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Hello lovelies! 
How's everyone doing? I hope the start of your week has been great. Christmas is definitely in the air and in my town they're putting up all the decorations around the streets so it feels really festive already.

  I am thinking of doing a gift guide with different ideas for different budgets - would you be interested in knowing my picks? Many bloggers do them so I wouldn't want to overdose everyone's feed therefore let me know in the comments! 

Today I have a little something I wanted to feature on my blog for a while but waited since it could be a perfect little present for a friend or family member that has a love for nail polishes and very little patience for letting them dry. (I think we're all guilty of that to be honest... plus we all know that a woman is only unhelpful when waiting for her freshly applied varnish to dry, Amright ladies?) 

The little gem in question is the MelodySusie Mini Portable Handy Nail Dryer* .

The Price : £7.99
The Product : This is a little device that requires AA batteries. It doesn't have an on/off button, it just works by pressing the base which automatically activates a mini fan inside. There's no magic or secret ingredients, it just blows air right on top of your nails which makes the polish dry faster. Even though it's really affordable don't think it's poor quality, it feels sturdy and works great!
Best For : Nail polish and Acrylic Nails - NOT gel polish.
My Thoughts : I have found this really helpful; It's simple to use, easy to store, it arrives in great conditions and the delivery is fast. Initially I thought it wasn't really going to change my "manicure experience " at all - only make it quicker, however the way the nail polish looks after being dried by this is far better than letting it be for a few minutes. Air drying on its own sucks, it never ends. On the flip side I do wish there was an on/off button or a sensor inside that makes it work automatically when you insert the fingers. Pressing the base isn't anything tiring but it's just a little boring after a while because it does require some sort of thought into it and usually when I paint my nails it's brain-break time where I do anything but think. Another little thing I would change is the fact that I can only fit 4 fingers in there. My poor thumb hangs around on its own waiting for his turn afterwards. I totally get that it's a "mini" version but they could have made a special little compartment for thumbs or just made it a few inches wider. This is my very picky blogger side talking because I like to be honest with you. Overall though I am happy with this little gem and would recommend to anyone - from younger girls who only just started playing with nail polish to women who are busy and need a quick solution for their nail-drying time. 


Good value for money 
Easy to store and travel with
Works well and does what it says


You have to PRESS the base and keep it
pressed to make it work - requires some sort of effort on your part

Fits 4 fingers comfortably - what about your thumb?

Have you ever tried a similar thing before? You can find more MelodySusie products on her website - (my cousin apparently has already placed an order...)


  1. This looks like a brilliant piece of equipment, I am not very good at painting my nails but I love them looking pretty. My main problem is my three year old so they get smudged quickly. Something that dry's my nails sounds like a good idea to me.

  2. Ohh this is such a clever idea~ ^ ^
    I may have to test it out! ^ - ^

  3. I got one of these with my nail kit, and they are really fun to do when you have the time! I agree though, it always misses the thumb out - major pains

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  4. i must admit, i thought this was for gel nails at first! x

  5. Would love to try this out it looks really good, shame about the thumb!

  6. Ahhhhhh I used to have a little pink Aristocats nail dryer from the Disney shop when I was younger, this has totally brought back memories haha. I love the idea of having your nails dried for you, the waiting around literally puts me off painting my nails! It takes sooo long!

  7. I really need to buy one of those hand dryers. My nails take too long to dry.


  8. Wow, at first glance it looks a bit like some kind of space helmet or something! haha!
    I definitely need this in my life! :)

    Blog CandyFairy Blogs
    Youtube CandyFairy

  9. It looks like a good piece of equiptment but no room for the thumb is a tad annoying x

  10. This is something I need in my life! :)

    Pink Frenzy

  11. I think my mum had something like this when I was younger!

  12. This sounds so good, i hate waiting for nail polish to dry! It is a bit naff that the thumb doesn't fit at the same time though :/

    Jess xo

  13. As much as I wanted to have one of this, I'm afraid I don't really need it since I rarely paint my nails. :)

  14. I think I need one of these, I always end up smudging my nails! It's much cheaper than I thought it would be :) xx


  15. Oh this is unusual! may buy this for my sister :) xxx

  16. What a great idea! I definitely need to add this to my nail collection.

  17. i can imagine myself taking this into work one time as i do paint my nails if I'm bored haha

  18. This would definitely be something for me if I didn't bite my nails. Whenever I do grow them out I'm so impatient with letting polish dry that it gets messed up every single time lol.

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