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HOW I STYLE: Roll Neck Jumpers>Day to Night

Roll Neck Style Day to Night

Oasis dressy dress / CC roll neck sweater / Helmut Lang genuine leather legging / Topshop black skinny leg jeans / Wide suede boots / Heels stiletto / Michael Kors leather hobo handbag, £645 / Chanel genuine leather purse, £1,290 / Oversized hat, £15 / PUR moisturizing lipstick, £23

As a kid and a teenager I totally HATED roll neck jumpers. I don't know what it was about them but I never felt comfortable wearing them. Fast forward Kristina as a 21 year old, and here I am, totally hoarding a few in my closet. I think they're a must-have in anyone's wardrobe because they are indeed a staple item, like a white t-shirt: everyone has one. Of course, you're more likely to find them in someone's home when they live in a colder country, like England. 

The thing I love about them is that when it's windy outside you feel protected. I despise when you can just feel the freeze getting to your bones from your chin down, it's like you're exposed. 

Another positive point is that they're so easy to style and take from day to night that I decided to do this post to show you how I would personally wear them. 

Day Style: 
The ripped knee  is very popular at the minute and it has been for the past couple of years. I think this type of jeans look cool, effortless and edgy, especially when smartly paired up with something more 'conservative' as a roll neck, they just break through even more and stand out. 

With spring approaching I think suede boots will be really wearable (especially because we all want to hope it will stop raining). The texture is classy and a little more soft than a proper shiny leather pair of boots making it more girl-next-door. 

As for the bag, I am currently obsessed with Hobo Bags, they're big, spacious and they're definitely something the Olsen sisters like so you can't go wrong! One I'm totally dreaming of is by Marc Jacobs and it's beautiful. 

Evening Style: 
For the evening I decided to go for  longer model because it tends to get colder. Obviously this is not something you would wear to a club, it's more of a dinner-date type of outfit. The leather trousers add a smarter look and they seem to leave the "I actually made some effort" kind of impression, which is always a plus. 

Stilettos are THE SHOES for evenings when you really want to look classy and put together. You know what they say, "give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world", am I right ladies?

As for bags, something smaller and more structured can never fail you. I went totally a little over-board with a Chanel bag in my collage ( a girl can dream) but down below you will find similar options like a current favourite of mine from Biba

As for brands, my top ones for knitwear are Zara, H&M and the roll neck jumpers they make over at Woolovers are absolutely fab too. 

Do you like Roll Neck Jumpers? How would you style them? Let me know in the comments and have a great weekend. 



  1. Both outfits look great but my fave piece must be the oversized hat... I just love the look of it

  2. I like the night time look. I love the big chunky jumper teamed with the heels. Not too keen on the trousers though, but that's just the chunky monkey in me knowing they wouldn't look good for ME. Good choices. :-)

  3. Love both outfits. I'm away tomorrow and Ive been stressing about day to night looks, wish I had seen this post earlier.

  4. oh i love roll neck jumpers!!! I always wear them in winter when it gets cold! I also usually go for similar styles to yours. love this!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  5. Gorgeous outfits - I love the MK bag.


  6. Gorgeous outfits. I never liked roll up either as a child...but I do now.

  7. I can see myself wearing the day look. Beautiful outfits
    Chloe x

  8. Totally love these looks, especially the night one xxx

  9. love both looks , I would wear them both day at night

  10. Just love the night look! If only I could have that Chanel bag ;-) x | OnePiece Giveaway

  11. That second outfit is stunning, those shoes x

  12. I love both these looks! Although I am not a fan of the roll neck jumper because I am still scarred by this horrid mustard one my mum used to make me wear as a kid haha! xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  13. I'm not a massive fan of the roll neck (even at 21 myself!), but I think that's mostly because I don't really know what to wear it with. So this post is a definite help! Love the idea of pairing them with a leather(-look) legging or trouser!

    little miss fii || Fii x

  14. Love both look so much! You have a great sense of style :)

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