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Hello ladies! 

Today's post is all about the brows! Whilst trying to write this post I realised there are no synonyms for this word so please forgive me if by the end you'll have THE WORD stuck in your head. You know which one I mean. Anyway...

Seems that "the bigger, the better" rule can be applied in this specific case since in the past couple of years more and more girls are trying to achieve the famous Cara Delevigne look.  Now, there are people that are naturally born with sparse brows and need to do a lot of work with them and then there are the hairy girls like me that instead need to get them under control before looking like a cave woman.  

For many years I have been oblivious that girls were using something to keep their brows in place. It was until I turned 16 that I heard some ex-classmates talk about their brow-routine. I was confused to say the least. Now, almost 5 years later I am the girl that tries to find that one product that will do the trick. How things have changed, hey. 

Even though I do care about what shapes my face, I still found it too much to go all out and spend £20+ on some high end brow gels so I patiently waited for the high-street to catch up and make some cool releases. I was one of the first girls to try the Maybelline Master Sleek Brow Gel that came out last year and I wasn't particularly impressed with it. I made a video about it here (kinda cringey, it's one of my first ever videos on youtube!) 

The point of the small story was that It will be no surprise to you then that when I spotted this brow gel in my local Superdrug the other week I literally almost screamed and bought it straight away. It just happened. 

Now, onto the review...

Number of shades : 4 ( Clear, Blonde, Mild Brown, Dark Brown). My shade is Dark Brown. 

Price : £3.99 but now it's on offer for £2.99 since it just launched! 

The Product : It feels very light weight when applied and once it's dry it does't look crispy or fake. It does maintain my brows in place no matter what the weather conditions are. Smudge proof and fade proof for real! I literally got home completely wet - head to toe - the other day because of the rain - but girl, my brows were rocking! The brush is tiny and doesn't clump too much. I also liked that it doesn't put too much product on, so you can build it as it goes. You can definitely tell the difference though, once it's done. 

This is all coming from a girl that has brows, obviously the results may be different if you need a lot more to play with to achieve your desired result. I could have gone for a clear gel but I do like to use some extra colour and some help to fill up possible gaps. 


FINAL SCORE : 10 /10 
I am quite impressed. Well done, Rimmel! 

My not so fab brow before. 

After... and it's looking goooood! 

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  1. I just bought this in the Blonde shade! It's fab x

  2. Oooo must give this a try as I don't know if I want to be paying for the Benefit one x

  3. This sounds amazing, i must give it a try! Love the sound of it x
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. This makes your brows look fab - I'll have to give it a try x


  5. This really reminds me of Benefit Gimme Brow, have you tried it? This seems like a much more cost efficient alternative! :) x

  6. I saw this today, and very nearly picked it up!

    I definitely will next time I'm in Boots x

  7. Ahh amazing post, I'm trying to grow my brows at the moment after years of over plucking and drawing them on to try and create some sort of shape! Definitely going to give this brow gel a go, you're an angel for posting this, thank you! <3

  8. This was cool to see a cheaper brow gel out there! I have Benefit Gimme Brow and I have to say I found using the Rimmel one really difficult as the brush was too big for me :(

    Love Ellis xo
    ELRBX / lifestyle and beauty x

  9. I have this! It's such a great product.

    Emma x

  10. This definitely looks like it;ll be worth picking up! I'll try tracking it down at the weekend :)

  11. Ooh this looks really nice! I'll try to get it when (if) it launches in NZ. It reminds me of the Benefit brow product but much more affordable.

  12. This looks awesome for the price, my eyebrows are really light but I have blue hair so I need them to be darker and my brow routine at the moment is a killer to get them how I want; this would make life a lot easier!

  13. Giiiiirl, you eyebrows kill me! Love the look and I definitely need to buy this!

  14. Wow your brows look AWESOME!!

  15. Mi piacciono i risultati e poi costa poco! Devo comprarmelo!

  16. Impressive! I haven't heard much about this brow gel, but I like that brush is small, like Benefit Gimme brow. The shade seems pretty good too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  17. YAY I've been looking for a good brow product for ages and I'm definitely going to buy this when I go to town x

    - Shelly

  18. I'm tempted by this even if it's just to compare it to the maybelline one, the wand looks better than the round maybelline one

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  19. This looks great! Especially at that price, can't wait to try this! :)
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

  20. Think I might have to take a look at this for myself.. looks great on you!

    Thank you for tweeting me your link (@smeethsaysfashn) I appreciate it hun! x

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