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Thanks 2014, Hello 2015!

I almost forgot I made a post this time last year on my then New Year's Resolutions when I started my blog and I just went back to re-read it and smiled because everything I expected and more has happened. I never really believed in the 'New Year / New Me" bullshit we read over and over again. You wanna make a change? Do it now, don't wait for the new year to start and then become lazy and post-pone to the next year. One of the things I am proud of though, is taking charge of my life and starting to tick off things from my "to do" list. 

Today I decided to sit back and open up briefly about a few of the main things that changed in 2014 and how I will welcome my new year.  I think that especially when you blog about beauty products it's hard to really talk about something else going on in your life whilst reviewing lipsticks since you don't know how many people who follow you would really care. I wouldn't wanna get comments saying "I came here for a palette review, what is this?". If you're one of those people I do apologise, I believe that a little bit of self-reflection once in a while is good - especially when entering the new year if  you're ready for new things and you KNOW you're determined to make them happen. 


I needed to shake up something and decided that with 2014 I was going to create a little space on the internet to talk about all things beauty and fashion. I set myself a mini step-by-step guide to keep me motivated with a fresh blog given the amazing variety out there.I must admit there were times when I found it hard to not compare myself to others or put myself down so much when looking at successful people with super professional photos and blog designs. 

 I did try to have a blog before and never really took it the next level or worked hard to make it somewhat successful because I didn't...feel it. I do not know what happened last Christmas but something clicked in me. I felt DETERMINED to make a little corner for myself in this huge world where I could just say whatever I wanted. I never EVER expected this to become a big part of my life. I just needed something to keep my mind occupied when I was bored and also a way to communicate with other people who share my same passions and interests. A few years ago you had forums for that, now its a whole other story! 

This time last year this blog didn't have 10 views and now it passed 100.000! I was writing for myself and then realised people were actually reading! Winning two awards definitely blew my mind and I still to this day cannot believe it happened so thank you if you've been with me in this journey so far. 

2015 is all about higher goals. I wanted to get 100 followers but definitely exceeded my expectations and honestly, to me, blogging ain't about the numbers anyway. It's the safe place I have, like a kid with his diary. I like talking about materialistic stuff, yes, but I also like reading about someone's travels or marriage and even better - meeting these people! One thing I want to improve is my blog photos and also make the content more varied. I study fashion journalism in University and many people ask me why I don't integrate more of that on here. I also like to explore a lot so I definitely think I should just press the button of my camera more often and tell you what cool places I discovered. As for numbers, I have no goals. I'm happy the way my blog is growing and I do not expect anything in particular - I just hope people will still enjoy reading coming here and using this space as a source for reviews or as a coffee-break read when bored at work. 


The Kristina I knew last year was definitely less out-spoken, shy and kinda did whatever I was supposed to do. I definitely think that in 2014 I developed more of a firm character and I don't take anyones's shit. I'm still awkward by all means, but I am working towards becoming a better and stronger woman. I'm 21 years old now and I don't know what I want to do but I know the woman I want to be. I had the honour of meeting Lady Gaga backstage this year and in a little over an hour of talking to her I felt so inspired by her words of wisdom and encouragement to pursue whatever I want in life believing in myself and myself only that I left more determined than ever. I'm also really grateful for having around my family and my boyfriend who really push me towards becoming better every day. I don't mention a lot my personal life because I believe that's personal for a reason but I feel good because of the very few people I have and they deserve at least a mention on here! 

Health/ Fitness

I was asked a few weeks ago by Bodyform to take part to their "live fearless" challenge where they sent me a voucher that I had to use to try something new or different when it comes to food. Now, I know it's not as fearless as say...climbing Mt. Everest or swimming with sharks but hey, this was big for me. I hate having people choose food for me but at the same time I do enjoy trying new things. The voucher had popular choices like Pizza Express, Nando's, Handmade Burger Co and more. I'm italian so I obviously went for Pizza Express but the trick I wanted to use is 1) Have NO SAY in the food chosen, 2) Possibly try either something new or at least healthy. 

I had the Leggera Pizza - A classic sized ring of our thinner, crispier Romana dough; the hole in the middle is filled with a fresh salad finished with light dressing. All for under 500 calories.

And the Dough Balls DoubleA double portion of their famous dough balls served with a trio of dips: pesto, garlic butter and 'nduja, an Italian favourite of spicy softened sausage and olive oil.

After taking the challenge I realised I really need to step out my comfort zone and not order always the 'safe choice' when eating out. I have to taste new food and experiment more...we only live once, right?! My goal in 2015 is to eat more varied food, try Lebanese, Korean, Moroccan cuisine since there's plenty of restaurants around. 

