used twice daily and my mum loved it on her feet - especially on long journeys and plane rides! I enjoyed using it at night before bed. It relaxed me plus slowly erased any sign of cellulite so my body would look more toned in the morning. 

Final Thoughts : I really enjoyed this. It pains me to say it because it's quite pricey (around the £30 mark!!) which is not something I would usually gravitate towards considering I'm a poor university student with an addiction to makeup palettes, but I'm very grateful I got the chance to enjoy my Rich Kid of Beverly Hills moment. Jokes, that was a little dramatic. At the end of the day, it doesn't break the bank so if you were on the market for something that will "oooh" you and "aaaah" you then this might be it! 

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  1. This goes to my wish list :)

  2. Sounds amazing! Too bad the price is so high :(

    Pink Frenzy

  3. this looks like an amazing product. but that's waaaaaaay over my budget. good to know that you had your #richkids moment :) haha!

    Styles & Prints

  4. Oooh it sounds so relaxing - and my mum and I argue over products too, I end up using her stuff and she always want to try mine!
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  5. Why do you make me wanna buy stuff all the time? This is now on my wishlist!

  6. I heard of this brand before and this product is to die for!
    Fab review x

  7. I was loving the review and then got to the price - eek! May need to consider budgeting for this

  8. Oh wow! This sounds like a great product! I could definitely use this right about now.

  9. Yikes, that is expensive. Fancy products are always a nice treat though. My mum was given a fancy body scrub recently and I've been using it while I stay with her which is so lovely (don't tell her though!)

  10. I think I've heard about this brand before. Anyway by the name itself, I'm sure that this smells so good! Boo for its price tho. :)

  11. Eeeek that is pricey - but it sounds worth it! I've always had cellulite in the same places as you but have never considered a gel, may have to indulge in a decent one like this one day x

  12. I think I'll add this beauty to my wishlist..
    It's just a little out of my price range! xx

  13. Voted for you lovely! Your blog is stunning! All the luck in the world.
    Antonia x

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