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NIP+FAB DRAGON'S BLOOD RANGE REVIEW (No dragons were harmed in the making of this skincare range)

Hi lovelies! 

I hope you're all well! I've been stuck between eating like there's no tomorrow and staring at VS models thinking "Why can't I be like that?!". I hope your holidays are going great so far! 

We could all say that 2014 was the year Kylie Jenner made her own headlines numerous  times and one of the many things I learnt from her beauty regime is a skincare brand called Nip + Fab. I'm sure the brand itself was popular already but up until a few months ago I was unaware of it because I obviously live in unicorn-land. I was kindly sent their Dragon's Blood range to try and the name made me smile because both my boyfriend and I are huge fans of dragons. *cough* Nerds *cough*

I used this gem many times these past few months on a weekly basis. My skin has been really dry lately so depending on how thirsty and tight it felt I would leave this on either for 10 minutes of even for a whole night! Neeldess to say my face would feel soft, nourished and hydrated. I love the smell as well, it's really refreshing however, if you're not a fan of it, it shouldn't bother you since the gel-like consistency disappears in your skin in a matter of minutes. 

This plumping serum protects from environmental damage so I have been using it as a pre-moisturiser in the morning. It absorbs beautifully well in my skin and doesn't cause any excess oiliness or greasiness. I noticed it made my skin less red and some fine lines that started appearing on my forehead disappeared! This is definitely something you need in your beauty regime this time of the year. 

These cleaning  wipes are made for girls who suffer from clogged pores. I especially have a problem with my oily t-zone which made me excited to try these immediately. They are quite strong and work from first use. I wouldn't be sure if they'd work well for people with sensitive skin since they did feel strong to me but fortunately I haven't had a tough time trying new products and this gem worked well on my nose. There are 60 pads in here and this tube lasted me 2 months. I think this would work even better during summer because of all the excess-oil happening whilst now I can use a similar product sparingly since the skin is less prone to being a greasy and clogged mess. 

Overall I am more than impressed with this brand and this line of skincare so I look forward to trying even more things from them! 
Have you ever used Nip + Fab before? If not, shop the post below and let me know what you think of their products! 


  1. ive never tried any of their product! i do like the sound of these. the dragon makes its sound so unique

  2. Oh I adore this range and dragons blood. It smells so good! I love your review also, going to subscribe right now.

    Hugs Michelle ||

  3. I think the wipes might be a bit too strong for me, but I love the sound of the mask and the serum! Lovely reviews :) xx


  4. Oh wow! I've never heard of this brand before either. I'm so in love with the name! LOL I would love to try this out!

  5. Dragon blood!! lol.. I'd try it just for its name!! :D :D

  6. I've recently heard about this brand & I'm already intrigued to try it out. Love the products you got in there x

  7. I've had Nip+Fab tan products in the past but this range sounds fabulous! I love the sound of the plumping mask and declogging pads

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  8. I have never tried any of their products! I would like to though :)

    Pink Frenzy

  9. I want to try this just because of the name, it is brilliant x

  10. I love Nip and Fab and am excited to try this range! Thanks for the post :)

  11. haha I'm a nerd too and this definitely appeals to my geekier side, but I've heard great things about nip + fab too :)

  12. I love Nip & Fab, but I am yet to give these a go. Definitely will be picking these up x

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