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Personalised Gifts for Valentines Day

There are people who are well hard to gift for or you may be on a budget and then what? Are you gonna curl up in bed or bang you head on the wall trying to figure out what the hell works for this person? No! Not from now on at least. 

 I love going around shops and getting all sorts of materialistic things for friends and family but ultimately I believe that personalised gifts with some kind of meaning and sentiment are the best ones! I decided to do this little gift-guide that can be used for any occasion really since  there are many times during the year when we need to gift something to a loved one. Don't stress yourself out - I think that whatever you pick from the six options I gave you will always put a smile on their face.  

- Personalised Mug ( available from Treat Republic)

Oh man, who doesn't like a mug? I think I gifted 5 so far to my boyfriend since he is a massive tea drinker and he loves them! I am the same. Everyone uses mugs therefore it's definitely something that will get used in a house. They never fail.

- Personalised Notebook ( available from Chroma Stationery)

Again, notebooks are very useful. The ones from Chroma are amazing quality (speaking from experience) and you can customise your own choosing what to emboss, the shade of the notebook and the type of paper. 

- Initials Disc Necklace ( available from Anna Lou Of London or Kate Spade)  

This one is more for the ladies, obviously. There is a choice of getting one initial, two or more or even the whole name. I am actually after one of these necklaces. I may ask for it as a birthday present! They're just classy and timeless. 

- Photo Key Rings ( available from PhotoBox

A beautiful idea to always have a memory imprinted on the go with you! It also makes finding kets way easier, especially if your bag is big and full of random things like mine. 

- Personalised Phone Case ( available from FunkyPigeon

I have actually spotted these thanks to many bloggers and I always thought it was the cutest idea. You can have one or more photos and even add stickers and messages with it. The only thing I can find annoying is that it's usually only for iPhones. I'm sure there are companies making them for Android phones but I wish they were more advertised! 

- Printed polaroid-style Facebook/Instagram Images (Polargram or HoggleUp)

Possibly the gift that excites me the most. I am planning to pretty much cover half my wall with photos. I prefer polaroid - style pictures because they look so raw and authentic. I don't have a polaroid camera (Fujifilm instax, you'll be mine one day!) but maybe now that  these sort of apps exist I won't have to get a camera ASAP. I think it's brilliant that you can easily select old photos and boom, make them reality! Everyone appreciates a nice collage or you can even get magnets for the fridge! 

So there you have it. Be it for Valentines day, Christmas, someone's birthday..this will never fail! 

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this giftguide and what you would gift to who. 


  1. I'm all about personalised gifts at the moment, I went a little mad with them at Christmas, and feel like I could do the same for Valentine's Day x

  2. Oh these are such good gift ideas and bring that personal feel to the gift - love the notepad. Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  3. Such cute ideas! Especially the polaroid pictures and notebooks! xx

  4. I love the initials disk necklace. I used to have one from another company, but it snapped off when I was running :(

  5. i so love customized and personalized things ... i love tea/coffee mug the most... thanks for sharing this post

  6. Aw love personalised gifts! it's my friend's birthday at the beginning of next month, so these are great, thank you!

    Laura | elelibee

  7. The intials necklace is gorgeous I absolutely adore Kate Spade, & I also love a good old polaroid print. I have two cameras but it's cheaper for me to just order off the apps I think and fake it ;) xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  8. Great gift ideas! My other half has a personalised fathers day mug with a pic of our little boy on :) xxx

  9. i prefer personalised gifts, they seem a bit more meaningful

  10. Lovely selection of little gifts! Love the mug :)

    Pink Frenzy

  11. Love these. I think personalised gifts are lovely x

  12. I love personalised gifts, I got my nephews hand print on a coaster and it was best present ever. He told me that he chose green for his hand print because he knew I liked green too and dinosaurs are green and purple for the background as he thought I'd like purple too. He was spot on!


  13. id like that phone case myself, I love Cartman haha!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  14. I love personalized gift, there is something quite special about seeing your name on an item x

  15. Such great ideas xox

  16. I love personalised gifts, they make you feel special as you know that the person spent some time thinking about the gift and organised it in advance x

  17. Nice gift ideas! Put your name or logo in something always has a great impact.


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