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Palettes, palettes, palettes.
Can a girl ever have enough? Nah!
You all know by now my obsession with eyeshadows and what's better than having a nice set of colours that can transform your look day to night all compact together ready to take on-the-go? 
I was spamming with likes many photos on Instagram when I came across lots of Motives Cosmetics products recently, especially from youtubers who I love. I immediately wanted to try this brand and I have been lucky enough to be discovered by Rebecca, Motives Distributor and was lovely enough to send me the Mavens Element* palette to review. As always, you know I am pretty brutal with my picks and I would only feature on here stuff that I found to be genuinely awesome. 

The Price : £28.75
The Packaging : Really sleek. It comes in a nice black packaging with a secure closure. It feels really sturdy and not gonna lie - I dropped this a couple of times because I have butterfingers and it still looks perfect. It comes with a brush that works alright but I prefer using my Sigma or Mac brushes as always. HashtagBrushSnob much? 
It's really lightweight so you can just carry it with you anywhere if you're really busy and do your makeup out and about. 
The Eyeshadows : My oh my. First of all, they're BIG. Lots of stuff to play with. Second, they're pigmented and really soft. I love the quality and how easy they're to blend! What I love even more? The choice of colours - versatile, for every skin type and every woman on the planet. Girl, you have everything you need in here to go from smokey goddess to girl-next-door. The perfect highlights, the crease/blending shades which are on point and the dark shadows are all you need for a smokey look or pop of colour. 
Final Thoughts : I - AM - OBSESSED. I photographed this the day it arrived in the post so that I could use it straight away. I feel bad for neglecting my other palettes lately but how can I say No to this beauty? It is everything I look for in a palette and definitely one to get during these holidays - either for yourself or to gift to someone else (and what a gift!).You definitely get good value for your money which is what we all look for in a beauty product. 

The Swatches


Good Quality
Great Pigmentation
Nice variety of shades


The only thing is - since it's not a brand as big or popular as some
giants suchs as MAC, people may avoid spending £20+ on it but it's really worth a try. 

Have you ever tried this brand before? 

You can get 15% off if you email Rebecca directly at ! Don't miss out. 

All lip product addicts - tune in next week for another Motives Cosmetics feature who will definitely be of interest to you! 

Have a great weekend guys xoxo 


  1. I love this! especially that burgundy shade is amazing!!! I think I would buy all the burgundy shadows in the world if I could!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  2. This looks amazing!
    So true, you can never have too many palettes

  3. You cannot have too many palette and my goodness this is a beauty! I love all the shades, they are right up my street!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  4. Those eyeshadows look like the pigmentation is amazing, and for 6 eyeshadow I don't think that's too expensive! xx

    Blog With Laura

  5. I've never really come across this brand before but wow those shades are just stunning! xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

  6. I really need a palette like that - it has all the colours that I tend to use, it looks gorgeous.

  7. Wow love the eyeshadows, not tried this brand before.


  8. They look beautiful!

  9. I have tried their Mardi Gras palette and found it okay . This one looks much better though. :)

  10. I haven't tried this brand before, but the shadow selection in this palette is gorgeous! :)

    Pink Frenzy

  11. I have never heard of the brand but those shades are simply stunning, wow x

  12. Those shades are just wow!xox

  13. These shades look beautiful and the quality looks phenomenal xx

  14. This looks really great... I'm a bad one for buying a pallette and then only using one or two colours from it because I'm scared of the others!
    Thanks for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop and Merry Christmas!

  15. that burgundy colour is amazing! this would be great for a smokey eye

  16. Wow the pigmentation is amazing! I also love the selection of shades :)

    Velvet Blush

  17. It's a bit pricey but it has great pigment, fab colours

  18. woo, this is stunning! Looks really sleek and classy, and some beautiful shades!

  19. I want and need lol I have always wanted to try motives :) htpp://

  20. The shades are just lovely and to die for, someone like me who's a neutrals fan. I love Motives Cosmetics <3 Thanks for sharing x

  21. This looks like the most beautiful palette! The colours are so so gorgeous! I'm definitely going to look into getting one xx

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