In 2 weeks time I'm starting the gym as well so keeping fit will be on my priority list. I will take photos of my progress and keep working out until I achieve that healthy lean look. I don't need to lose weight, I just need to be more fit. I do indeed find difficult even just doing a set of stairs... so fingers crossed! 

I have been a very bad blogger on this part. I have had the chance to travel to Orlando and Miami this past summer and I still haven't posted anything on this amazing/dreamy/unforgettable trip. I guess I was a little worried of mixing up Beauty with anything else but like I mentioned earlier, I will definitely do that in 2015. What you can expect is some blog posts from past trips I've taken where I will definitely be sharing moments and suggesting good hotels, restaurants and activities to do since I write it all down. I am so grateful for the chance I got of seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my own eyes and I can only dream and hope to have another chance sometime in the near future to go again. Maybe I will save up money and do another big trip when I finish university but in 2015 I would like to visit a country near-by like Germany or Spain with my boyfriend. It would be a nice break from the every day life. 

The extra goals.. 

- Read more
- Slowly build a new wardrobe 
- Only allow people that are good to me to stay in my life. With 2014 I'm definitely closing business with many "friends" who didn't prove to be real
- Attend Fashion Week 
- Get work experience
- Gain more confidence 
- Be thankful every day. It doesn't matter how shit the day was, find a reason to smile
- Take a few random photos every month/ test more with my camera

...and the weird ones

- Take more naps to stress less
- I won't save my fortune cookie messages and treasure them as if they will change my life
- I won't stalk my favourite celebrities (and will spend less time looking at photos of the Olsens online...)

and if everything fails give up on university and become a Pokemon trainer. 

What are your New Year's resolutions? 

Happy New Year xoxo 


  1. I think you had a fabntastic year and can see 2015 being even better. To win two awards was amazing, you really deserved them! Happy new year hun x

  2. It looks like you had a pretty spectacular year with lots of highlights. I have to admit I never make resolutions.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Lots of good things last year. Here is to plenty more great things for 2015.

  4. " Only allow people that are good to me to stay in my life. With 2014 I'm definitely closing business with many "friends" who didn't prove to be real "

    You better not forget about me :P

    Happy new year Kris ! <3

  5. sounds like had a fantastic year! I'm jealous that you go to see Harry Potter World!

  6. I'm so glad I met you through our blogs Kris, and you've done so well! I hope to stay in your life another year or longer, and I definitely want to attend LFW too!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  7. My new years resolutions are to become more healthy and focus more on being more consistent with my blog (:

  8. Looks like you had an amazing year. your blog has come on so far in the past year it's incredible! all the best for 2015 xx

  9. Happy New Year Kristina! Looks like you had an amazing year - here is to an even better 2015! Huge congratulations on your win at the #CosmoBlogAwards and a hugeeeee OMG for meeting Lady Gaga! I bet she is such an incredible woman!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  10. Your year looks absolute AMAZING!
    And how gorgeous do you and Gaga look in that photo??
    Very very very very very jealous of you getting to visit Harry Potter world!
    Happy new year!!

    Laura | elelibee

  11. Haha Happy New Year! Looks like a brilliant year :)

  12. sounds like you've had a brilliant year! hope you have a great one next year x

  13. Happy New Year! I agree about do it now attitude and that's one reason I'm not don't new year resolution. Thanks for sharing your year with us! x

    Pink Frenzy

  14. Just loved this post and never even recognized lady gaga! :O I definitely want to improve on some blog stuff such as photography and content <3 You should definitely do travel posts and mix posts up :) it gives you more stuff to talk about and takes the focus of everything being beauty related! Great goals, p.s Happy New Year! xx

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post, it sounds like you've got so much achieved in 2014 and a lot to look forward to this year!! Good luck with your goals and have an amazing year <3

    Jess xo

  16. I love this post! Congrats on an amazing year! Reading this post has definitely inspired me, As a new fashion blogger I often find myself feeling overwhelmed because theres just so many blogs out there, so thank you for being an inspiration and constant reminder to go for it and never give up, because it just might happen. good job on those awards, thats awesome!! hope 2015 is another great year for you!! I will for sure be a loyal follower of yours :)


  17. That is so incredible to hear how much you've grown your blog, and wow, winning two awards in your first year! I am so happy to hear that you've grown your confidence this past year, and I wish you the best in 2015! On a side note, Korean food is great (I'm just not a fan of Kimchi, but Korean BBQ is amazing.)

    Emily /


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