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What's the most important beauty step of the day? 

Removing everything you got piled up on your face before you hit the bed. Now, I can't lie - I did mess up a few times and crashed with a full face on after some really hardcore festivals or concerts. Back in the day my mates and I would sleep outside for days to make sure we were front row at ever gig Green Day or Avenged Sevenfold played. (err we actually still do this whenever they're about here in UK )

If I can't be bothered with a complete step-by-step routine though, I do make sure that at least I remove the bulk of makeup from my face. Micellar water has been quite popular these past couple of years and the Garnier option has been on top of everyone's list, quite close to products such as Bioderma - which I just can't seem to get ahold of. *inserts crying face emoji* 

When Nivea recently released their version I just HAD to try it and compare the two. 


Quantity: 400 ml

Pice: £4.99
The Product: From waterproof mascara and liner, to the heaviest full on power foundation, this little beast beats them all. Even though I have sensitive skin, it never irritated me. The oil-based formula makes sure to really get in there and melt away any makeup you may have sitting around. The skin feels quite hydrated afterwards, not greasy though which is a massive plus. You get so many uses out of it. I share it with my mother and it lasts on our shelves at least a month and a half (and may I add, I don't use it sparingly, I definitely go heavy-handed on it). 


Quantity: 200 ml

Price: £3.69
The Product: I personally use the formula for sensitive skin. I don't find this makeup remover to really get rid of ALL the stuff on my face. It's quite light which means I need to use more product in order to get the job done. I especially found it hard to get rid of waterproof mascara since I had to properly rub my eyes instead of just sweeping the product off. You also get half the amount for almost the same price which is a little off-putting since in about two weeks or less I would have to re-purchase it. 



I personally think that for the price AND the quality Garnier just goes a long way ahead than the Nivea micellar cleansing water. You get more uses, it's often on offer and it removes makeup way quicker and more effectively. I do however know that the Nivea version is very loved by many people so I'd be interested in knowing what YOU think about these two products and which one is your personal top choice. 


  1. I love the garnier Miceallar water! I wrote a review on it here:

    Sarah xx

  2. I like the Garnier one better. It is so good. :D

  3. Garnier one definitely better for me

  4. The Garnier one is my holy grail i couldnt live without it x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. I've only ever used my mum's Clarin's one step cleanser, and I always need to take my makeup off on the train home - might need to compare Garnier to La Roche Posay's offering!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  6. I love the Garnier micellar water, I've never tried the Nivea one!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  7. Adore the Garnier micellar water, works well and its so affordable xo

    Sharan |

  8. I haven't tried the Nivea, but love the Garnier & want to try the L'Oreal version next! xx

  9. The price does sound brilliant for Garner. I never use Micellar waters but would love to try and I'm very tempted after this review! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  10. I love both but find the Garnier one always lasts longer for due to being in a bigger bottle!

    Ashleigh x

    ♥ ♡ ♥ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle and Fashion blog ♥ ♡ ♥

  11. I am not a fan of Micellar water at all, I haven't tried one that has left my skin feeling clean x

  12. Garnier all the way! totally agree with you.

  13. I'm not a fan of cleansing water, I like to use a cleanser to remove all my makeup :)

    Pink Frenzy

  14. i use the garnier one and i am loving it!

  15. I haven't tried either yet, but I really love my trusted Bioderma. It's pricier than most, but also works better at removing make up on sensitive skin.

  16. The very first micellar cleansing water I used was L'Oreals. That was soon replaced by Garnier's version as it's amazing. It's definitely a product I will purchase over and over again :) X


  17. I considered picking up the Nivea Micellar Water, but I adore the Garnier one too much. I'm so glad you did this comparison post, because it's just confirmed that I'll be sticking with Garnier for now.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  18. I totally agree with you! I've tried them both and I'll be definitely getting the Garnier one again :)

    Kisses, Kali

  19. I've heard the Garnier one is good, it's on my to buy list! xx

  20. Oh, I'm with you on the sleeping outside for days to be at the front of the Green Day gig :D I'm yet to try either of these but I'm not a massive Nivea fan, so I think Garnier would probably be my winner as well!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  21. Definitely Garnier ! I have very sensitive eyes and Garnier is perfect for me.

  22. I love the Garnier one, I've never tried Nivea but probably wouldn't tbh as every Nivea skincare product I've ever tried has always been a bit so so. Great review post though :) xx

  23. I've been using the Garnier cleanser for a while now, and I can't be without it, it's an essential in my skincare routine!

  24. I really need to try the Garnier, I've been using the Nivea and I had no idea that the Garnier one was so much better! Thanks for sharing lovely, x Krista

    I'd love it if you'd take a look at my blog if you have the time! xo | bloglovin’: Love, Krista


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