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By now we all know I'm not the person to go to when it comes to complicated and fancy nail-related stuff. It will always be a mystery to me how girls manage to have intricate and detailed designs on such a small canvas, I find it to be just brilliant. I'm not going to deny though, no matter how many times I claim to be a lazy girl when it comes to manicures, I do like to keep my hands looking presentable - at least most of the time! 

When I was asked to review this Scholl Manicure Set* and the package arrived I was terrified to say the least. There were lots of little bits to play with and being an inexperienced gal with professional looking tools I had to kind of sit down and figure out how to work it. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how easy it is and how effortless the whole process was. I basically panicked for no reason. 

What's the deal? You get nine attachment tools that you have to stick to the main guy - the manicure pen. The pen needs to get charged every 9 weeks (in my experience, could be less for others depending on how often you use it; personally I use this once a week). 

Those nine different attachments are:
  1. Sapphire shaping disc to gently shape and file nails
  2. Fine grained sapphire disc to file thicker nails and shape them perfectly
  3. Course grained sapphire disc to shorten thicker toe nails
  4. Sapphire cone to remove dry skin or calluses from the soles of the feet and heels
  5. Felt polishing cone to smooth and buff nails for a high shine finish
  6. Flame stone to help remove difficult edges and ingrowing nails
  7. Rounded stone to gently remove corns and calluses with soft repeated touches
  8. Cylindrical stone to smooth the nail surface and remove dead skin around the nails - ideal for the regular surface of toe nails
  9. Polishing cone to smooth and polish the edge of the nail after filing as well as the nail surface.
It is recommended to use the flame stone and the rounded stone on the lower settings. Do not worry - all the instructions are on the clear guide you get inside in a variety of languages, this is not me being the know-it-all. My mum "borrowed" the guide in italian the other day and tried this for the first time. It then disappeared somehow, probably to become her permanent possession. We'll see about that...

My final thoughts: I have taken this amazing little travel-friendly package with me on holiday and I showed it to everyone - my girlfriends, family, even a random girl I talked to in Boots who ended up following my blog (hey Sarah! - if you're reading). I think it's great quality at a great price (£34.90) and definitely something every gal should have in her pamper routine on a sunday before kicking off the week! 

Have you ever tried this set before? What do you use for your manicure routine?



  1. I am obsessed with my nails! I have a rigid lines on my nails, so the buffer would be very helpful ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  2. wow! I may never pay for a manicure again. Thanks!

  3. This looks great and the price is very reasonable too. I always get acrylics done at the nail salon and dispite owning way too many nail polishes and files, I never used them so something like this would be of no use to me! x

  4. I Haven't seen this before but it looks interesting :) xxxx

  5. This sounds great, I wouldn't have a manicure because I wouldn't want someone else touching my nails but I quite like the idea of doing it myself.x

  6. My 'manicure routine' is, cutting my nails with clippers!! :D xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  7. I have the same kit but it's in a box instead - I love this on the go version though, so perfect for packing away!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  8. I am a nail biter, so probably not something I would ever find a use for.

  9. I need one of these! I've been wanting to do my own acrylics for ages but had no means to take them off. Need to get this x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  10. I didn't even know such a thing existed! This is perfect for a lazy person like me. I always do my own nails but sometimes I get really lazy and walk around with ugly feet and hands. It's cringe worthy!
    Will definitely be giving this a look online after reading this. :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

  11. This looks great although I feel like it would be far too time consuming for me, I'm more a clip, file and go kinda girl xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  12. My mum used to have something like this when I was little but haven't seen anything like it in years! I wouldn't mind one myself, my nails need pampering!

  13. Cool, I think I would be too scared to use this, but I would totally try it!

  14. Oh my! I need this in my life! :)

  15. Hi girl!This set looks great especially for those who prefer making their nails at home.. So sounds perfect for me too! Your blog is amazing! Great topics and clear pictures! I'm your new follower on gfc! I would be very happy if you could visit mine and follow me as well!! Kisses

  16. This sounds amazing and such a good price for the number of tools you get! :)

    Jess xo


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