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NEW: Sleek Makeup i-Quads / Review + Swatches

I've been a fan of Sleek Makeup for a long time now and I can proudly say that I own most of their stuff. I always get super excited by new releases, and especially this time since the company was kind enough to send me these new products that are yet to come out. One thing I like about quads is that they're super portable and can basically live in your makeup bag all the time. The thing that caught my eye immediately was the fact that there was an eyeliner included to pretty much create a complete eye makeup look on-the-go. 

They decided to go with three new gems, with one being limited edition. The cost is £5.99 and they come with an eyeshadow applicator and an eyeliner applicator. I don't really use the small sponges but the angled brush was really easy to work with. 


Medusa's Kiss is the darkest quad, featuring a black and silver palette of shades. I was quite impressed with the pigmentation of the metallic silver and the dark carbon black liner. The shadows in general performed really well. At first I wasn't super keen on the lightest shade, it seemed to lack something but actually when used as the base it worked perfectly to frame the look. This is clearly the 'going out' palette to get the ultimate glam dark smoky eye. 


Who would have thought the limited edition quad would steal my heart? A sultry combination of icy, gunmetal grey and navy; The colours are absolutely stunning and even though they're not my 'go-to' shades they're so pigmented and they blend seamlessly on the eye. I need to be brave and rock this on a night out. I find them to be perfect for the upcoming seasons. 


 This is the neutral baby with a nude beige and taupe and chocolate brown, definitely one to go for when you like to play it extra safe. I liked the real light and understated brow bone shade and the matte colour perfect for the crease. I actually wish each palette had at least a matte, even when they're quads. The liner looks really natural on the eye, especially if you have a dark complexion like me. 

For the liners, the only thing I do recommend is not closing you eye straight away, let it dry for a few seconds or hello raccoon eyes.Pretty basic, I know. They do last a long time and I don't think you'll have smudging problems since I have oily eyelids and they stayed pretty well on me. I totally get people that may not feel comfortable with a liner being included in a powder "environment" due to fallout but in this case I haven't experienced any of that. I think with quads it's easier to control the situation. 

 Overall I am really pleased with these. I think they're particularly good for people that travel a lot or women who want to try and experiment with darker/crazy colours and don't wanna spend a fortune. Also, perfect for beginners or makeup hoarders like me who like to have their own collection. 

Like all Sleek makeup, you'll find it available at Boots online or in-store or Superdrug. The launch date is the 25th of MARCH

So do you think you'll be trying any of these i-Quads? 
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  1. Ooh wow these look so lovely, it's great to see the brand producing smaller eyeshadow palettes as I love their original size ones. Moroccan Myth has to be my favourite.

    alice x | beautybyalicee

  2. Wow these look beautiful! I love the fact they have eyeliners within them too. My favourite is Moroccan Myth, definitely going to have to pick one of these up when they're launched! Great review and lovely swatches x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  3. Sleek is such an underrated brand. These look really different to what I'm used to, but they still look lovely x

  4. I'm testing mine now and I love the blue and brown - the silver is just so kick ass though!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  5. I like the look of the brown one :) I'm not really a wearer of brown eyeliner but it could always double as a brow product xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  6. I think the concept of including the liner is great! I'd love for them to do a purple shade x

  7. I was wondering when we would get something new from Sleek! thank you for sharing :) xxx

  8. I have these, I love the blue one! xxx

  9. I love the look of the neutral one as I'm not a big blue or black shadow wearer. Also not so sure about the cream and powders in the same palette. do you see contamination?

  10. the nude palette is definitely one that I will have to purchase soon!


  11. Wow amazing shades! I need to try Sleek makeup.


  12. Medusas kiss looks absolutely incredible and something I would wear, but the electric blues are AMAZING I wish i could pull it off xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  13. OMG.. i loved each of these! :D

  14. Moroccan Myth looks gorgeous, I always forget about sleek as my super drug shoves the stand right at the back of the store


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